Here at WooRank, we know it’s absolutely vital for your website to rank highly in Google search results. Even more importantly, we know it’s absolutely vital for your cat to rank well in search results. That’s why we’ve been hard at work building our newest feature: CatRank SEO for Cats!

What Is It?

Everyone wants to be the next Tardar Sauce, Maru or Laser Cats. Well, now WooRank will help you realize that dream. We’ve developed the world’s first, and only (we hope), feline SEO checker!

Here’s your cat without CatRank:

Your cat without CatRank

Pretty hard to find. With CatRank, you’ll have Fluffyface standing out online in no time:

Your cat with CatRank

WooRank will audit and review your cat for the following critical ranking elements:

  • Boxes: If he fits, does he sits?
  • Sunbeams: Does she nap for the full 8-10 hours?
  • Belly rubs: Is it a trap?
  • Stuff on ledges: How many picture frames will she knock off while making direct eye contact?
  • Nighttime sprints: How long does he run around the house in the middle of the night? Is it for no reason?
  • Laser pointers: Can she catch the dot?

WooRank looks at each of the factors, and many more, to develop its proprietary CatRank. See where you cat performs the best, and get clear, concise and actionable advice where it can improve.

With WooRank, you can get Mr. Whiskers to the top in no time!

Track your cat’s improvement over time by using WooRank’s Cat Tracker tool. Review the effectiveness of your cat’s optimizations for important cat qualities, cattributes, and compare how your cat ranks against three of his competitors.

Simply add the cattributes you want your cat to rank for, and track your position changes weekly.

WooRank Cat Ranker

Take that, Tubbs.

How Do I Get It?

Getting WooRank’s CatRank SEO for Cats is super easy and fast.

Once you log in to your cat’s WooRank account, just click the CatRank SEO for Cats icon next to your cat’s name. This will bring up our report on your cat’s online visibility.

WooRank cat SEO account page icon

But that’s not all!

For an extra level of analysis, sync your cat’s Facebook and Instagram account (we all know you’ve got them).

WooRank cat SEO social media account sync

That’s all there is to it! Like I said, it’s fast, easy and powerful. With CatRank SEO for Cats you can get your cat to the top of Google!

A star is born!

Want to see it in action? Check it out here.