Article Updated October 19th 2020

Have you ever experienced an economic slowdown? Every business goes through a drought where there are no new clients coming in. If you're like most small digital agencies and get paid by the project, this can put a serious damper on revenue.

Whatever type of pricing structure you use for your digital agency, you need some means of growing and earning revenue consistently to attain financial stability throughout the year. This way you will not have to always depend on money from new projects alone.

1. Create Your Own Training-On-Demand Resources

All the knowledge you have about your client's digital needs and the steps you take to rectify their simpler requirements on a daily basis can be a great resource for creating your own on-demand training series. On-demand training is a medium through which you train your subscribers using resources that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. They could be in the form of videos, emails or online courses.

Take note of some of the following tips when creating and marketing on-demand training courses:

  1. Pitch the training resources to those who cannot afford to pay for your services or those who are looking for DIY tutorials.
  2. Make sure the tips discussed are generally not found on other blogs or slideshow presentations available for free online.
  3. Promote these products on your website or blog and on your brands' social media pages. Eventually, if these courses become a hit, you can even run ad campaigns for them.
  4. Offer a few parts of the course for free or show a sample of the course to your target audience using free video or slideshare sites.
  5. Make sure to show any certifications that make you eligible to provide this course.

You can take inspiration from the following example that offers on-demand training for the Twitter Platform, for a fee.

Example For On-Demand Training For Digital Marketing

Example For On-Demand Training For Digital Marketing

2. Go Beyond and Offer In-House Training Sessions

Another way to grow your revenue is to share your expertise and train your clients by travelling to their premises. Some agencies offer instructor-led training that requires the attendees to travel, however, it is more convenient and cheaper for agencies to get their whole team trained by an expert in-house rather than sending them to a seminar. It also reduces your cost of arranging accommodation and food for the trainees.

The following are some ideas for providing in-house training to clients of a typical digital agency.

In-House Google Analytics Training

Almost all businesses use Google analytics as part of their website performance tracking. If you provide services such as web design, development and SEO, you may as well include a Google analytics training program for your customers.

An example of online Google Analytics training is Annielytics.

In-House Google Analytics Training

Online Google Analytics Training

Sending a staff member to give in-house training ensures you keep your training material up-to-date with all the fresh trends in the industry, as opposed to delivering a (potentially) outdated online course.

Take, for example, this agency that offers in-house training at your location.

In-House Google Analytics Training

In-House Google Analytics Training

In-House Google AdWords Training

If you provide digital services to small businesses or startups and have experience in keyword research for online ads and strategic ad spending, you could offer in-house Google Adwords training.

Make sure the Adwords trainers in your agency are Google Adwords certified.

Shown below is an example of a digital agency that does just this.

Digital Agency Providing In-House Google Adwords Training

Digital Agency Providing In-House Google Adwords Training

In-House SEO Training

If you are a digital agency that provides SEO services to small businesses in monthly retainers, you can further grow your annual revenue by conducting in-house SEO workshops for those who want to do it themselves.

An in-house training in SEO can be customized to suit the current SEO skills of your client's staff. You can use their own site as well as their competitor sites to analyze their current SEO and teach how to improve rankings accordingly.

Shown below is an example of an SEO company that offers private in-house SEO sessions.

In-House SEO Training

In-House SEO Training

In-House Workshop

Providing in-house workshops to train teams and departments is favorable for firms that want to reduce the cost of delegate travel and customize the learning experience for a particular business. It is both user-friendly and cost efficient for your clients.

Hire an expert or a blogger known in their niche to offer in-house workshops for your clients. The pricing of such an in-house workshop would include the trainer's fee, travelling and food expenses, training material expenses and the training fee.

Take a look at this example of a digital marketing agency that has hired an expert in the field of social media and analytics to deliver in-house workshops.

They provide custom quotes on request, as prices differ based on the client's custom training requirements, number of delegates to be trained, travelling expenses and so on.

3. Offer Online Marketing Packages

Another client category may include those who want to outsource their marketing processes to you, rather than having their in-house staff trained in them. For such clients, it is best to offer an ongoing retainer of marketing packages that easily creates a growing monthly income for your agency.

The following are some of the recurring marketing packages that can be useful as a growing revenue source for your digital company.

AdWords Management Packages

If your SEO or web design and development clients are interested in increasing their traffic and leads via paid services, offer to do it for them with a one-time set-up fee and a monthly management package. Qualify yourself as a Google Adwords expert by earning Adwords certification from Google. Display certification badges on the landing page where you offer Adwords Management packages.

As part of the monthly retainer, provide a dedicated account manager and a fully certified Adwords staff. You can provide services such as keyword research for PPC, ad copy writing, ad split testing, conversion tracking, monthly traffic estimates, click-through ratio estimate, custom reporting and so on.

Take a look at the following example where a digital agency offers PPC management monthly retainer services:

Monthly Retainer For Adwords Management

Monthly Retainer For Adwords Management

Google Analytics Management Packages

If you have Google Analytics certified staff, offer Google analytics set-up and management in a retainer model.

Get Google Analytics certification by joining the Analytics academy for free.

This is a good idea to maintain a lasting relationship with your clients as well as gain their continuous business. Take a look at the following screenshot of a web design company that offers Google management packages.

Sample Google Analytics Reporting Package

Sample Google Analytics Reporting Package

Social Media Management Packages

Every website needs a social media presence and it requires ongoing work – perfect for a retainer package. Plus, companies normally require third-party help when it comes to social media management as it brings a lot of traffic to websites of almost all niches.

Here is a sample monthly retainer by a web design company that strives to offer a one-stop-shop for their clients.

Sample Social Media Retainer Provided By A Web Design Agency

Sample Social Media Retainer Provided By A Web Design Agency

Email Marketing Management Packages

Email marketing is one of the most personal forms of digital marketing. Many big and small businesses practice email marketing strategies but may lack consistency or expertise to convert potential leads using email.

Here is an example of an SEO company that also offers services in email campaign reporting and management to their clients.

Email Marketing Campaign Management Retainer Program

Email Marketing Campaign Management Retainer Program

UX and CRO Management Packages

Once you have built a site, remind your customers that it requires regular usability testing and conversion optimization. Rather than modifying site content once in three years, it is beneficial to constantly make little tweaks to it that can improve site traffic and customer retention rates.

In a monthly retainer package that optimizes conversion rates for your customers' websites, you can provide services such as heat tracking and click mapping, A/B testing and a monthly report on how user-friendly a site is.

Convince customers that it is cheaper and more effective to hire monthly help rather than letting their website sit for years to end up paying a lot more making big changes to the site. An ongoing monthly retainer for conversion rate optimization works well for big enterprises or for clients whose business website has a growing number of webpages or functions.

Shown below is one such example offering a monthly retainer of conversion optimization services for three months.

Sample Conversion Rate Optimization Package Offered By An SEO Agency

Sample Conversion Rate Optimization Package Offered By An SEO Agency

4. Offer Tech Support and Advice

Not many companies are digitally-oriented and even if they are, they may not be technically sound. Almost all niches require some sort of tech support. So why not offer ongoing tech support for the sites or apps you create?

Let's take a look at some ways in which you can offer tech support to your clients.

CMS Tech Support per Month

If you offer web design and development services on a CMS, define the scope of the service and offer CMS support as a monthly retainer. This is especially good for big sites that require platform and infrastructure support and many other associated CMS support queries.

Take, for example, which offers the following monthly retainer CMS support for Drupal:

Monthly Retainer Example For CMS Support

Monthly Retainer Example For CMS Support

It is ideal to offer this support for free while creating the website, then once the project is finished you can offer it at a nominal monthly fee. Your clients will most likely hire you for their CMS support rather than going to a third party or freelancer.

WordPress Support Per Month

Offer your web design and web development clients a discounted rate for on-going WordPress support. This will encourage others to buy your core services as well.

Here is an example of a digital agency offering website design and hosting services, also offering WordPress support and maintenance packages.

WordPress Support Packages

WordPress Support Packages

Bug Fixes / Small Tweaks

After you have created a digital product, such as a website or a web or mobile app, there are bound to be bug fixes. Instead of charging hourly, offer a monthly retainer with a fixed fee. Offer to make small tweaks or fixes to your digital product within a bundled package for customers who use your other core services.

Just make sure to define the type of resolution you provide, the type of bugs that will be fixed, the response times etc, in order to keep your client expectations within limits. To test drive this service, it is better to start with some initial hourly projects.

Make sure to increase or decrease the fees based on priority fixes. Take a look at the following example that does the same.

Monthly Retainer For Technical Support

Monthly Retainer For Bug Fixes And Small Tweaks

5. Offer Content Marketing Packages

Content marketing is an unbeatable digital marketing strategy that is not going away any time soon.

There is a rising demand for fresh content among webmasters of all niches. You can provide content in the form of website copywriting (preferably with SEO keywords), blogs, infographics, videos, graphics, marketing emails, social media content, podcasts, whitepapers, e-books, press releases and so on.

Along with content creation you can help your clients market their content with timely content marketing consultations.

Shown below is one such example of a content marketing monthly retainer that can aid in growing your revenue.

Sample Content Marketing Package

Sample Content Marketing Package

Tools and Resources For Growing Your Revenue

Platforms For Teaching Online

You can access some innovative online platforms to create your e-courses and training programs:

  • Udemy: If your online course consists of videos, Udemy is the right tool for you.
  • Ruzuku: This is a paid web-based platform that allows you to create e-courses for your clients.

And if you would rather not use a third-party platform, you can always do it on your own website with proper customization, registration and payment modules.

Platforms to Create and Manage Events

If you are organizing events, such as training seminars or webinars, you can charge for them using the platforms listed below:

  1. Eventbrite: The events on this website are very well indexed and appear for target searches on major search engines. For every ticket sold Eventbrite charges a fee of two and a half percent of the ticket value and an additional fee of $0.99 per ticket.
  2. XingEvents: This web-based event creation and management software helps you create an individual event website.
  3. Eventzilla: This app helps you create an event registration page and deliver tickets online with unique barcodes.

Platforms to Set Up a Recurring Business Model

If you have already designed your business website and want to add a monthly retainer to it, you can do that using third-party software:

  1. Memberful: This is a WordPress plugin that allows you easily create a recurring business without coding or server set-up.

These were some effective ways to grow your revenue and various platforms you can use to generate a recurring income with no hassle.

Do you have your own unique idea to grow your company's revenue? We would love to hear about it!