When you check your WooRank SEO audit, you might notice a slight change. To better evaluate your website’s technical SEO, we’re changing things up a bit when it comes to how we evaluate page speed.

What’s New?

We’ve added two new criteria to our report:

  1. Asset Compression:

    Asset Compression bad score screenshot

  2. Asset Cacheability:

    Asset cacheability bad score screenshot

These two new criteria have replaced the previous criteria Load Time and Page Size.

Asset Compression and Asset Cacheability will both be a factor in determining a website’s overall SEO Score.

Learn how compression and caching impact page speed and SEO here.

Why Add New Criteria?

These two new criteria measure how well optimized your pages are to load quickly for users and search engine bots. The two old criteria did that as well, but they didn’t tell you what caused your pages to be too slow or too big.

Now you know.

Plus, our new advice will provide you with some really helpful resources on how to add compression and caching to your website.

Check your website for uncompressed and uncached resources today with a WooRank SEO audit!