Knowing how important SEO is too small and/or local businesses, WooRank is constantly working to build features to help these people get more customers into their stores.

To that end, we’re excited to announce that our Keyword Tool now has a new local keyword ranking feature! WooRank's Keyword Tool is now able to track keyword rankings at a city, county and state/province level.

This new feature is available to any current WooRank customer or trial user with an active Project.

Local keyword data is perfect for…

  • Local businesses that only serve a particular geographic area
  • Businesses with multiple locations that serve different areas
  • Freelance and agency marketers who serve locally-focused clients
  • Sales teams who need to highlight local visibility for new and potential clients

In this post, we’ll go over what you can use this new data for and how you can access it in your WooRank account.

Reach Your Most Relevant Audience

In local search results, Google will show different results to users based on their area. So the results for the keyword "coffee shop near me" in New York

Local organic results for keywords in New York

Look a lot different than a search for that keyword in Los Angeles.

Local organic results for keywords in Los Angeles

So if you’ve got a coffee shop in New York, it’s really important to know where your pages rank when people search in that city. All the ranking data from Los Angeles is going to be noise that could hide important insights into whether or not you’re reaching your audience when they’re looking to get a cup of coffee.

How to Track Local Keywords

Tracking keywords by location with Keyword Tool is super simple and easy. All WooRank customers and trial users need is an active Project for a domain (if you haven’t started a Project yet, starting one is a snap).

Once your Project is set up, access Keyword Tool from your overview page:

Access Keyword Tool from overview page

Or the domain’s Project itself:

Access Keyword Tool from within Project

Then click the blue "Add Keyword To Track" button:

Add keywords to track button in Keyword Tool

The option to define a location appears right below the Project’s specified Google domain:

Add location to keyword

Just start typing the city, county, state or country you want to specify and your options will appear:

Gif of typing keyword locations

All keywords entered at this point will be tracked at the specified location.

Keywords with specified locations will appear with a small map icon next to the flag indicating the keyword’s selected Google domain.

local keyword icon in Keyword Tool

You can see which location you're tracking that keyword in by hovering over this icon to display the location information:

Keyword location tooltip

You can further track local SEO success with Keyword Tool by tracking whether or not your site is appearing in Google’s local pack by tracking your keywords’ SERP features.

Keyword with local pack SERP feature icon in Keyword Tool

Note: Keyword Tool still shows estimated search volume for a keyword's selected Google domain, not the specified location. However, as we continuously work to improve this feature during the beta, this will change soon.

Access Local Keyword Data with a Free Trial

Not a WooRank customer or trial user yet? No worries! You can track keywords in a specified location by signing up now and starting your 14-day free trial.

During your trial, you’ll have access not only to the full Keyword Tool but Projects, Site Crawl and our SEO monitoring tools as well.