Do you want to dramatically grow your marketing agency this year?

Because we work with thousands of agencies, we get to hear what works and what doesn’t every day.

Today I’m going to identify the top 5 strategies that you can use to grow your agency.

Let’s get into it!

1. Zero In on Your Niche

I’m a huge fan of niching down.

It may seem like it’s a good idea to take any client in the beginning, but eventually, it will leave your marketing message bland and will stunt your growth.

Defining your niche has a ton of benefits:

  • You know who your audience is, so you can find targeted prospects easier.

  • You understand your customer deeply, so you can zero in on your marketing message.

  • You understand their problems and their language, so you can talk the talk when you speak to them.

  • When you run successful campaigns, you can replicate them over and over for each client since you’ve already done it before.

  • You stand out against all the "we do everything" marketing agencies.

For example, if you are an accountant and you’re looking for someone to help you with marketing, would you choose an agency that does everything, or an agency that ONLY markets accounting firms?

This is exactly why niche agencies are the way of the future!

2. Invest In Your Own Marketing

Have you ever heard the phrase, "The cobbler’s children have no shoes?"

I see this problem with marketing agencies all the time. They spend all their time working on their clients’ campaigns while letting their own marketing suffer.

If they would only run their own marketing like they do their clients’ marketing, they would be golden!

One of the best ways to get started is through content marketing.

Take the time necessary to build consistent content on your blog. Create content that answers the questions you hear every day. Then promote this content on every channel.

When you do this, you’ll build marketing soldiers that will work for you every day for years, attracting and converting clients.

You’ll also want to collect email addresses from people interested in your services.

You can do this by giving viewers something valuable like a free guide, cheat sheet or tool in exchange for their contact information.

One of the best lead magnets I’ve ever seen is WooRank’s Lead Gen tool. This lets you offer a free SEO audit in exchange for their email address.

We installed this on our website and we’ve already collected 4500+ leads in just a few weeks!

3. Productize Your Services

If you don’t productize your services, it will be difficult to remove yourself from the business, because it all depends on you.

But if you break out your services into well-defined packages, everything starts to improve.

Sales Get Easier

It’s easier to sell because your sales team can explain exactly what you have to offer and what the client is going to get. This sets client expectations and helps avoid scope creep.

This also helps shorten the sales cycle because you don’t need custom proposals.

Production Runs Smoother

After the customer purchases, you can define SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for processes. This way you know your campaigns are going to come out great each time.

Scaling Becomes A Breeze

After you productize your services you’ll start to notice you’re onboarding more clients at a faster rate than ever before and you’ll need to add more people to your team to support the production.

But now that you have everything defined, training these team members will be easier and you won’t have to higher rockstars at top dollar!

4. Outsource Your Weaknesses

I always say you should focus on what your strengths are and outsource the rest.

If Michael Jordan was terrible at accounting, he wouldn’t go back to school to learn it, he would just pay someone with the millions he made dunking basketballs. His time is much better spent doing what he does best.

It works the same with agencies - the way you’re going to grow your business is by getting more clients. So that’s what you should concentrate on first and foremost.

But there are many parts of the process that are NOT worth your time and you shouldn’t be concentrating on.

If you’re great at one aspect but struggle with other areas that your clients are asking for, then outsource it! It will take too long to come up with a new service, find employees, train them and make sure the delivery goes smooth when you could just outsource it to a company that’s already an expert.

Shameless plug: That's exactly what we do at The HOTH - We help agencies scale their SEO services by doing the production. Most agencies use our white label services, mark up our wholesale price, and profit off the difference. If you want to offer SEO services to your clients, check out our SEO reseller program.

5. Leverage Partnerships

Forming a partnership with other agencies will allow you to leverage their audience and increase your brand awareness.

It can also significantly boost your sales.

By partnering with other agencies or brands that specialize in roles that you don't, you can create a mutually beneficial relationship where you refer leads to each other.

Depending on the other agency's role, your partnership can also help you outsource your own work. So, it's often a good idea to partner with agencies that complement your services.

You can also charge other agencies a "finder's fee" when you send them leads. As long as you stay on good terms with your partners, you can grow exponentially faster than you could on your own.


With the above tips on how to grow your marketing agency in mind, you'll lay the foundation for faster growth than you thought your business was capable of.

Do you have any more tips to add? Let us know in the comments below!