Small business owners have little enough time on their hands already – many don’t have the capacity to dive into a full arsenal of tools for tracking and maintaining their websites. Today, we want to make sure you know about the WooRank features that can de-mystify the data, save you time, and help you understand how to get your website on the right track.

Before you start, make sure your Google accounts have been synced with your Advanced Review. You can do this by clicking on your project, then selecting 'Settings' from the top:

Syncing your Google Search Console & Google Analytics

Syncing Google Analytics

The trouble with Google Analytics is that it can seem too big for many people who don’t navigate the ins and outs of SEO for a living. With data coming through seemingly millions of graphs about behaviors, trends, visitors, bounce rate, and more, it all starts feeling overwhelming very quickly. However, the information you can deduce from all that data can help you to spot trends and turn your website around.

Luckily, with WooRank you can sync your website’s Analytics profile with an Advanced Review, meaning that all that data is distilled into just a couple graphs, all on one page.

Using the graphs you can check the last year of data to get a snapshot of your sessions and new visits (daily/monthly view), the average time that your users spend on your website, the average number of pages visited by each user and the main sources of your traffic, side-by-side. This can be extremely helpful to highlight significant changes in visits or behaviour, so if you don’t find the time to dive into your Google Analytics account often enough, be sure to sync your advanced review and monitor the most important data in one place.

WooRank Google Analytics Data

Mobile Optimization Detection

It’s counterintuitive to many of us, but mobile searches surpassed desktop on Google months ago. That means that it’s not just a nice feature to have sites designed for mobile – it’s essential that everyone with a website thinks about mobile optimization as one of the most important parts of their website. Mobile friendliness isn’t just about resizing, either – you have to think about how it will work with a touchscreen, making sure none of your embedded objects that will get in the way, ensuring fonts are legible on all kinds of devices, and after all that, that it’s still working quickly enough to satisfy the most impatient users.

As if all that weren’t enough, this year Google updated its mobile algorithm to prioritize sites that it detects as mobile friendly during mobile searches. That means that the benefits aren’t just for the users – your rankings in mobile search are at stake. On all WooRank reviews, you can see a breakdown of eight different criteria to help you understand how mobile friendly your site is.

WooRank Mobile Optimization tool

Syncing Google Search Console

It’s very easy to forget about GSC – people often leave this important tool by the wayside, relying on their development team to detect and fix errors, which means that issues can often go unnoticed.

With an Advanced WooRank review, simply sync your GSC account in your settings page and get a list of your crawl errors, split into several tabs based on the type of error detected. WooRank makes it easy to identify the source of the error using the ‘Linked from’ button, giving the associated URL, the error code (click the ‘URL Errors’ title to open the tips at the bottom of the table for an explanation of each error type, and links to further reading), and the device that the error was encountered on (this smartphone icon appears for errors that occur on a smartphone but not for desktop).

WooRank Crawl Errors from Google Search Console

You can then manage these errors as you fix them, using the “Mark as fixed” button to remove them from your GSC account, as well as tracking your progress and easily spotting any peaks and troughs with the crawl errors graph, which shows data from the last 90 days. Filter the graph by error type by clicking the items in the legend below, and choose between desktop and smartphone errors using the tags at the top.

Keyword Tool

While it’s not a good idea to focus too much on keyword rankings, it’s still good to know your positions for your target keywords. It’s also useful to be aware of any significant changes in rankings, allowing you to investigate the possible reasons.

The SERP criterion allows you to check rankings for up to 50 keywords in Google (you can set which country you want to track them for), giving you a weekly snapshot of your current positions and details of any changes based on the previous week.

You can also set up to three competitors to track alongside your website, allowing you to benchmark your progress.

It’s easy to add or remove keywords, and the suggested keywords feature will help to get you started, giving you some ideas on keywords that we think may be relevant to your website.

WooRank Keyword Tool

Backlink Quality Report

It can sometimes seem like we’re doing a good job of link building when only focusing on the number of backlinks our website has, but if the source of links isn’t spread out across many referring domains, they may be doing more harm than good.

Google specifies in their guidelines that “widely distributed links in the footers or templates of various sites” can have a negative impact on your rankings. Link profiles with a high number of links from a low number of referring domains are usually a sure sign that site-wide links are in place.

All reviews created with WooRank allow you to see the the total number of backlinks and the number of Referral Domains that point to the reviewed site, as well as any competitor websites that you specified in the settings.

With a pro/premium account, reviews provide an analysis of up to 100 backlinks, showing whether the link is a nofollow (passing no value but also no risk) along with the source URL, the anchor text used, the target URL and a quality score based on the quality of the links that point to the linking domain/page.

WooRank Backlink Score

WooRank Backlink Quality