Update: The June 2019 broad core algorithm update has now been officially released into the wild. According to the Tweet from the Google Search Liaison account, it will start taking effect in the coming days.

Update 2: According to a post to Danny Sullivan's Twitter account, the core update finished rolling out on June 7.

Update 3: Just a small note from Sullivan from June 8. There's a good chance Google will continue to pre-announce core algorithm updates in the future.

Google Pre-Announced Update

Google will roll out a new broad core update today, June 2, if they haven’t started already. In a rare move from Google, this was actually pre-announced on Sunday:

We don’t know exactly when this update is or was scheduled to start but as you can see in the Tweet above, Google will send out an update once it does.

What’s this Broad Core Update?

On his personal account, Danny Sullivan (the man behind the official Google Search Liason Twitter account) clarified that there’s nothing special that separate this broad core update from previous ones such as the updates from March 2019, August 2018 and March 2018:

The only thing that separates this update from the others is that Google announced this one ahead of time, Which, According to Sullivan, they did just to be nice.

Interestingly, a Tweet by Sullivan in response to a comment does make it sound like we might be getting more proactive communication from Google like this in the future.

One thing to note about this update though is that it’s apparently unrelated to all the indexing issues and bugs Google went through in April and May.

What You Can Do

Since Google is referring to this as a “broad core update”, there’s likely not going to be much (if anything) from them about how to respond to this update. Beyond their typical “publish great content” guidance. And there’s likely nothing specific this update will target or seek to reward/punish.

If your site has been negatively impacted by this update (once it does go live), focus on publishing high-quality content that satisfies your users’ needs and expectations and creating the best possible user experience for your audience.

We’ll be following up on this post once Google announces the update is live so stay tuned.

Reactions Around the Web

While it's still early to draw too many conclusions about this update, some marketers and website owners are already seeing some pretty sizeable changes to their site's performance.

Most noticeably is UK website DailyMail.co.uk. According to a Google Webmaster Help thread by SEO Director Jesus Mendez, the DailyMail lost 50% of its Google search traffic.

DailyMail Google help thread

This is notable in that it's pretty rare for such a large site (according to Wikipedia it's the most visited English-language newspaper website in the world) to admit to being hit so hard by a Google update.

We learned this update is supposed to be a big one after a Twitter post by Danny Sullivan said the changes would be "definitely noticeable".

Here's a semi-random sample of reactions from the Webmaster World thread on the update:

Google update reaction no mobile impact

Google update reaction big site impact

Google update reaction small impact

Google update reaction big increase

Google update reaction reversal from previous updates

How has the June Core Update impacted your site? Any big gains or losses? Let us know!