We are excited to unveil our newest Keyword Tool feature: monthly average search volumes!

If you’re currently using the Keyword Tool to track keywords for any of your Advanced Reviews, you’ll now see the average search volumes (based on your chosen Google domain) for the previous month in the Keyword Tool results. Use the search volume to determine how popular a keyword is and help you decide if adding it to your campaign will help you grow your traffic.

Update 9 August 2016: Google is now throttling volume data from keyword planner for accounts that do not have a significant monthly spend. This effectively means that users will see a broad range, rather than a fairly accurate number. For example, a keyword that previously had an average monthly search volume of 80K would now show up as 10K-100K. However, have no fear, as the WooRank Keyword Tool still shows accurate volumes.

If we don’t have enough data you’ll see a dash (-) in the Volume column.

WooRank Keyword Tool average monthly volume

Search volume data will be added to your existing Keyword Tool results automatically. The Volume cell will be empty while the tool updates the data.

If you’ve run an Advanced Review but haven’t used the Keyword Tool yet, don’t worry - it’s easy. You can access the tool by clicking the ‘Keyword Tool’ link at the top of your Advanced Reviews. Just click ‘Add keyword to track’ in the top right, enter your keywords and click ‘Apply’. Your keywords will appear in the Keyword Tool and will start displaying ranking data within 24 hours.

WooRank Keyword Tool Advanced Review

If you need some assistance finding your way around, click Keyword Tool Help before you add keywords or the question mark next to Keyword Tool at the top of the tool for a quick walkthrough.

The Keyword Tool is available to any subscriber who has generated an Advanced Review. You can track search volume, ranking and historical data for up to 250 keywords and three competitors. You’ll also get a weekly email digest to keep you up to date on your keyword performance.