It looks like 2019 is going to be as interesting as 2018 when it comes to Google algorithm updates. After lots of rumored changes in early March, Google has confirmed another “broad core algorithm” update this week.

What’s Happening?

Earlier this morning, Google’s SearchLiaison Twitter posted that Google has released a new “broad core algorithm” update this week:

Danny Sullivan, the Googler behind the SearchLiaison Twitter account, stated that the updated started on Tuesday, March 12:

And, in response to a user’s question, he also confirmed that the update is global. So it should impact all languages and Google ccTLDs equally:

Sullivan also referred back to the SearchLiaison post from October 2018 about the April and September broad core updates to answer questions about how long we should expect to see fluctuations in the search results in regards to rankings:

That thread also includes the standard advice on how to respond to broad core algorithm updates: these updates don’t target particular issues or tactics and “there’s no fix for pages that may perform less well” after the update.

Update: SEO Industry Reactions

Some in the SEO field have started calling this update the Florida 2 update.

The first Florida update was so named because its timing coincided with the PubCon marketing conference that takes place in that state. It was a huge update that had a big impact on SEO.

The timing of this latest broad core update also coincides with the conference in that same state and there are rumors that this update will be as impactful as the first Florida update.

It's worth remembering, though, that's just a rumor that hasn't been confirmed by Google.

Reactions from other search marketers and website owners have been mixed, to say the least. Here are some highlights from the discussion at the WebmasterWorld forum.

Some have seen gains for their sites:

Positive reaction for health site

Positive reaction finance site

Positive reaction to update

While others have seen losses:

Broad update negative reaction

Broad update negative reaction for UK site

Many are saying they've seen no impact on their sites or that the results have fluctuated wildly:

Broad update reporting wild fluctuations

Broad update no impact reaction

Update 2: Marketers and website owners have been discussing this update on Twitter over the past few days. Here are some reactions from the SEO industry:

An initial analysis from Sistrix has found that the majority of the "winners" and "losers" for this update (so far) were sites that were also impacted by previous core updates.

For what it's worth, here at WooRank we haven't noticed any big changes in terms of rankings or traffic despite the fact that the previous core updates had big impacts on our traffic.

Update 3: John Mueller addressed the update for the first time in the most recent Google Webmaster hangout. He didn't say much but he does make it sound like this update wasn't specifically a reaction to the previous core updates.

See his full (if brief) response in the video below:

How You Should Respond

Well, since it’s a broad core update, there’s not a lot you can do to specifically address any impact this update has on your site. It’s most likely that Google has simply found a new way to deliver better, more relevant search result to their users.

If your site has seen any improvements, way to go! Keep doing what you're doing.

If your rankings, traffic and/or conversions have taken a hit from this update, all is not lost! Focus your efforts on publishing great content, satisfying search intent and building high-quality backlinks.

As this is an evolving story, we’ll keep this post updated as the situation develops and we’ll hopefully have a more in-depth analysis in the future.