Every online entrepreneur has heard the overused term ‘content is king’. This has lead to an overwhelming amount of content being produced in the sheer hope of attracting traffic and sales. Unfortunately, what isn’t often mentioned is that only ‘quality content is king’. Not as catchy I know, but it couldn’t be truer.

To increase sales, it is wise to be looking at how to create content that users like and that inspires them to interact with the company in some way … leading to a conversion.

1. Craft Human–friendly Titles

The title of an article can be the key to its success, or the cause of its failure. Keyword research has led to many boring and generic titles being used. It is frequently thought that an exact match title might help an article to rank higher. However, the title should also be ‘human friendly’. It needs to grab attention and make people want to click. After all, without an attractive title, users may never even click on the article. Excitement, urgency, revealed secrets and solutions to life’s problems all help to get people into a clicking mindset.

Below are two potential headlines:

  • A Hidden Camera Show Is Baffled When They Can’t Find Any Bigots in Texas
  • A Hidden Camera Show Goes to Texas. They Did Not Expect to Find This

What headline would you click on? B, of course! By adding mistery to the title and creating expectation, you will likely generate the click and convince people to at least check out your article.

2. Use the Correct Persona

Blogging to convert your readers

Regular bloggers will likely have an audience that is familiar with their writing style. However, occasionally it can pay to put on a new hat. Many marketers use fake social personas on accounts to appeal directly to the target demographic. With blogging, this can be used in a similar way; as a ‘guest blogger’. By researching and analyzing first, it is possible to target the ideal audience more effectively. Consider who is likely to be buying this product and why. Then create a persona. Keep in mind the below:

  • How old are they?
  • Are they male or female?
  • Do they work or care for the family?
  • What kind of income bracket are they in?
  • Where do they live in the world?
  • What is their problem?
  • What would be attractive about your product/service?

3. Always Provide a Solution

Be entertaining, be serious, but always try to provide a solution or raise awareness of a problem:

“The best blog topics for driving conversions are those that answer a question or help a customer overcome a pain point.”

Source: 11 Ways to Convert Blog Readers Into Customers

Write quality and interesting content that draws the reader in, enough so that they desire a solution. At this point, you decide if it is best to go for the sale, or to capture information for later engagement. Explaining how to do some of the process and then requiring an action such as joining the newsletter in order to get the answer can enable further contact and sales.

However, sometimes the product you are selling is the only answer, in which case, explaining the many uses and offering the entirety of information can inspire readers to buy. Surprisingly, this is often increased by offering seemingly negative information – such as side effects – as it helps to increase faith in the writer’s knowledge and trust ability.

Brian Dean, at Backlinko, is a master at creating content that is entertaining, serious, and solving a problem. For anyone with a website, one of the primary challenges is to increase traffic. To bridge this content gap, Brian created the SEO Strategy Case Study: 963% More Organic Traffic.

The headline is engaging, immediately giving proof that his method works. The problem is the challenge of achieving organic traffic. The objective of the article is to teach a method to solve this problem, with in-depth guides and tutorials. This type of content generates massive social shares, attracts links, and results in content success.

Lead Generation: It Needs Focus

When writing a blog post, don’t solely concentrate on the subject you want to share. Lead generation should be considered throughout the process. The blog should be leading towards a prompted action.

Consider inspiring conversation in comments, members to join a social group to talk further, or submit suggestions via your contact form. Any conversation that you have about your brand is an opportunity to make a sale. Don’t waste a single opportunity to convert your visitors!

In this article, SingleGrain discusses ways of using paid content promotion to improve visibility of content. Without sparing details, SingleGrain explains the different platforms and tools available, displaying obvious knowledge and authority on the process. At the end of the article, there is a call to action that can help them to acquire that visitor’s email address:

Call to action blogging

This type of call to action is fundamental in maximizing every single visit to bring them into your buying funnel.

In addition to capturing their email address, make sure you have remarketing tags installed so you can reach those visitors as they navigate the web. Remarketing can be a powerful way to convert readers into customers.

4. Add Proof to Validate the Product/Service

As including negative information can help to validate the information given, many readers will want to see proof of what is being claimed. Even though everything that has been said sounds amazing, without proof it is all just words. Injecting some proof into a page validates the product/service and can have a dramatic effect on conversions. Some of the best approaches to offering proof include:

  • Testimonials – Include names, photos, and quote
  • Case studies – Particularly with video and linking to the ‘full story’
  • Reviews – Particularly linking to other reputable review sites and unbiased reports.

Getting visitors to your website is a difficult, expensive, complicated proposition. Whether you acquire your visitors organically, through social media, or through paid search, every time a visitor lands on your site you need to make sure they perform an action that will help to validate your investment.

Including calls to action, powerful headlines, and sharing valuable content that has social proof is a powerful way to make sure your visitors don’t just leave you behind, a distant memory. Make sure you gather their email address, place a cookie on their computer, or convince them to perform another desired call to action. Remember, the better your content, the more you’ll be able to convert your readers from disinterested readers into customers.