We’ve been hard at work the past several months building a new and improved PDF Editor. We’re getting close to the finish line now — the new editor is in beta with several WooRank customers.

Since WooRank is all about helping our customers better achieve their goals, we’ve spent a lot of time learning how to create better reports and templates. Now we’re taking what our customers have told us and using it to create a better PDF report template editor.

What’s new?

We’re completely overhauling our template editor, so pretty much everything. The biggest updates fall into 2 categories.

Multiple templates

The first change you’re likely to notice (other than the updated UI) is that we’ve added the "Template name" field that pops up when you create a new template:

This is a big improvement: you can now create as many templates as you want, so you are no longer limited to creating just one template for each language supported by WooRank.

To further make our new editor more flexible, we’ve completely separated report templates from the language. Customers can create different templates in each language to suit their unique needs and the needs of their business.

Multiple templates in new PDF Editor

Templates are still completely customizable. Add your own branding, cover page, footer text and closing page. The option to add 3 secondary colors in addition to the primary color has been added to the editor.

You can also still completely customize the data and content included in your template, making it much, much easier to build different reports to meet your various needs.

New themes

Our new template editor is also introducing themes for your reports. Themes determine the overall look and feel of your report: layout, fonts and visuals.

Currently, in the beta version, there are 2 themes:

  • Classic: The original version of our PDF reports, backported from the old PDF Editor. Classic Theme Screenshots
  • Modern: An updated, fresh look for your reports. Modern Theme Screenshots

Create templates with the same content using different themes to appeal to different clients’ preferences.

The Classic and Modern themes are available in the new editor’s beta and we’re constantly working on new designs to create more themes as we go. Enterprise customers can request custom themes be added to their accounts.

How can I use the new PDF Editor?

Since this new PDF Editor is still in Beta and not generally available to the public yet, we have created a temporary button in the UI to make use of them, while still having access to the old PDF Templates editor and downloads.

You'll find the new PDF Editor under the user menu item "Beta: PDF Templates".

Beta: PDF Templates

Once you have created one or more templates in the new PDF Templates editor, you can download PDF's using your freshly created templates by following these steps:

  • Visit any Review or "Website Review" section of a Project
  • In the top dashboard, you will see a button "Beta: Download PDF"
  • Clicking this button will open a drop-down
  • From this drop-down, pick your template of choice
  • The PDF Download will start, using the selected template

Choosing template from Project

The functionality of the "Download PDF", "Download Slides", and download icons on the Overview page will still behave like they always have and use the templates of the old PDF Editor (which we will depreciate over time).

Looks awesome! How can I get access to the Beta?

Anyone with a Premium WooRank account can join the beta; new testers are joining the beta every day. We’re hard at work collecting, creating and refining features — it will be a while until we can announce a launch date.

In the meantime, we’ll be going over the feedback and working to add access for even more beta testers.

We’ve got some big changes planned at WooRank, so you can expect a bunch of exciting developments throughout the coming months. If you want to stay up to date on all the planned improvements, join our Monthly Roundup newsletter.