Missed the latest Brighton SEO conference? No worries, we’ve wrapped it up in a short read. Many of the speakers have shared their slides, so take a look below for some valuable SEO content 😉

Brighton SEO WooRank Stand - April 2016 WooRank team at the stand during Brighton SEO

The conference

We’re still getting over all the excitement of last week’s Brighton SEO Conference. It was an amazing one-day search marketing event, where WooRank had the chance to share its expertise, discover the latest trends and meet and connect with the SEO crowd. We also had fun launching our first Snapchat geofilter as you can see on the picture below!

Snapchat Geofilter BrightonSEO

Visitors to our stand had the opportunity to enjoy live illustrations (check out the video on our Facebook page and get custom drawings. Our Twitter feed was filled with famous characters like Buzz Lightyear, the Incredible Hulk and Pinocchio in remote settings such as the ice age and in space. Also, we were delighted to meet some of our customers and to introduce the latest updates of the tool. More information will be soon released in our next newsletter!

WooCartoon BrightonSEO

Representing WooRank at the conference was YouTube rising star Natalie Jones, who gave an amusing presentation about Inbound Comedy. Natalie made the attendees laugh by showing some great examples of using humour in marketing campaigns and drove home the points that you need to stand out by making your audience laugh. You can check her slides and video!

BrightonSEO WooRank tweet

What we learned at the conference

On-page Optimisation and Localisation

Our morning kicked off with three talks focussed on how search engines crawl websites, with The Quest For ‘Crawl Rank’ from Dawn Anderson, Server Logs After Excel Fails by Oliver Mason, and finally How to Identify and Fix Crawl Optimisation Issues by Barry Adams. The main takeaways were that people need to see the differences between crawling and indexing. All sites have a limited crawl budget which is based on a set amount of time, so the faster your website, the more pages it can serve to crawlers in a short period of time. While, fixing duplicate content issues with canonical or noindex tags may prevent them from being indexed, the bots must first crawl the page before they see these tags, which uses up unnecessary crawl budget. As per the internationalisation session, William Cecil discussed localization and how to conduct a global strategy, pointing out the importance of creating specific content for each country, independently of the language.


User experience (UX) was covered by Yigit Konur, who gave insights into the latest patents from Google, including the influence of the biometric analysis, like eye tracking in Google’s SERPs.

Aferdita Pacrami explained how we can benefit from the extensive experience from UX for games to apply it to improving website conversions, including navigation influenced by colors, light and motion.

The AMP (Accelerated Mobile Project) was introduced by Dominic Woodman, highlighting how it can increase speed. In the last presentation of this block, Warren Cowan explained how they have increased the conversion of a retail website, using extensive and in-depth keywords analysis to transform the content and offering of the website. (See the slides here)

Social Media

We also attended @AlexTachalova's session on the proven techniques and methods to reactivating Twitter accounts, where she provided some useful information on how to get the most from your Twitter accounts, using tools such as Fullcontact. This was followed by Olga Andrienko’s talk on how to localize your global brand.

WooRank talk at BrightonSEO Natalie Jones from WooRank during her presentation on Inbound Comedy

To end the event, we learned how our online environments influence our attitudes and behaviours in the presentation by “web psychologist” Nathalie Nahai.

Overall the conference was very well organized, the speakers were brilliant and held helpful presentations and the location (Brighton Dome) couldn’t have been better. Thanks to the conference organizer Kelvin Newman, the speakers and the attendees who passed by our stand for a memorable event. See you in September!