Google has started rolling out what it's calling the September 2019 Broad Core Update according to a Tweet from the Search Liason account:

We've seen previous core updates confirmed by Google go live in the previous years:

As is typical with these "broad core update", there is little to no specific advice on how to respond to any changes you see to your website's rankings or traffic.

September 2019 Broad Core Update was Pre-Announced

Google announced that it would release the newest broad core update today, September 24, 2019, according to an announcement posted to its Search Liason Twitter account:

According to Danny Sullivan, the man behind the Search Liason account, the update was scheduled to start rolling out “in a few hours” after the announcement:

If you read Sullivan’s Tweet you’ll see that he expects the full update to take a few days to fully take effect.

As this is a developing story, we’ll keep this announcement up updated as the 2019 September Core Update starts to go live.

UPDATE: Reactions to the September 2019 Core Update

It took a few days, but website owners and marketers are starting to feel the effects of Google's broad core update. Some early analysis by Sistrix shows clear impacts in the health and wellness sector.

There have also been changes to search results for travel-related keywords but it's too early to tell if it's a result of the September 2019 update, an impact of Thomas Cook's closure or a combination of the two.

Here we've compiled a compilation of reactions from website owners and marketers around the web.

Some are positive:

September update slight improvement comment

September update slow improvement from previous update comment

Significant improvement for September update comment

Slight improvement for entertainment niche comment

Comment about big improvements from September update

Comment about recovery with September update

While other reactions are not quite as positive:

Comment saying September update is averiscious due to serp features

Comment showing big drop for September update

Big traffic drop from September update comment

Google updates are like natural disasters

You can also check in on prominent digital marketing consultant Glenn Gabe's Twitter feed to catch his occasional updates on analysis of websites affected by this update.

What we've seen at WooRank

For what it's worth, we started to see the 2019 September Core Update start to have an affect on WooRank's traffic starting on September 25.

In the 2 days follwing the release, we saw:

  • 38% increase in users
  • 35% increase in session duration
  • 1.5% decrease in bounce rate

In the week following the start of the roll-out, WooRank has experienced:

  • 21% more sessions
  • 7% more new sessions
  • 30% more new users
  • a 3% lower bounce rate

You can see the overall effect in Google Analytics (orange represents before the update, blue is after the update):

Google Analytics graph with Google update impact data

Looking in Google Search Console, we saw week-to-week...

  • 2,500 more clicks
  • 25,000 more impressions
  • 0.5% higher average click-through rate
  • Improvement in average position by 1

... from the week before the update and the week since the update.

Google Search Console clicks for 2019 September Update

What You can do for This Update

Since Google announced this update same day, there's not much a website owner or marketer can do to get their site ready. Plus, since this is a "broad core update", this change won't be focusing on any particular ranking factor, quality signal or specific element when it comes to rankings.

Instead, the advice remains the same for all broad core updates: focus on creating a quality website with good user experience, has content that's valuable for users and is mobile friendly.