We are happy to share with you, dear WooRankers, that 2017 was our most exciting year yet.

Even though it rained for more than half the year, we still managed to resolve more than 8,000 customer service requests and generate more than 22,000 Advanced Reviews. Now you can understand why we drank close to 10,000 cups of coffee!

It is thanks to you, though, our wonderful customers, that 2017 was such a successful year. Without you, we would never have reached our 93% customer satisfaction rate - yes, we know that’s a humble brag.

Here's a look at WooRank's 2017 by numbers:

WooRank By the Numbers WooRank Murals Designed WooRank Offices Worked In WooRank New WooRankers WooRank Team Events
WooRank Furry WooRankers
WooRank New Coffee Mugs WooRank Countries Visited WooRank Total Employees
WooRank Foosballers Original WooRank articles
WooRank Fruit Deliveries
WooRank Moving Offices WooRank New Projects in 2017 WooRank Customer Success Rate WooRank Pounds of Chocolate Consumed WooRank Year in Review WooRank Blog Posts Published in 2017 Rained 209 Days in Belgium WooRank Penguins Drawn WooRank Moments Shared Together WooRank Customer Support Hours Logged WooRank Mentions on Twitter
WooRank Year in Review WooRank Year in Review
WooRank Year in Review WooRank Year in Review WooRank Year in Review WooRank Year in Review

2017 would not have been our best year yet without our WooRank family of customers, experts and team. Thank you all for your contributions and continued faith in our service and our mission. Here’s to another great year!