Earn 40% on lifetime customers through the WooRank Affiliate program today!

WooRank is proud to announce the launch of the WooRank affiliate program!

If you are a webmaster or an affiliate marketer and you want to find new ways to monetize your website for an extra income, you can now sign up to the WooRank Affiliate program and start adding the ready made links and banners to your site(s).

What Are The Steps?

The WooRank Affiliate program couldn't be any easier! Just sign up and go!

1. Sign up to the WooRank Affiliate program

In order to join the WooRank Affiliate program, first, contact us via email at to register your interest!

Once you have sent an email to let us know you want to join, you will be contacted shortly to finalize the sign-up process!

2. Advertize with instant promo material

After approval, you will receive your WooRank Affiliate promo starter pack, full of authorized affiliate links and banners to add to your website!

Each month, WooRank affiliates will receive a new monthly promo pack to freshen up their advertizements to help increase sales.

3. Earn 40% lifetime commission on customers

For all successful customers you refer to WooRank, you will be automatically credited with the sale and, after one month from the signup date, you will begin to receive recurring commissions for the customers account for as long as they are with WooRank!

How Does The Affiliate Program Work?

The WooRank Affiliate program is so simple yet effective!

Once you have received your WooRank promo pack, you should be able to add banners and links to direct traffic from your site to WooRank:

Once a customer signs up, you are credited with the sale and presto! You've just earned a commission.

Advantages To Signing Up?

Joining the WooRank Affiliate program has so many advantages, it's crazy not to!

  • Speedy signup process - Join us in no time!
  • You earn a steady income on a monthly basis.
  • Scalable affiliate program to include multiple banners and links on any website(s).
  • Partnership advantages - Get to know and work closely with us here at WooRank.


Community Perks!

Joining the WooRank Affiliate Program is about a lot more than money. Once you’re in, you’re part of the WooRank community! That means great benefits, like:

  • Free Content Treasure! We know how important content is, so every month you’ll get new and unique SEO articles to help improve your own marketing.

  • Free Lead Magnets! Get high-quality ebooks and whitepapers to provide your audience with super useful content. Generate more leads and capture more emails for yourself while you’re at it.

  • First in Line! Jump to the top of the list to beta test the latest SEO tools and features we’re cooking up. Become part of the development process with your input.

  • Pre-Tested Ads! Customizable banners with messages that fit right in with your website's themes and designs. Plus, they’re already optimized and qualified, so they’re plug-and-play!

And what’s a community about, if not supporting its members? Being part of our Affiliate Program also means you have direct contact with us here at WooRank. Receive 1-on-1 SEO advice and training when needed!

So what are you waiting for? Come join the WooRank Affiliate Program today!

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