For the past few years, WooRank's reporting system has been an integral part of our sales process. It functions in three main ways for us:

  1. As a lead generation tool
  2. As a conversation starter between our sales team and the prospect
  3. As a source of information for lead nurturing.

I'll cover each of these points in more detail below, but first let me give you a little context about our business, Pronto Marketing.

Pronto Marketing Team

Pronto Marketing Team

We like to call ourselves an Internet Presence Management agency. And this means we cover everything from web design and copywriting to SEO and email newsletters for small B2B companies. Over the years, we've always come up against two big sales challenges with new clients. Firstly, we find it hard to discuss the flaws in a prospect's existing website without seeming like we're attacking their previous web developer. And secondly, since a lot of our prospects aren't very tech-savvy, it can be difficult to explain the details of why certain aspects of their current website are negatively affecting their online performance.

So we decided that an initial report that covered our prospects' website and Internet Presence would be a good way to break through those challenges. Initially this meant having our team manually review a prospects website and type up a list of the things they were doing correctly and the things they were doing that were not working so well. As you can well imagine, it took quite a bit of time to prepare each report, so when we found that Woorank could do essentially the same thing in a just few seconds, we were super excited.

Lead Generation

Using Simple Forms To Get Lead Generation - WooRank Blog

Using SEO reviews for Lead Generation

One of the most important rules for generating web leads is that you need to give something in order to get something. Very few people are willing to hand over their contact information without getting something valuable in return. Woorank's reports accomplish just that by giving valuable and insightful information back to prospectives. And with the ability to white-label the reports with our logo and our own content, we're able to control our marketing message from end-to-end.

Conversation Starters

Many small business owners looking for website or Internet Marketing services aren't very knowledgeable about the technicalities of SEO or Internet Marketing in general, so sometimes the WooRank report will raise more questions for them than it answers. This actually works in our favor because the report naturally leads the prospect into a discussion with our sales team as they ask questions about how to improve their score or how their keyword optimization can impact their performance in search results.

Answering these questions provides us with a great opportunity to display our expertise in the Internet Marketing field. It also gives us an objective way to open a discussion about the flaws in their current website and allows us to point out areas where we could make the sort of improvements that could potentially impact their success online for the better.

Lead Nurturing

Not all of our prospects that receive a report immediately contact our sales team, but we don't like to let those leads go cold. So everyone who requests one of our reports gets an automated drip email campaign.

This drip campaign includes three emails spaced out over a four week period. Two of those emails provide more information explaining some of the commons errors that the report found as well as valuable hints and tips about how to fix those errors.

Using WooRank as Conversation Starter - WooRank Blog

Using SEO reviews as a Conversation Starter

Again, this goes back to the questions many business owners have after receiving the report. Even if they don't directly contact our sales team, it's likely that they were confused by some aspect of the report and would appreciate being educated on how to improve their web presence.

Since all of these follow-up emails reference the original report the prospect received, they serve as a reminder that there are parts of their website that need improving and that Pronto can help.

In the end, I think one of the most important things Woorank's reporting system provides is an easily understandable way of explaining a very complicated topic. Everyone, no matter how much they know about web development or Internet Marketing, can understand a score between 0-100. That's what really hits home with prospects. If they see a low score on their report they'll want a detailed list of what can be done to make improvements. This means that you're already on your way to building the trust it takes to turn that prospect into a client.

How do you use WooRank? Tell us about your experiences.