Here at WooRank, we’re constantly looking for ways to help our customers collect, analyze and track the data they need to improve their websites. To that end, we’re introducing WooRank Projects to improve the way our customers access the tools they need to make their websites more Google friendly.

Starting on July 19, WooRank customers will see their Advanced Reviews become Projects. All the website, keyword and competitor data contained in an Advanced Review will also automatically move to the new Project without any loss of data.

What is a WooRank Project?

A Project is a comprehensive SEO toolbox that allows marketers to collect, track and analyze all the data necessary to continuously optimize and promote a website.

What’s included in a Project?

A Project contains a number of tools and data sources that allow marketers to constantly improve a website’s performance online:

What are the Benefits of a Project?

Starting a Project for your website brings the full force of WooRank’s data collection and visualization features to bear on a domain.

Analyze, optimize, measure, repeat

Search engine optimization, like digital marketing, is an ongoing process of analyzing data, making changes to improve performance, and measuring impact. WooRank Projects give you access to the tools needed for each step of the process.

Audit your site to find opportunities to improve and track keywords and traffic to see the effectiveness of your efforts. Receive weekly performance updates to see what’s working and what needs further tweaking.

There’s always room for improvement when optimizing your website for search engines and customers. WooRank Projects will help you stay pointed in the right direction.

SEO simplified

There’s a lot that goes into optimizing a website: on-page reviews, website audits, keywords and monitoring traffic and user behavior. WooRank Projects collect all these tasks into clear, understandable reports and graphs so you can plan your next steps.

Turn data into insights and action without the need for another SEO tool or service:

  • Identify keyword opportunities based on the content you’ve already published and how your audience searches Google with a website Review. Track your rankings in Keyword Tool.

  • Find broken pages and dead links with Site Crawl and track Google Crawl Errors. Monitor the overall health of your website in the weekly digest.

  • Identify other websites in your niche and compare website data and rankings side by side. Reverse engineer their strategies to stay ahead of the competition.

All the data you need

Collect loads of useful website information: search engine optimization, backlinks, usability, social media, website technologies and performance. WooRank Projects collect live data directly from the source (no scraping) and provide straightforward analysis in one simple interface. No more exporting or copying and pasting between spreadsheets.

Make better decisions based on the metrics that really matter.

How to Access Projects

Anyone with a Pro or Premium plan can use WooRank projects. Pro customers will be able to start one Project while Premium users will have access to up to 5 Projects.

How to start a project

Creating a Project is quick and easy.

Customers who have created Advanced Reviews will see their Advanced Reviews automatically converted into Projects. All website data collected in the Advanced Review, along with any Keyword Tool and Site Crawl data, will stay the same as well.

Customers who haven’t created an Advanced Review can easily start a Project now. Log in to your WooRank account and…

  • Enter the URL of the website you want to optimize

  • Click the Start Project button under your site’s SEO Score

  • Sync your Google and Facebook data

  • Add keywords to Keyword Tool

  • Start your audit with Site Crawl

Our detailed step-by-step guides in the Help Center will instruct you in setting up and using your Project.