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::[ The fun of lifesharing | The fun of lifesharing ]::

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Great, your title contains between 10 and 70 characters.

Make sure your title is explicit and contains your most important keywords.

Be sure that each page has a unique title.

Check the title of your website


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Το έξυπνο και εναλλακτικό γυναικείο portal όπου κάθε γυναίκα μπορεί να βρει λύσεις και ιδέες για ότι αναζητά. / Αυτογνωσία, προσωπική ανάπτυξη και lifecoaching , ποιότητα ζωής, σεξ και έρωτας, παιδί και οικογένεια , μόδα και ομορφιά, αισθητικές θεραπείες και επεμβάσεις, υγεία και διατροφή, fitness, ιδέες διακόσμησης και συνταγές μαγειρικής, αστρολογία, new age και εναλλακτικές θεραπείες.

Length: 390 character(s)


Ideally, your meta description should contain between 70 and 160 characters (spaces included).

Meta descriptions allow you to influence how your web pages are described and displayed in search results. A good description acts as a potential organic advertisement and encourages the viewer to click through to your site.

Ensure that your meta description is explicit and contains your most important keywords. Also, each page should have a unique meta description relevant to the content of that page.

Improve the Meta Description


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H1 H2 H3 H4 H5
0 31 0 0 0
<H2> Σολομός Τεριγιάκι με λευκό ρύζι Μπασμάτι
<H2> Τα 14 πράγματα που πρέπει να σταματήσετε εδώ και τώρα!
<H2> Μήπως οι σκέψεις σας «σαμποτάρουν» το μέλλον σας;
<H2> Προσφέρετε… ευτυχία και νιώστε χαρούμενοι!
<H2> Ανοιξιάτικες τροφές που θα σας χαρίσουν ευεξία
<H2> ΤΕΣΤ: Τι χρώμα θέλεις... την αγάπη σου;
<H2> Μαγνήτες του καλού
<H2> Χρώμα στους τοίχους
<H2> Γιατί κάνεις πάντα τα ίδια λάθη;
<H2> Ο χειμώνας θέλει άρωμα και χρώμα!
<H2> Πότε οι άνδρες δεν έχουν... διάθεση;
<H2> Οι celebrities μάς δείχνουν τον τρόπο!
<H2> Το διαιτολόγιο της ευτυχίας!
<H2> Δείτε τες και... χωρίς make-up
<H2> Δευτέρα 21 Απριλίου 2014
<H2> Κλείστε έξω την αρνητική ενέργεια
<H2> Νηστίσιμο κέικ κακάο
<H2> Ως εδώ!
<H2> Ένα δώρο - έκπληξη
<H2> Το ξυπνητήρι που κάνει...
<H2> Ο ύπνος πράγματι,
<H2> Online οδοντόβουρτσα μας κά...
<H2> Το χρονικό της διεκδίκησης
<H2> Αταίριαστα διάσημα ζευγάρια
<H2> Δείτε τες και... χωρίς make-up
<H2> H Μελίνα είναι... εδώ!
<H2> Η Kate Moss και οι γυμνές φωτογρα...
<H2> ...προστατευτείτε από τις διαδικτ...
<H2> ...φτιάξετε υγρό καθαριστικό με φ...
<H2> ...χρησιμοποιήσετε τη μαγιονέζα δ...
<H2> ...φτιάξετε το δικό σας lip balm

Great, your website is structured using HTML headings (<H1> to <H6>).

Use your keywords in the headings and make sure the first level (<H1>) includes your most important keywords. Never duplicate your title tag content in your header tag.

For more ‪‬effective SEO, use only one <H1> tag per page.

Add the important keywords in <H> headings

Keywords Cloud

Keywords Consistency


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We found 75 images on this web page.

75 alt attributes are empty or missing.

  • /img/layout/lampirilogo.png
  • /img/layout/facebook.png
  • /img/layout/twitter.png
  • /img/layout/youtube.png
  • /img/layout/rss.png
  • /img/layout/mail.png
  • /img/layout/logolast.png
  • /img/images/solomos_terigiaki_630c630.jpg
  • /img/images/stop_630x630.jpg
  • /img/images/skepseis_630x630.jpg
  • /img/images/wo630x630.jpg
  • /img/images/pineapple630x630.jpg
  • /img/images/mi630x6301.jpg
  • /img/images/dii_630_x_630174.jpg
  • /img/images/paint630x630.jpg
  • /img/images/woman_630x3304.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/xeimonasi_630x330.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/sex_630x33013.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/projects/geneos_den_ine_450.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/zeta_630x3300.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/food_630x3302.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/after_630x330.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/new_astra630304.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/energy630.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/keik_kakao_630c330.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/layout/lifefun.png
  • /img/projects/no_photo.jpg
  • /img/layout/upografi.png
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/layout/diagonismoi.png
  • /img/images/preview2_doroe450.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/layout/whoto.png
  • /img/images/preview2_banclock_450x450.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/preview2_sleep_450x4503.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/preview2_odo_450x450.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/preview2_melina_450x450.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/layout/super_soul_stars_banner.jpg
  • /img/images/preview2_couple_450x4505.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/preview2_after_450x450.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/preview2_mer_450x4500.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/preview2_kate_450x4500.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/layout/tip.png
  • /img/projects/tip450.jpg
  • /img/layout/by_oriflame.png
  • /img/layout/person.png
  • /img/images/preview2_pc_450x4500.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/preview2_xid_450x450.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/preview2_magio_450x450.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/images/preview2_lip_450x450.jpg
  • /img/layout/wread.png
  • /img/layout/happyhour.png
  • /img/images/theatro_630x630.jpg
  • /img/layout/advert1.jpg

Alternative text (the alt attribute) is missing for several images. Add alternative text so that search engines can better understand the content of your images.

Remember that search engine crawlers cannot actually "see" images, so the alternative text attribute allows you to assign a specific description to each image.

Alternative text describes your images so they can appear in Google™ Images search results.

Check the images on your website and make sure effective alternative text is specified for each image.

Restrict the number of characters in alt text to 150, including spaces, and minimize the size of images to optimize your website's page load times.

Set a name for all your images

Text/HTML Ratio

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Great, this page's ratio of text to HTML code is higher than 15 percent.

Although your text to code ratio is good, you can always improve it by adding more text content to your pages.

A ratio between 25 and 70 percent is ideal. When it goes beyond that, the page might run the risk of being considered spam.

As long as the ‪‬‬content is relevant and gives essential information, it is a plus to have more of it.

Write additional content with more keywords

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::[ The fun of lifesharing | The fun of lifesharing ]::


Το έξυπνο και εναλλακτικό γυναικείο portal όπου κάθε γυναίκα μπορεί να βρει λύσεις και ιδέες για ότι αναζητά. / Αυτογνωσία, προσωπική ανάπτυξη και lifecoaching , ...

This is an example of what your title and description will look like in Google™ search results.

Google™ Ranking

WWW Resolve

IP Canonicalization


XML Sitemap

URL Rewrite

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Good, the URLs look clean.


Great! You have clean (user-friendly) URLs which do not contain query strings.
Clean URLs are not only SEO-friendly but are also important for usability.

Rewrite your URLs and clean them up.

Underscores in the URLs

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  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/prosopike_anaptuxe/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/matemata_eutucias/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/piloi_unergates/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/feng_shui/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/pos_na_1/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/kate_mera_kai_kalutera_1/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/tips_omorpias/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/aistutikes_epembatikes_kai_me_epembatikes_ter/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/aistetikes_enallaktikes_terapeies/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/enallaktikes_terapeies/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/exotike_kouzina/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/tips_mageirikes/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/art_de_la_table/
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/./articles/exotike_kouzina/Σολομός_Τεριγιάκι_με_λευκό_ρύζι_Μπασμάτι
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/./articles/prosopike_anaptuxe/Τα_14_πράγματα_που_πρέπει_να_σταματήσετε_εδώ_και_τώρα
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/./articles/prosopike_anaptuxe/Μήπως_οι_σκέψεις_σας_σαμποτάρουν_το_μέλλον_σας
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/./articles/prosopike_anaptuxe/Προσφέρετε_ευτυχία_και_νιώστε_χαρούμενοι
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/./articles/diatrope/Ανοιξιάτικες_τροφές_που_θα_σας_χαρίσουν_ευεξία
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/./articles/metapusike/ΤΕΣΤ_Τι_χρώμα_θέλεις_την_αγάπη_σου
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/./articles/metapusike/Μαγνήτες_του_καλού
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/./articles/deco/Χρώμα_στους_τοίχους
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/exotike_kouzina
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/exotike_kouzina/Σολομός_Τεριγιάκι_με_λευκό_ρύζι_Μπασμάτι
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/prosopike_anaptuxe
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/prosopike_anaptuxe/Τα_14_πράγματα_που_πρέπει_να_σταματήσετε_εδώ_και_τώρα
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/prosopike_anaptuxe/Μήπως_οι_σκέψεις_σας_σαμποτάρουν_το_μέλλον_σας
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/prosopike_anaptuxe/Προσφέρετε_ευτυχία_και_νιώστε_χαρούμενοι
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/diatrope/Ανοιξιάτικες_τροφές_που_θα_σας_χαρίσουν_ευεξία
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/metapusike/ΤΕΣΤ_Τι_χρώμα_θέλεις_την_αγάπη_σου
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/metapusike/Μαγνήτες_του_καλού
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/deco/Χρώμα_στους_τοίχους
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/life_coaching/Γιατί_κάνεις_πάντα_τα_ίδια_λάθη
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/live_well/Ο_χειμώνας_θέλει_άρωμα_και_χρώμα
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/good_relationships/Πότε_οι_άνδρες_δεν_έχουν_διάθεση
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/categories/life_forward
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/categories/life_forward/«Ένας_πολύ_καλός_τρόπος_για_να_γνωρίσεις_καλύτερα_τον_εαυτό_σου_είναι_να_παρατηρήσεις_τι_σε_ενοχλεί,
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/feel_beautiful/Οι_celebrities_μάς_δείχνουν_τον_τρόπο
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/good_health/Το_διαιτολόγιο_της_ευτυχίας
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/teleutaia_nea/Δείτε_τες_και_χωρίς_makeup
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/astrologia/Δευτέρα_21_Απριλίου_2014
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/new_age/Κλείστε_έξω_την_αρνητική_ενέργεια
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/tasty_cooking/Νηστίσιμο_κέικ_κακάο
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/categories/christina_talks/Ως_εδώ
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/./categories/christina_talks/Ως_εδώ
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/./categories/christina_talks/Ως_εδώ
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/diagonismoi/Ένα_καλοκαιρινό δώρο _έκπληξη
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/diagonismoi/Ένα_καλοκαιρινό δώρο _έκπληξη
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/kate_mera_kai_kalutera/Το_ξυπνητήρι_που_κάνει
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/kate_mera_kai_kalutera/Το_ξυπνητήρι_που_κάνει
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/kate_mera_kai_kalutera/Ο_ύπνος_πράγματι
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/kate_mera_kai_kalutera/Ο_ύπνος_πράγματι
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/kate_mera_kai_kalutera/Online_οδοντόβουρτσα_μας_κάνει
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/kate_mera_kai_kalutera/Online_οδοντόβουρτσα_μας_κάνει
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/kate_mera_kai_kalutera/Το_χρονικό_της_διεκδίκησης
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/kate_mera_kai_kalutera/Το_χρονικό_της_διεκδίκησης
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/teleutaia_nea/Αταίριαστα_διάσημα_ζευγάρια
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/teleutaia_nea/Αταίριαστα_διάσημα_ζευγάρια
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/teleutaia_nea/Δείτε_τες_και_χωρίς_makeup
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/teleutaia_nea/Η_Μελίνα_είναι_εδώ
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/teleutaia_nea/Η_Μελίνα_είναι_εδώ
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/teleutaia_nea/Η_Kate_Moss_και
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/teleutaia_nea/Η_Kate_Moss_και
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/categories/to_tip_tes_emeras/Νικήστε_την_κυτταρίτιδα_σε_4_βδομάδες
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/categories/to_tip_tes_emeras/Νικήστε_την_κυτταρίτιδα_σε_4_βδομάδες
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/pos_na/προστατευτείτε_από_τις_διαδικτυακές_απειλές
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/pos_na/προστατευτείτε_από_τις_διαδικτυακές_απειλές
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/pos_na/φτιάξετε_υγρό_καθαριστικό_με_φυσικά_υλικά
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/pos_na/φτιάξετε_υγρό_καθαριστικό_με_φυσικά_υλικά
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/pos_na/χρησιμοποιήσετε_τη_μαγιονέζα_διαφορετικά
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/pos_na/χρησιμοποιήσετε_τη_μαγιονέζα_διαφορετικά
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/pos_na/φτιάξετε_το_δικό_σας_lip_balm
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/articles/pos_na/φτιάξετε_το_δικό_σας_lip_balm
  • http://www.lampiri.gr/el/about_us
We have detected underscores (these_are_underscores) in this URL and/or in your in-page URLs. You should rather use hyphens (these-are-hyphens) to optimize your SEO.

While Google™ treats hyphens as word separators, it does not treat underscores as word separators.


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Good, no Flash content has been detected on this page.

Flash should only be used for specific enhancements. Although Flash content often looks nicer, it cannot be properly indexed by search engines. Avoid full Flash websites to maximize SEO.

This advice also applies to AJAX.

Use Flash content sparingly


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Great, there are no frames detected on this page.

Frames can cause problems on your web page because search engines will not crawl or index the content within them.

Avoid frames whenever possible and use a NoFrames tag if you must use them.

Check that none of your important content is within a Frame

Domain 1st Registered

Domain Expiration



Mobile Rendering

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Your website on an iPad

The number of people using the Mobile Web is huge; over 75 percent of consumers have access to smartphones. ‪‬Your website should look nice on the most popular mobile devices.

Tip: Use an analytics tool to track mobile usage of your website.

Mobile Load Time

Mobile Optimization

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This website is not optimized for Mobile Visitors

Mobile CSS

Mobile Redirection

Additional mobile optimization techniques:

Meta Viewport Tag

Apple Icon

Flash content


Make sure that your website is prepared for mobile browsing.
These are the different aspects that can be optimized for mobile users:

Optimize your website for Mobile browsing




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Great, your website has a favicon. Make sure this favicon is consistent with your brand.

Resource: Check out this amazing idea for improving the user experience with a special favicon.

Add a Favicon

Custom 404 Page

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Great, your website has a custom 404 error page.


Take advantage of the opportunity to provide a beautiful 404 Error Page for your visitors.

Customize the 404 error page

Conversion Forms

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We could not find a Conversion Form on this page.


Add a conversion form for repeat visitors. It could be used to sign up for a subscription, get an email address of a visitor or close an online sale. ‪‬‬Converting visitors into prospects/clients is probably the most important goal for your website.

After adding a conversion form to your site, it is important that you optimize your website to boost conversions.

Add a conversion form

Above the Fold Content

Page Size

Load Time


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Declared: English

Detected: English


Great, you have declared the language.

Make sure your declared language is the same as the language detected by Google™.

Tips for multilingual websites:

  • Define the language of the content in each page's HTML code.
  • Specify the language code in the URL as well (e.g., "mywebsite.com/fr/mycontent.html").

Declare the language used


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We could not find a Print-Friendly CSS


This is a special CSS style sheet which ensures that unnecessary interface designs and images are left out when printing pages from your site, saving the user a lot of ink.

It is just another way to provide a rich user-experience.

If you do not have a print style sheet yet, set one up.


Dublin Core

Low impact Easy to solve


dc.titleThe fun of lifesharing


Good, this page takes advantage of Dublin Core.

Dublin Core is a set of standard metadata elements used to describe the contents of a website. It can help with some internal search engines and it does not bloat your code.

Domain Availability

Typo Availability

Low impact
Domains (TLD) Status
kampiri.gr This domain is booked
lzmpiri.gr This domain is booked
lanpiri.gr This domain is booked
lamoiri.gr This domain is booked
lampiir.gr This domain is booked
lampirri.gr This domain is booked
lammpiri.gr This domain is booked

Register the various typos of your domain to protect your brand from cybersquatters.

Email Privacy

Spam Block

Medium impact Very hard to solve

Your IP is not Blacklisted in the Spammer Directory.


It is important that your SEO efforts are not tarnished by spammy activities. Take care to avoid forum and blog spam and use best practices when sharing your content.

In addition, if you send email campaigns or transactional emails, use professional email software to keep your IP clean and improve the deliverability of your emails.

Contact Spamcop.net to clean your reputation

Trust Indicators

Safe Browsing

Medium impact Very hard to solve



Great, your website is safe.

No evidence of phishing and/or malware has been detected.

Are you a spammer?


Server IP



Get to know the technologies used for your website. Some codes might slow down your website. Ask your webmaster to take a look at this.

Speed Tips

Medium impact Hard to solve

Watch out: your website’s speed could be slightly improved.

Perfect, your server is using a caching method to speed up page display. 

Perfect, your website doesn't use nested tables.

Too bad, your website is using inline styles.

Perfect, your website has few CSS files.

Too bad, your website has too many JavaScript files (more than 7).

Too bad, your website does not take advantage of gzip.


Website speed has a huge effect on SEO. ‪‬‬Speed-up your website so search engines will reward you by sending more visitors.
Also, conversion rates are far higher for websites that load faster than their slower competitors.


Low impact Easy to solve

Web analytics let you measure visitor activity on your website. You should have at least one analytics tool installed. It is also good to install one extra tool to have a confirmation of the results.

Analytics Tools: Google™ Analytics, Quantcast™, SiteCatalyst™, Piwik™, chartbeat™, Clicky™, ClickTale™, etc.

W3C Validity



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Great, language/character encoding is specified.

Specifying language/character encoding can prevent problems with the rendering of special characters.

Deprecated HTML

Directory Browsing

Server Signature



Social shareability

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This website is not popular on Social Platforms.

Facebook Likes0

Facebook Shares2

Facebook Comments0

Twitter Backlinks8

Google™ +3


The impact of social media is huge for certain industries, take advantage of this digital version of word-of-mouth marketing.

Make sure you have opened ‪‬‬social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other sites that are of interest to your customers.

Learn how to engage your social media audiences and create a consistent fan base. You can also use your website to increase your popularity on social platforms.

Check these helpful tools for managing your social media campaign.

Note: This data represents social media influences from your website's URL, it does not represent data from specific brand pages.

Promote your website on Social Media

Twitter™ Account

Low impact

The Twitter™ Account @lampiri is booked but it is not linked to your website!
Tip: Include your URL in your Twitter profile's website field.


Twitter is a fast-growing social network.

If possible, register a Twitter account in your brand's name now to prevent brandjacking.

Here are a few tips to help create a Twitter promotion plan. Plus, learn from today's top Twitter-using brands.

Book your brand on Twitter

Facebook Page

Google+ Page


Local Directories



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Missing profile on Foursquare™

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This is a list of the local directories where your business has been found. Take care of your listings in local directories; since maps are now an integral part of search results, your G+ Local page may have more visitors than your website!

It is important to make sure that your business details are correct in each directory where you are listed. Find the directories in your country (USA, UK, Spain, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and India) and enhance your listings with pictures, video, schedules and as many customer reviews as possible.

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