It’s been another crazy month in search engine optimization with reports of 3 different Google algorithm updates surfacing in the month of November. Here at WooRank, we’ve been just as busy improving our tools and features to provide our customers with the clearest and most useful website data.

Here’s what’s new at WooRank in the month of November:

Schedule Your Site Crawl

Customers with a Project can now schedule Site Crawl to run in advance. You can crawl a site immediately, once a week or once every other week. Just click the "Schedule Crawl" button in Site Crawl:

Schedule crawl button

Pick your desired crawl frequency and choose a day of the week and WooRank will crawl the site at that specified day.

Schedule crawl options

Scheduling crawls keeps Site Crawl data for a website up to date automatically, helps you manage server load and lets you regularly check your website’s health and SEO when it suits you best.

Spend less time and effort collecting website data and more time getting stuff done.

New PDF Editor Updates

We have more improvements to the new PDF Editor yet again this month as we continue to add data and features to our report templates. This month, we’ve augmented the keyword data included in PDFs when you add the Keyword Tool section:

Add keyword data to PDF templates

There are now a lot more options available for your tracked keywords:

Keyword sorting options

PDF templates now have the options to include…

  • Aggregate rankings graph. Visualize your site’s overall rankings by graphing how many keywords you have in certain position groupings.

  • Any of 3 keyword table columns: location (country and language), estimated monthly search volume and the competitors you’re tracking in your Project.

  • Filter keywords by rankings. This is something our customers have been requesting, so we’re extra excited to announce that the new PDF Editor now allows you to filter keywords by ranking. You can show all keywords, everything in the top 100, top 50 or only show keywords that appear on page one of Google results.

So your report’s new Keyword Tool section will look like this:

PDF report keyword data section

Enhanced Navigation

WooRank’s customer and trial user’s lives just got a bit easier: You can now navigate between your Projects and website Reviews much more easily using the Review generation bar:

WooRank on-click navigation

This feature is available across all of WooRank’s tools, so you can easily move from Site Crawl or Keyword Tool to another website’s Project.

Generating a Review here still works the same way: entering a URL that hasn’t been analyzed yet will create a Review as normal. So you can search, navigate and generate all in one action.

Access website data more easily and efficiently to streamline your workflow.

Website Review Updates

Structured data

Structured data refers to special code that’s used to provide extra information about a web page and classify different parts of the page’s content. Structured data helps Google better read and understand what a page is about. It also helps them create rich snippets and Knowledge Graph panels in search results.

This month WooRank added a new module to the Optimize section of Reviews and Projects dedicated to detecting and reading a website’s structured data.

Access the Structured Data module

The new module detects structured data in RDFa, Microdata and JSON-LD formats and shows the items we find in:

  • is a standardized set of vocabularies established by the major search engines (Google, Bing and Yandex).

  • Microformats: Microformats use HTML or XHTML tags to provide a vocabulary to add context to your content in a machine-readable way.

Structured data detected in a Review

For more detail on what structured data is and how to use it, read Google’s Intro to Structured Data.

Removing blog detection

Blogs are incredibly valuable tools for a company’s digital marketing strategy. However, it’s hard for machines to detect whether or not a website has a blog or otherwise publishes content that serves the same purpose.

This led to a lot of false negatives in Reviews for WooRank customers. So we’ve removed Blog Detection from our Reviews and Projects.

Have You Tried the New Features Yet?

New features are available to customers in their WooRank account, depending on their plan. If you have any questions about accessing or using these new features, or any of the existing features, our Help Center is full of FAQs, guides and other resources on using WooRank to its fullest.