Let’s not mince words, this year has been tough. So many of us were thrown into an indefinite period of uncertainty with our jobs, our businesses, our travel plans and (most importantly) our health. While we at WooRank went to full remote work, we tried to make the best of our situation by improving our platform in more ways than ever. We wanted to revitalize the powerful WooRank tool that we’ve been proudly showcasing for more than 10 years so that when you went back to business as usual, you had the absolute best tool to do that with.

As a team, we strive to make the tool better for you. Without our treasured customers, we wouldn’t be anywhere. So we took your feedback about the user experience, the criteria we show, the explanations we give, and more - and we got to work.

Check out what’s new! And remember, never hesitate to tell us if you think we could be doing something better!

WooRank: The Makeover

We’ve made a lot of changes to how you view and interact with the WooRank platform. Check out everything we’ve improved!

Review Creation

If you’ve visited the platform in the last few months, you will have noticed how different it all looks. We decided to reinvent the way you create your Reviews and Website Projects, and give everything a sparkly new finish.

Now, when you’re ready to review a URL, you have to decide if you’re going to do an Instant Review, or start a Project. The Project is designed to aid long-term SEO (keyword tracking, internal page reviews, and more - we’ll get into that a little later).

WooRank website audits review flow

Filtering Results

Now, when you find yourself in the Review, you’ll notice you can filter and sort your criteria by status, impact or difficulty! This is going to help you immediately see the areas that need improvement and help you prioritize your work. Of course, you’ll want to fix the "easy to solve/high impact" criteria first to capture those quick wins!

WooRank audit criteria filtering

Internal Page Reviews

The Internal Page Reviews have been moved into the Project section. Now, you can review any of your internal pages once you’ve launched your Project so that you can make sure your entire site is as SEO-friendly as your homepage.

We moved this Page Reviews into Projects because improving your entire site is a long-term commitment, whereas the instant Reviews are meant to be a quick health check for your site. Do a deeper dive in your Project for a more holistic view of your entire website.

WooRank Internal Page Reviews

Marketing Checklist

The Marketing Checklist used to expand within your homepage review once you’d launched a Project. With over 70 criteria, contextual and actionable advice for each metric, and more, the review was a bit lengthy. So, we decided to move the super-helpful and extremely content-rich Marketing Checklist to its own section.

WooRank Marketing Checklist

You’ll notice that you can even filter your results based on category, team roles, impact or effort!

Additional Criteria Added

We also took the time during lockdown to discover some new metrics that can help you understand your SEO health better. Here’s what we added:

Web Feeds

WooRank web feeds

Twitter Card

WooRank Twitter Card

Mixed Content

WooRank Mixed Content

LinkedIn - Social Media Detection

WooRank Linked In Detection



Coming up…

Rest assured, we are not stopping just because the world is starting to open back up. We have a lot of exciting things we’re working on, including new criteria, features, and elements to make your experience better.

Feedback? Please let us know at support@woorank.com! We’re always ready to hear what would make WooRank a better digital marketing tool for you.