Ever wonder about the people behind the keyboards helping you get the most out of your WooRank account? What makes them tick? What gets them out of bed in the morning (besides the joy of helping people rank higher in search results, of course)? Well, wonder no more! We’re out to put faces the names of our WooRank Customer Success team. Learn our team members’ favorite customer interactions, secrets to getting the most out of your account, and their favorite WooRank feature.

Here are the people you interact with most and spend their days answering your questions so you can get the most out of your Advanced Review, Keyword Tool and every other WooRank feature:


Jay Kang WooRank Customer Success

1. How I’ve Helped a Customer Solve a Problem With Their SEO:

A customer had installed a plugin to minimize css/javascript to help with load time. While performing the audit, he noticed that there was an /xmlrpc.php broken link error. Since I had a WordPress site as well I went ahead and installed the same plugin and found the same error. I then wrote an article on how to fix this issue and help the customer find the difference between a 404 and a 405 error.

2. My Secret to Getting the Most Out of WooRank:

Read our Blog and ask us to write about something we haven’t covered. Most likely, we will find you the solution!

3. My Favorite WooRank Feature:

The Weekly Email Digest: We have our busy moments and lose track of time. Whether I’m on the road or drinking my coffee in the morning, it brings the work to me. The weekly digest helps me understand both the previous and the current week and helps me identify any issues or growth based on my SEO efforts.


Justin Borja WooRank Customer Success

1. How I’ve Helped A Customer Change His Life:

One of WooRank’s customer-focused initiatives is to reach out to our users on a more personal level. While going through the interviews, we had several users who discovered features they never knew existed! From that point on, I think it changed their lives. Haha! They are now using WooRank to its fullest potential; and like a pro!

2. My Secret to Getting the Most Out of WooRank:

Run a review and click on each criterion. WooRank does not only tell you what’s wrong, but we also tell you how to fix it. We don’t want to leave you hanging and to get a bad score over and over again :) If things get too technical and complicated, we have hundreds of certified WooRank SEO Experts who can help you on that. Feel free to browse through our directory and look for the best fit for your needs!

3. My Favorite WooRank Feature:

Advanced Reviews! In about a minute or two, your website’s comprehensive SEO report will magically appear. Try not to blink, as it’s going to be really fast! It’s WooRank’s DNA - quick, simple, and automatic!


Laura Le Ferec WooRank Customer Success

1. How I’ve Helped A Customer Shape the Future of SEO:

I guess one of the most meaningful conversations I have had with a user was when I helped a professor use WooRank for his whole class to help them understand the complexity of SEO. Sharing knowledge is also one the purposes of this tool so when we can do that, it’s always a win!

2. My Secret to Getting the Most Out of WooRank:

I would say use WooRank as your main digital marketing assistant and don’t be shy. Click on our tips, read our blog articles, go through our SEO Guides, and very quickly you’ll be able to understand what it takes to have a better visibility. You can also keep track of your progress and always be up to date regarding the latest SEO trends.

3. My Favorite WooRank Feature:

This is a tough one. We’ve done some many improvements to make our tool and our audits as comprehensive and simple as possible. I’d say the Keyword Tool is one of our major features. It’s very popular because it helps you see, concretely, how you rank in search engine results for certain keywords. In other words, it shows you the results of your efforts. Is your hard work bearing fruits? This tool will help you answer that questions in just a matter of seconds. It is also very intuitive, so you can decide whether you’d like to visualize your results in graphs or tables, compare them with your main competitors, see how popular your keywords are… once you get into it, it just gets very addictive!



1. How I’ve Helped Make a Customer So Happy:

Once, I had a very long exchange with one of our long-time customer about WooRank features. At the end he was so happy about our support that he asked if we could send to him a WooRank Sticker!

2. My Secret to Getting the Most Out of WooRank:

Don’t be lazy - scroll down to the footer to find the WooRank Reviews Index. It’ll give you the opportunity to compare your WooRank Score to the other websites by country or technologies. SEO is a long path but if you have a better-than-average score it means you’re on the right track!

3. Favorite WooRank feature

The Weekly email digest, you have nothing to do, except subscribe from your settings and you receive a resume of your activities. A true SEO assistant straight in your mailbox!

The WooRank Help Center

It’s technically not a team member, seeing as it’s not human, but it still works really hard to help you use WooRank. Learn how to use the WooRank Help Center to use our features and troubleshoot any issues that arise here!