We are happy to announce that a curated list of Digital Marketing Experts is now available on the Certified WooRank Experts Page.

We have been receiving an enormous amount of requests from our users to help them with certain issues regarding their online presence. While WooRank provides a tool to track and identify problems it does not come with a built-in solution to actually fix issues. As our own colleague Laura says, "Detecting issues is good, but fixing them is even better and nice!"

After giving quite some thought to this, we realized that the best people to help are those users of WooRank whose business is built for fixing problems and giving outstanding digital marketing advice.

We do believe, that this is a win-win situation where both parties can grow their businesses and make more money (to spend on more WooRank and candy ;)).

About the Directory

It now features handpicked WooRank users who have proven experience in the areas of expertise required and who wish to participate. We put our trust in them and we hope they will be the best service for those who are in need of a little help. Users and experts are encouraged to give feedback so we can guarantee the best service possible.

The list is now in alphabetical order and can be filtered by country and expertise.

WooRank Certified Experts

Clicking on the name or photo of a consultant will open the personal profile page, where contact details and more useful information is available.

Expanded Profile of a WooRank Certified Expert

Clicking on "More info" also opens up further details of a given expert.

Social profiles are also included to give you the full picture of the person you are about to work with on your online presence. This should ensure peace of mind and transparency. Wherever a company name is added it is made clickable and will take you straight to the business' website. Freelancers have also had the option to link their pages, so do not think twice about clicking to view their portfolio.

How to Search and Filter the Directory

What can I expect from an expert?

Knowledge, experience and peace of mind. Anyone listed within a certain expertise will have what it takes to solve your problem or to help you elevate your business to the next level.

No obligation. You can choose who you want to work with and can change your mind when the next project comes up. You can choose to work with one or more experts, it is all up to your expectations and budget.

How do I become an expert?

At the moment you can pre-register by entering your e-mail address after clicking on "Join the program", however we will only be adding new experts when the next phase of the directory is launched.

Join The Program - Certified WooRank Experts

Great, so what's next?

Right now we are working on a certification process to assess and add more experts to the system as we do think that need will escalate quickly. Anyone who wishes to join the directory will be able to access a vast amount of learning material soon and will be required to take a test.

There will also be lots of cool features rolled out and the directory will work in full integration with the certification system and WooRank to present a complete online marketing solution. We promise it will be awesome. 😉

Until then, stay tuned for news.