Great news! We have updated our Keyword Tool to include historical data, with graphs available for each keyword, providing rankings (positions 1 to 100) for your website and up to 3 competitor sites. The graphs show ranking changes for the previous 12 weeks.

Keyword Tool historical graph

This new feature is extremely useful, as it allows you to track your progress in Google’s search results over time, making it easy to spot trends or any sudden changes. This can help you pinpoint when any big ranking shifts occur, giving you extra insight to understand the potential causes based on any updates that you made to your website.

You can click any of your tracked domains in the legend below the graph to hide them, which will adjust the scale based on the remaining domains.

The ranking table can be accessed by clicking the down arrow to expand a keyword, then selecting the 'Ranking table' tab, which gives the latest results from page one of Google’s search results, together with rankings for your tracked websites ranking between position 11 to 100. To switch back to the graphs, simply click the 'Historical graph' tab.

This is one of many updates that we have recently made to the Keyword Tool and there are still more to come. Click here to find out more about these updates and keep an eye on our blog and social media channels for news of upcoming changes.