We're constantly working to improve and expand here at WooRank, so we’re excited to announce our newest feature: Top Search Queries!

What Is It?

If you have an Advanced Review, you can now track the performance of up to 50 of your top keywords, and see whether they’ve improved (green arrow) or dropped (red arrow) from the previous month. When we don't have enough data to compare, or when there hasn't been a change, you'll see a dot next to the number. The data you’ll get includes:

  • Query: The words or phrases used in Google Search that your website appeared in the results for.

  • Clicks: The number of times people clicked on the link to your site from Google search results when using the specified query.

  • Impressions: How many times your site was viewed in Google search results for the specified query.

  • CTR: The number of clicks to your site per impression in Google search results.

  • Position: Your site’s average position in Google search results for the specified query.

The list will be ordered by clicks so you can quickly and easily check how your most important keywords are performing.

WooRank top search queries report

Use this data to evaluate the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. If an optimization has resulted in increased rankings and traffic, consider rolling it out to other pages on your site. If you find yourself losing traffic, impressions and position, audit your site to diagnose and fix the problem. Are there any keywords here that you aren’t targeting? Consider adding them to your keyword strategy.

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How Do I Get It?

If you've already synced your Google Search Console with your WooRank account, the Top Search Queries feature will appear in your Advanced Review automatically.

If you haven't synced your account yet, start by logging in and heading to the Settings section of your overview page. Scroll down to the Google Search Console section (it’s right after Competitors and Google Analytics) and click "Sync with Google Search Console":

Sync WooRank account with Google Search Console

Select the email address associated with your Google Search Console account, or add it if it’s not there already. Log in and click "Allow" on the next screen to give WooRank permission to access your data (Note: we don’t share any of your data). Select the profile for the website that you’re reviewing.

Select Google Search Console profile

Once you receive the confirmation, close the window and click "Save" at the bottom of your Settings page.

Finally, just refresh your audit and voila! You’ll find your top search query data in the SEO section of your Advanced Review.

We’re constantly working on enhancing our tools and features, so stay tuned for coming improvements!