Earlier this month, Website Planet approached us for an interview to discuss WooRank's evolution and benefits for our users. Of course, we said yes!

I spoke with Ditsa Keren to highlight all of the ways in which WooRank has changed to meet and exceed our customers' needs. Particularly, I wanted to stress how much value our all-in-one SEO tool could help businesses, large and small.

During the interview, we spoke about the challenges many website owners face and the most important tasks to focus on when getting your SEO strategy off of the ground. Ultimately, we wanted to get the word out about how much WooRank can help businesses succeed.

Website Planet review with WooRank's SEO audit tool

Below is an excerpt from the interview:

What would you say are the main challenges today for website owners and SEO professionals?

For SEO professionals, and even just digital marketers in general, there’s a couple of things that I would say are challenging. The first thing is just the difficulty of some of the SEO techniques. I know that it can be overwhelming if you’re just getting started as a business owner, and you decide that you want to take on SEO yourself without outsourcing it to a specialist or a company. Especially with the amount of information and the number of little boxes you have to check, it can be very overwhelming for beginners as well as for SEO professionals.

Having to convey what needs to be done to your client, who doesn’t necessarily understand the importance of SEO, would be a challenge on both sides. If you’re an SEO professional, and you’re not necessarily the one making those technical changes, communicating to those clients that you’re just there to report might be a difficult concept for them to understand. Then there are things like adding structured data or adding alt tags. If they don’t even know what an alt tag is, it can be difficult to explain why it is important.

Check out the full interview here.