Search engine optimization is a continuously evolving challenge as Google’s algorithm changes regularly. At WooRank, we are constantly improving the WooRank score to make sure we deliver the ultimate and future-proof solutions to get found online.


In fact, from looking at the large number of reports generated in WooRank and the current trends such as mobile friendliness, usage data and site speed, we recently made a significant update to our core scoring algorithm, particularly focussed around the following ranking signals:

  • Quality of Backlinks: Since Google’s Penguin algorithm update, the quality of backlinks has become an extremely important ranking factor, so going for quality over quantity is key.
  • Mobile: having a well-configured website for visitors from mobile devices is crucial as Google uses this as a ranking signal in mobile search results.
  • Site speed: along with mobile-friendliness, page speed is a significant ranking factor across all device types. Studies have shown that 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.
  • Readability, usability and design: shaping a thoughtful and engaging user experience, including great quality content (remember: content is king!) helps your audience to perceive your website positively and drives return visits. Usability and design provide measurable profits to a site’s visibility, which search engines identify as being higher quality.

Have Google’s updates impacted your website visits?