Google is constantly changing, as we all saw at the beginning of this month, and it’s not easy to always stay on top of the latest developments. WooRank’s product development team is constantly hard at work making sure our tools are always up to date so you have the data you need to track and optimize your website.

Here are the latest updates to our tools and features we’ve made over the last month to help you improve your marketing.

New PDF Editor is in Beta

A few weeks ago we announced that we’ve started beta testing on our new PDF Editor with several WooRank customers. What are we changing in the new editor?

  • Unlimited templates: Users can use the new PDF Editor to create as many templates as they want in any of the 6 languages supported by WooRank. You will no longer be limited to just one template per language.

  • New themes: The new editor introduces themes. Themes set the overall look and feel of your reports: fonts, visuals and layout. We’ve currently got 2 themes in the new editor: Classic and Modern and we’ll be adding new themes in the future. We can also work with our Enterprise customers to build custom themes for their accounts.

New PDF Editor theme

Our blog post announcing the new PDF Editor details all the improvements and changes.

Introducing WooRank Projects

In order to better help our customers access the data they need to continuously optimize and track their website, we’ve introduced WooRank Projects. Projects are a comprehensive set of tools people can use to collect and analyze their website, keyword and competitor data to help make their websites more Google friendly.

Customers active before July 17 (when Projects were released) received notifications that their Advanced Reviews became Projects.

Learn all about the benefits of Projects.

Updates to Keyword Tool

A few weeks ago we added a new graph to Keyword Tool that aggregates all of a Project’s keyword rankings, buckets them by position and tracks those rankings over time:

Keyword Tool aggregate ranking graph

These buckets show you how many keywords you have ranked in positions 1-3, 4-10, 11-50, 51-100 and outside the top 100.

Read the full explanation of how this aggregate graph works, or head to Keyword Tool in your own project to see it in action.

Keyword Tool has always graphed a website’s ranking over time for any individual keyword. But now, users are able to quickly and easily see how well their website ranks overall.

Website Review Updates

Crunchbase Entry

We’ve made changes to WooRank’s website Review in order to better evaluate exactly how Google sees your website. To that end, we’ve started checking your brand’s Crunchbase profile.

WooRank Review Crunchbase criteria

Creating a Crunchbase profile for your business has multiple marketing benefits:

  • Crunchbase is a popular platform used by millions of people. Creating a profile is an excellent way to get your name in front of a huge audience.

  • Protect your branded search results. Crunchbase is a good, authoritative website. Creating a page for your business will help you build a firewall in Google results to make sure every page that appears for branded keywords is under your control. For example, the WooRank Crunchbase page appears in the search results with a branded search for WooRank.

  • Every Crunchbase profile includes a link back to the business’ website. While these links are often nofollow links, that doesn’t mean they don’t have any SEO value.

Access your website Review in your Project to check your brand’s Crunchbase page.

Keyword Cloud & Keyword Consistency

Thanks to advances in a field known as natural language processing (NLP), we’re making changes to the way we detect and evaluate keywords on a web page.

The most noticeable change is that we will soon be removing Keyword Consistency from the Review. Thanks to advances made in NLP, the days of stuffing keywords into page titles and H1 tags are long gone. The focus is now on creating quality content that is highly relevant to a particular topic or question.

This new focus is now reflected in the Review’s Keyword Cloud. We’ve made our keyword detection much, much smarter to better reflect the way Google reads the content on our page. The result is a much more accurate view of how well a page is optimized for a given keyword or topic.

What’s Coming Up?

As I mentioned, we’re always working on improving the tools available to our customers. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming releases:

  • Big improvements to Keyword Tool including new data about SERP features.

  • Improved structured data analysis in your website Review.

  • More detailed evaluation of a site’s mobile friendliness and performance.

  • Improvements to Site Crawl including more data.

All of our newly released features are available to WooRank customers in their Projects. You can reach them from your Overview page. If you have any questions or comments check out our Help Center or contact us at