Back in June 2016, Google started tinkering with how they displayed the "people also search for" feature in their mobile SERPs.

When you searched for something in Google, it would display the SERP as normal:

Normal mobile SERP

And here's that same snippet after you click the result and return to the search results:

Related queries in snippet after click

It now appears Google is either testing or rolling out this feature in desktop search results.

It works in the same way: when you click on a result and then click the back button to return to the search results, Google shows the "people also asked" feature in the snippet you clicked on.

Here are the screenshots for the above query on desktop:

Search snippet pre click

And now here's the link after you click through and then return to the results:

Snippet post click

One thing that you definitely should note here is that the suggested queries vary a bit based on device.