Google is one of the biggest companies in our modern era, and it’s amazing to think about how much they exist in every aspect of our lives. From mobile phones, web searching, and even our web browsers. Google Chrome is my preferred browser of choice, and that’s because of the excellent extensions it offers.

Today, we’re going to look at nine free Google Chrome extensions that will help you as a marketer work more efficiently and see better results in the long term.

9 Chrome Extensions for Marketers of All Kinds

Whether you’re a content marketer, a social media marketer, or something else entirely, these Chrome extensions will do wonders for your productivity and success online. Let’s take a look!

1. Ayima

Ayima extension screenshot

Ayima has several tools they offer, but their redirects extension for Google Chrome is an excellent option for marketers. This tool flags 301, 302, 404, and 500 HTTP status codes and meta or javascript redirects. Having too many redirects can slow down a website and hamper the user’s experience. Plus, Google doesn’t always like them very much.

Marketers will want clear paths from their ads or social media to landing pages. This extension will ensure that your users are taking the quickest path possible to your content.

2. Tag Assistant

Tag assistant extension screenshot

This extension ensures that your tags for Google Analytics and other tools are working correctly. You simply head over to your page of choice and it will run an analysis for you. You’ll get a breakdown of the tags you’re currently using, and notification of any errors or problems.

This is one of those invisible issues that you may not notice, so having an extension like this can ensure you’re collecting the right data about your marketing efforts.

3. Pablo

Pablo extension screenshot

Images are incredibly important. Whether you’re managing your websites, your social media pages, or simply trying to collaborate with your team, you’re going to need high-quality pictures. This is where Pablo comes in.

This extension was created by the social media experts at Buffer, which earns it a thumbs up from me. Easily capture, edit, and create images for social media on the fly with this epic tool. You can even add things like text as well to give it a unique look.

Links are the lifeblood of any marketing campaign. You need your links in working order if you expect customers to follow your sales funnel to a conversion. The Check My Links extension checks an entire page quickly and examines all of the links within.

While this process would take a lot longer if you did it manually, this extension will give you feedback on all your links at once.

Check My Links extension screenshot

This fast and accurate addon crawls through your web page and looks for broken links, 404 errors and warnings. This is very helpful for developers and search marketers when editing a web page that has lots of links. The "link results" pop up highlights broken links in red, warnings in yellow and valid links in green as displayed in the screenshot above.

The extension identifies:

  • Broken links

  • 404 errors

  • Warnings for empty href attributes, trailing #s and anchor tags

5. Papaly Bookmark Manager

Papaly extension screenshot

Papaly is a great way to organize your start page and your bookmarks. You can sync it with multiple users and computers via the cloud, which will allow you to easily collaborate with others on your team.

You can create boards that allow you to invite others, or set them as private. You’ll also have the option to sync up your social media accounts for complete access to them. It’s a great tool to keep you organized and keep your team on the same page.

6. LastPass

LastPass extension screenshot

As a marketer, you’re going to have a lot of accounts. Whether that’s social media, tools or the websites you work on. If you’re like me, trying to create and simultaneously remember strong passwords is going to be a nigh impossible task.

Instead of stressing over it, why not use a tool like LastPass? This secure password vault can create and store strong passwords for you. The only password you’ll need is the one you made for this tool. It even offers two-factor authentication for an extra layer of security.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly extension screenshot

While I consider myself an accurate writer, Grammarly keeps me in check. This fantastic tool points out more than a standard spellcheck ever could. It goes deeper and it’s way smarter. You’ll get notifications about very subtle mistakes that you can instantly fix.

While they offer a premium version, I’ve been using the free one for some time with no issues, but much better copy as a result.

8. VidlQ

VidlQ extension screenshot

Videos are the way of the future, and this tool will help you understand how your own videos are performing. With detailed analytics for any YouTube video, you’ll have tons of knowledge at your disposal. It’s an amazing tool that’s also certified by YouTube.

Analytics are important, as always, but being able to get this kind of feedback on your videos in such detail is something every marketer will love.

9. Momentum

Momentum extension screenshot

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes struggle with finding inspiration and staying productive each day. This particular tool is a simple, but effective option. It gives you serene pictures and gentle reminders of your plans for the work day each time you open a new tab.

I find it to be a refreshing change of pace from the usual views online. Marketers can stay on task and remain focused throughout the day with a tool like this one.

Final Thoughts

Google Chrome extensions come in various shapes and sizes, but these nine tools are perfect for marketers of all kinds. Which extensions do you use to benefit your work day? Let us know in the comments!