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December 2021

December 23, 2021

New Account + Sub user pages available

New Feature

WooRank offers new account management and security features in its latest release.

Users’ My Account page now operates with a new, refreshed interface, creating more organization with new sections to the page itself. This update gives users with an Enterprise subscription the ability to manage multiple sub-users, under the same account, easily and effectively.

Additionally, WooRank’s updated security features provide an ‘active sessions’ section, letting users see their account activity visibly. Users can now log out of certain sessions if they seem suspicious in any way, giving WooRank users heightened protection and control of their own accounts.

WooRank is working hard to bring the best to its users, and this update is a step in the right direction. These features seek to give the users more control and agency over their accounts, helping them benefit from what WooRank has to offer.