The friendly team of web experts at WooRank is growing! We're excited to introduce you to our fantastic new Front-End Developer - Markus Klinga. He brings his years of expertise to bring the best experience to our customers.

Fast Facts

  • Name: Markus Klinga
  • Age: 31? 32? Who knows.
  • Position @WooRank: Front-End Developer
  • Languages you speak: Finnish & English quite well, with a little Spanish, German and Swedish on the side.
  • Brief bio: Web enthusiast, nature lover, dog owner and - occasionally - a man.


  • What’s something you’re surprisingly good at? Living everyday life without stressing about the future.
  • What’s your favorite online time waster? Online? I don’t really know, I seem to spend very little time online these days.
  • Do you have any hobbies? Besides the dog, occasional running and reading actual books.
  • What celebrity would you most enjoy meeting in real life? This is a hard one - most of my idols are long gone. Could be interesting to have a chat with Edward Snowden or Tom Waits.
  • What excites you most about becoming a WooRanker? As a developer - a chance to build a product that encourages web standards and good practices. As a human being - all the other WooRankers!
  • Do you pronounce .gif with a hard g or a soft g? Hard, absolutely. But then again, I’m a Finn.