What's New at WooRank 2021?

It’s no secret that we’ve been busy at WooRank! As a team, we’re always striving to make WooRank as functional and helpful as possible for our users. That’s why this edition of "What’s New at WooRank" is our largest yet - there’s just so much to tell you about!

New Features!

The WooRank Assistant

The WooRank Assistant is now available for any WooRank subscriber to install and enjoy. Simply log in to your account, visit any website Project and navigate to the Settings tab for your unique code.

Watch a short demonstration of the Assistant below:

The Assistant will bring all of WooRank’s powerful website data to each of your pages without ever leaving your site.

Don’t have an account yet? No problem! Sign up for a 14-day free trial today to enjoy the WooRank Assistant.

WooRank Extension Internal Page Reviews

You can now launch Reviews of internal pages with the WooRank Extension!

WooRank Extension Internal Page Reviews

Download the Extension for Chrome or Firefox today.

Homepage Score Over Time

It's encouraging to see your score improve over time, so that you know the changes you're making to your site are having a positive impact.

We've included a graph of the last 30 days so that you can see if your score fluctuated at all in that time. Check it out on your Project dashboard!

WooRank Homepage Score Over Time

Internal Pages Scoring

You will notice in the Internal Page Reviews that we've changed our scoring from letter grades to numerical scoring, just like the Homepage Review.

We wanted to keep the scoring consistent throughout WooRank so you could easily prioritize your work.

WooRank Internal Pages Scoring

PDF Footer Customization

After some very valuable feedback from our Premium subscribers, we've added a new level of customization to your white-label PDF reports.

You can now upload a different logo than your Introduction Page's logo, as well as choose a different branding color for the footer of your reports.

WooRank White-Label PDF Footer Customization

New Review Criteria

Accessibility Section:

There's a whole new section in the WooRank Reviews called "Accessibility".

This section houses two new criteria, with more to come. This section will ensure your website is accessible for all of your users, so that each user can read your content and interact with your website.

Check out our webinar to learn all about Accessibility and why it matters to your website visitors!

Note: This webinar originally aired on May 12th, 2021

WooRank's Accessibility Section in Website Reviews

Color Contrast

Sometimes, the text elements on your page do not have sufficient color contrast against the background color you've chosen, which can make it hard for your website visitors to read your content.

If a page has a low contrast ratio (when a text element’s brightness is too close to the background brightness, like light gray text on a white background) it will slow down reading speed and reduce reading comprehension.

Check your Review to make sure your color contrast isn't turning off your readers.

Navigation and accessibility are key aspects of user experience. Your users should be able to interact with and navigate your page’s content no matter their web browser or disability they may have.

To make sure your website is as easily navigable as possible, check your results in the Review and then read our SEO Navigation Guide for more information.

Layout Shift Elements

Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is used to measure the user-friendliness of a page. Specifically, it measures how much the content on a page moves around as the page loads.

This can be very frustrating for your users, so we've added this informational criterium as the first in our Core Web Vitals checks.

WooRank Review Cumulative Layout Shift

Sitemap Validity

There are now more detailed checks to make sure your sitemap is valid, including looking for valid URL formats and file size. Check your Review to see if your site passes the new verifications.

WooRank Review Sitemap Validity

Change in Scoring: Tap Targets and Font Size

We recently updated the way we score two of our mobile criteria.

The tap targets and font size are now scored Red (failing) if the viewport metatag is missing or set incorrectly.

This change also affects mobile friendliness, because when those criteria fail, the friendliness also decreases its score.

WooRank Review Tap Target critera

WooRank Review Font Size criteria


Wow! That is a lot of new features to learn about. Be sure to check out your Review to see if the new criteria impacted your score, and use the WooRank Assistant to comb your pages for new issues that need to be addressed.

If you're looking for new content to help you understand everything SEO, look no further than our blog and YouTube channel. We add new content regularly to help you understand the ever-shifting world of digital marketing.