Right now,we are working hard to enhance your experience of the tool and so I'll be sharing our updates with you over time. First things first, let's talk about brand identity.

WooRank is evolving

From a company run by just two founders in 2010 to an ever expanding team composed of more than 20 teammates from all over the world, WooRank has come a long way in the past few years.

This remarkable progression has had an obvious impact on the services we provide, and therefore, on the image we need to give to our products: we really want to communicate our enthusiasm to bring simplicity, modernity and efficiency to our tool. That's why today, we are happy to introduce you to our new logo!


Check Mark: The sign we were looking for

When it comes to scanning a website or even certifying an expert, our mission has always been about endorsing the best practices in digital marketing. Recently, it has become more and more clear that we should articulate our image around this concept.

We needed an iconic design suggesting our state of approval and — for that matter — one particular symbol to stand out from the rest. The check mark was an obvious choice since it always felt natural for us to use them in our Review design.

WooRank image

Naturally, this adjustment isn't just about changing the logo. Our new brand identity is also a token of our eagerness to provide you with the most outstanding tools and services.

In addition to the new logo, you should progressively notice some transformations across all of our platforms. From more consistent insights to a smoother user experience; everyday, WooRank is reinventing itself to bring you the leverage you need to grow your business.

WooRank's platform Logos

Tell us what you think!

As always, your feedback is the most valuable key to our success. For better or worse, feel free to share your feelings about our new look.

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