We're constantly working to improve and expand here at WooRank, so we’re excited to announce Keyword Tool’s newest feature: Keyword Tags!

What Is It?

WooRank’s Keyword Tool is great for keyword research and competitor analysis. With this tool you can

  • Track current and historical positions for your site and your competitors

  • See who’s outranking in SERPs

  • Get monthly search volumes

  • Tag your keywords in Keyword Tool by topic, category, search intent, where the user is in the conversion funnel or anything else - it’s completely customizable!

Keyword Tool keyword tags

With keyword tags, you can categorize and organize your keywords in Keyword Tool. Filter your keywords by tag so you can quickly and easily see your site performing for target keywords in each of your categories. Or measure how well you’ve optimized your landing pages for branding and conversion campaigns. Even better, you’ll see how well your competitors are faring for keywords you’re competing over.

Looking for one particular keyword amongst your whole portfolio? No problem. You can now search for keywords within Keyword Tool to find the particular one, or ones, you’re looking for.

How Do I Get It?

Keyword tags are fast, simple, and best of all, easy for anyone using Keyword Tool to track their keywords. If you aren’t using the tool yet, access it by clicking the Keyword Tool icon on your Overview page, or the Keyword Tool link at the top of your Advanced Review.

Keyword Tool icon on Overview page

Once you’ve added your keywords, just select the ones you want to tag and click the tags button (it’s next to the red Delete button above the search field).

  • To create a new tag, simply name the tag in the text field and click “Create”.

  • To add an existing tag to a keyword, tick the box next to the tag and then click “Apply”. Click on “Manage Tags” to edit or delete any of you existing tags.

  • To filter your tagged keywords, simply click on the Tags drop-down menu next to the search field and select the tag.

That’s all there is to it! With WooRank’s Keyword Tool, organizing, evaluating and tracking your keywords and SEO performance just gets better and better.

Stay tuned for more info on upcoming additions and enhancements to Keyword Tool and other WooRank features!