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WooRank + SEMRush: What SEO tool is best for you?

The online marketplace is becoming more and more crowded every day. With easy-to-use CMS tools, almost anyone can create a new website and emerge as a potential competitor. Today, it has become a cut-throat race of who can make it to the top of the search engine results page (SERPs).  

Google’s elaborate algorithm sorts through billions of web pages to present the most relevant results on its first page. In order to meet the high standards search algorithms use when ranking web pages, websites need the help of technology. Currently, there is a growing number of technology tools that use best practices and even AI to help boost your pages higher in search results. One of the major players in this sector is SEMRush, a competitive online visibility management platform.

SEMRush’s platform primarily caters to off-site SEO (search engine optimization), which refers to actions required outside of your website such as social media, backlinks, reviews, and more. However, off-site SEO alone does not direct search traffic to your website or improve rankings. In order to have an optimized website, on-page and technical SEO are also required. This is where WooRank’s superior on-page SEO capabilities make up for SEMRush’s blind spots.

On-Page SEO

Let’s think of SEO in terms of a store in your neighborhood:

In a brick-and-mortar store, on-page SEO would be comparable to business efforts such as improving the quality of service, developing the product, and fixing the physical appearance of the shop. Investing in a better shopping experience not only pays off in increased satisfaction, which converts more shoppers to buyers, but also tends to create repeat customers.

Still, to attract even more potential customers, the outward appearance of the shop will need to be enticing enough to draw in those that stroll by. Messaging and design of the shop will also make it easier for your target demographic to find your store when they are looking for your specific product or service. Once the visitors are inside, they are more likely to stay longer and continue browsing if the quality and diverse selection of products you offer meet their needs. As the customer base grows and more visit your store, the overall reputation and popularity alone will bring more potential customers to see what you have to offer.  

By investing in on-page SEO, you improve the quality of content on your website, keeping visitors engaged longer, which improves your ranking. Internal linking, which links one page to another on the same domain, makes it easier for search engines to crawl a website so individual pages can be searched and recommended. It can also be compared to cross-selling or an instance where another shiny product in the store catches a customer’s eye.

This keeps users on your website longer as they browse other pages and content within your domain. More users staying on your website tells search algorithms that their search questions were answered, making them more likely to recommend your page when other users search for a similar topic. Part of this would also include strategic and correct messaging to help users find your website. This is where keywords, alt text, and anchor text come into play. Since search engines can’t see images, they rely on alt text to understand the content featured in images. For image optimization, it’s important to be as descriptive and specific as possible with a keyword relevant to the page’s content. WooRank’s Keyword Tool helps you identify relevant keywords to optimize your website’s organic traffic.  

Off-Page SEO

Keeping with the store comparison, your off-page SEO would refer to the marketing efforts outside of the business. This is analogous to posting flyers in target neighborhoods or attending events to promote the business. It could even be follow-up efforts with customers to get feedback and positive reviews. For websites, this may include social media promotion, PPC campaigns, keyword research, competitive analysis and backlinks.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO would likely fall under the responsibility of business operations or the IT department. This is more on the side of maintenance to make sure there are no technical issues so the business can operate smoothly. For example, your store’s POS system may malfunction frequently, meaning all transactions will have to be done with cash. Having these technical obstacles complicate the buyer journey may deter customers or make them reconsider their purchase.

WooRank’s on-page SEO analysis includes technical issues on your website. WooRank’s powerful Site Crawl shows you your website’s broken links, duplicate pages, server errors, and more. Fixing these errors will  keep users from becoming frustrated, help search engines crawl and understand your content, and aid in increased conversion.  

How They All Come Together

Continuing with this analogy, off-page SEO efforts would be fruitless if traffic is directed to a store with out-of-date products, malfunctioning technology, poor customer service, or low value proposition due to a lack of investment in the business itself. It would also have a detrimental effect on the business if these off-page claims advertised something the business could not meet.  

Conversely, a beautifully maintained store cannot grow with repeat customers alone. The overall goal of a business is growth, not survival. For a business to grow, you must work to expand the customer base with outreach efforts, maintain your business’ reputation by encouraging positive reviews, and continue adjusting strategies to meet market changes.  

Comparing WooRank and SEMRush

While both SEMRush and WooRank offer on-page, off-page, and technical SEO tools, the difference lies in the strengths of each offering. SEMRush is great for off-page SEO, scouring the internet for keywords, opportunities, and more. WooRank is primarily an on-page SEO tool, giving you actionable items on your page to improve ranking in an easy-to-use dashboard. As part of the SEO reports, WooRank also provides a dynamic grade on a 100-point scale that represents your pages’ digital marketing effectiveness. Some factors of on-page SEO that are considered in Woorank’s scoring system include content, accessibility, URL structure, SSL/HTTPS, meta descriptions, alt text, internal linking, title tags, Core Web Vitals, and more. So, while SEMRush takes a macro look at your website, WooRank complements it by taking a micro lens to smaller, more specific issues that will have a significant impact on your website’s performance.  

Another challenge users experience with SEMRush is its dashboard. Similar to the Apple versus PC debate, there are PROs and CONs to both. SEMRush would be the PC version in the SEO world: highly customizable but requires much more knowledge and experience to use. WooRank, like Apple products, focuses on simplicity and usability making it easy for anyone to use and understand. Also, in addition to the best SEO user guide, WooRank offers a robust collection of educational resources.  

Using both WooRank and SEMRush together means you get the speed, simplicity, and the best on-site SEO tools with SEMRush’s powerful off-site SEO capabilities. Since it only takes WooRank a few seconds to review a page, adding WooRank as a supplement to SEMRush is especially useful when you need a quick SEO report while screening a potential client. If you then decide to move forward with a lead, you can use both SEMRush and WooRank to optimize their website and generate organic traffic. When optimizing any website, it’s important to focus on both on-page and off-page SEO to see results. WooRank’s affordable on-page SEO tools can take results you typically get with SEMRush to another level while offering additional features and benefits exclusive to WooRank.  

As you can see, WooRank and SEMRush are perfect additions to your marketing stack. Once you’re set-up on WooRank, you can add SEMRush to your marketing stack to enjoy the best of both worlds.

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