Update 2: It looks like the second bug has been resolved and all is back to normal... for now.

Update: Google has confirmed that they are currently experience another indexing issue. Google confirmed the issue early this morning:

There's no word yet what exactly the issue might be but it looks like that, again, Google is no longer indexing new content. Screenshot from Search Engine Land:

New Google indexing bug not indexing new content

Update 2: While Google still appears unable to index new content, Danny Sullivan — the man behind the Google Search Liaison Twitter account — said they're close to fully resolving the issues.

And indeed a quick Google search does show fresh content in the results:

New York Times results from last hour in SERP

Google Confirms Indexing Bug

Yesterday Google confirmed that experienced a major issue that prevented it from indexing new content on the web:

As reported by Velentin Pletzer, the error caused people filtering search results for results from the past hour to get a message from Google that there weren’t any results.

As you can see from the Tweeted image above, this bug impacted even huge sites like the New York Times. And it was apparently replicated by SEOs across the web for all types of queries and websites.

Some screenshots posted over at Search Engine Roundtable:

Google indexing bug for SERoundtable

Google indexing bug New York Times

Google indexing bug for Wall Street Journal

Fortunately, Google reported that the bug has been fixed:

All told, the issue lasted around 8 hours.

What’s Going on With the Google Index?

Failing to index new content is about as serious a bug as you could see, and it’s not the first issue Google has experienced with the index lately.

First, there was an issue that caused pages to be dropped from Google’s index. It took Google a little less than a week to fully fix the problem. And while Google didn’t confirm exactly how many sites were affected, we know based on community chatter it impacted a huge number of websites.

And right when that error was fixed, we learned that the indexed pages report in Google Search Console had errors that caused the data to be unreliable. Since Google was dropping pages from its index, that meant it wasn’t properly adding data to the GSC indexing report for the month of April.

The data outage was fixed on April 26, but in the end data for the whole month of April is pretty much unusable.

While we don’t know exactly what’s going on behind the scenes at Google that’s causing these issues but there’s speculation it’s related to the new Googlebot or perhaps some sort of infrastructure update in the vein of the Caffeine or Espresso updates.

What Can You Do?

Since this is all internal Google issues, there’s really not much you can do about it. Plus, these bugs seem to have all been dealt with so it seems that it’s full steam ahead as normal.

Your best course of action is to keep an eye on the indexing report for your site or your clients’ sites as well as manually check the Google SERPs regularly.

Has your site been impacted by these 2 recent Google indexing bugs? Any pages fail to get indexed, or drop out of the index? Let us know in the comments below.