WooRank is happy to announce a new member to the Customer Success team–Justin Borja. Originally from the Philippines, Justin joined us in Brussels from his adopted home in Malaysia in September.

Fast Facts

  • Name: Justin Kyle Borja

  • Age: 21

  • Position @WooRank: Customer Success and Marketing Officer

  • Languages you speak: Tagalog, English, a bit of Malay and Chinese, and French (hopefully, we’ll get there)

Brief bio:
Spent 2 decades of my life in the Philippines and felt the urge to step out of my comfort zone. I started my career in Malaysia, at the age of 20, doing business development and sales. An amazing country with great people that I now call my family. Now, I took another “leap of faith” by moving to Brussels, to experience an entirely different culture. I’m a risk taker by nature, who’s always on the lookout to try different things.


  • What’s something you’re surprisingly good at? Leadership. Might sound too serious and boring, but I like leading youth and directing their paths by sharing what little knowledge and experience I have.

  • What’s your favourite online time waster? Social media and online shopping.

  • Do you have any hobbies? Talking to people, especially strangers!

  • What is your guilty pleasure? Spontaneous trip bookings! And by spontaneous, I mean totally no idea what kind of country or place it is.

  • What excites you most about becoming a WooRanker? Its startup culture and the industry it’s in. The e-commerce industry has a lot of potential and through the tool that WooRank is providing, I feel like we’re contributing to something that will be a market leader in the near future. So many things to learn at WooRank! I love how our structure is flat, making you accountable for the things you do, and at the same time, giving you the authority to decide and be responsible for it. ;)

  • Do you pronounce .gif with a hard g or a soft g? Hard g, end of story.