Introducing the new Positions Spread in the Keyword Tool!

At WooRank, we’re always working hard to improve our tools. Some updates happen behind the scenes and aren’t visible to users (for example, improving the quality of our data) and some are more obvious.

On Friday, we released an update to the keyword tool which provides a new graph to show the positions spread of all keywords within a project over a 12-week period. While it’s easy to click a keyword to see position changes over time, it was never clear how a project’s keywords were performing on the whole… until now. This latest addition will allow you to visualize your project’s progress over time.

WooRank Position's Spread

The darker the graph, the better your rankings, since the dark blue represents keywords ranking higher up in Google’s search results. You can filter positions by clicking any of the ranges to exclude them from the graph.

It’s important to note that adding and removing keywords will cause the graph to change. You may also notice fluctuations in the results from a short period in May, which is due to some missing keyword data. This will soon disappear as the graph is populated with new data.

If you’re not currently tracking any keywords, head over to one of your projects and click the Keyword Tool icon to get started. The Keyword Tool checks positions daily, so the graphs will begin to appear once we have sufficient data.