Google has begun the process of rolling out its mobile-first index to more websites. This will only affect sites that follow "best practices for mobile-first indexing," according to the search engine.

While Google first began using a mobile-first index back in 2016, today marks the first time its really acknowledged that a significant number of sites are moving to mobile-first indexing.

According to the announcement from Google, website will be notified of their site's shift via Search Console. Once a site has been migrated, owners will see significant increase in crawling by Smartphone Googlebot.

Additionally, Google will now show a page's mobile version in search results and cached pages.

Will Mobile-First Indexing Affect You?

Google is saying that mobile-first indexing doesn't have an impact on search ranking — mobile friendliness is a totally separate thing. So your rankings are likely going to change much as a result of this shift.

If mobile-first indexing doesn't impact rankings, why is Google doing this?

Since searches from mobile devices outnumber desktop searches, this is simply Google's way of making it easier on themselves when it comes time to server content optimized for the user's screen.