In the last six years you’ve seen many different WooRank faces here on the WooRank blog, our SEO series on Sitepoint and our guest posts around the web. Now we’d like to take a moment to showcase put faces to some of the names you hear on a daily basis: the WooRank Customer Success team.

Many of you have interacted with our Customer Success team since WooRank started 6 years ago. The CS team helps our customers every day to:

  • Resolve subscription and payment issues,
  • Learn more about WooRanks’ awesome tools and features,
  • Find resources to learn more about SEO and digital marketing
  • Get the most out of WooRank so they can improve their websites and increase their search rankings.

In 2016, the Customer Success team had more than 15,000 customer interactions, with a 98% satisfaction rate and response time within 2 hours or less. And over the last 6 months, the team has grown so we can handle your issues faster and get you back on the road to higher rankings. Divi, Jay, Justin, Laura and Marine are some of the people who have worked through summer holidays, Christmas parties, long weekends and other major events without pause to answer your questions and resolve your most urgent problems.

How We Help You

Here at WooRank, we live to help our customers (that means you!) reach their audience online. It’s what we’re all about and it’s why we created the WooRank Help Center. There’s two ways you can access the Help Center (well, three including direct traffic):

  • Click "Need Help?" at the bottom of any page on
  • Clicking the question mark in the header of any page. This opens the handy-dandy in-page Help Center.

The in-page Help Center contains contextual links and articles that answer questions related to the page you’re on. So, for example, opening it on your Overview page will answer questions about upgrading your subscription or changing your account, while the helper on the Advanced Review will clear up any questions you have about your WooRank Score or criteria in the report.

WooRank Overview page contextual Help Center

Even better, opening the Help Center in Keyword Tool will enable our festive-looking contextual helpers in the tool that will help you set up, track and analyze your keyword performance.

Keyword Tool contextual helpers

Haven’t answered your question in the Help Center? No worries, you can always contact a human WooRanker to help you with the following:

  • Setting up your WooRank account: We can solve any technical issue related to signing up with WooRank, choosing a plan, setting a payment options or using any of our tools and feature. We’ll also help you change or update your plan and account info.

  • Using WooRank: WooRank has powerful tools to help you optimize your site in order to rank higher in search results. Our Customer Success team will help you get set up in way that will ensure you’re getting the most out of each of WooRank’s great features.

  • Becoming or finding an Expert: Some people are looking to help with their marketing, and some marketers are looking for people to help. Here at WooRank, we help bring those people together. Our Customer Success team can help website owners navigate the Experts Directory to find the marketer that fits their needs, and answer any questions an SEO pro has about joining the program.

How You Can Contact Us

So you’ve got a very special question to ask us, and you haven’t found the answer in the Help Center. Fortunately, contacting us is super easy and, as we so humbly mentioned above, fast!

  • Help Center: If our contextual helper didn’t answer your question, use it to submit a ticket directly to the Customer Success team. Just open the in-page Help Center, click on Contact Our Agents and create a new ticket. Be sure to describe your issue as precisely as possible. Bonus points for those who attach screenshots of issues they’re experiencing in WooRank.

  • Email and social media: Skip the Help Center entirely and shoot us an email at or a message on Facebook. Just like with the Help Center, thoroughly describe your issue and include screenshots when possible.

Put Faces To Those Names

Get to know the full WooRank Customer Success Team and learn what makes us tick here!