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Title Tag

Agence immobilière Oujda,vente achat et Location des immobilier à 0ujda

Length: 71 character(s)

HTML title tags appear in browser tabs, bookmarks and in search results.

It looks like your title tag is a little outside the ideal length. Since they are one of the most important on-page SEO elements you should make your title tags between 50 and 60 characters. Make sure each page has a unique title and use your most important keywords. For internal pages start your title tags with your most important keyword(s).

Check the title of your website

Meta Description

L'agence immobilière Benhamza-immo Oujda et à votre disposition pour tout vente achat ou location des immobilier à oujda

Length: 121 character(s)

Great, your meta description contains between 70 and 320 characters (spaces included).

A good meta description acts as an organic advertisement, so use enticing messaging with a clear call to action to maximize click-through rate. They allow you to influence how your web pages are described and displayed in search results.

Ensure that all of your web pages have a unique meta description that is explicit and contains your most important keywords (these appear in bold when they match part or all of the user’s search query).

Check your Google Search Console account (Click 'Search Appearance', then 'HTML Improvements') to identify any issues with your meta descriptions, for example, they are too short/long, or duplicated across more than one page.

Improve the Meta Description

Google Preview

Agence immobilière Oujda,vente achat et Location des immobilier à 0ujda


L'agence immobilière Benhamza-immo Oujda et à votre disposition pour tout vente achat ou location des immobilier à oujda

This is a representation of what your Title Tag and Meta Description will look like in Google search results.

Search engines may create their own titles and descriptions if they are missing, poorly written and/or not relevant to the content on the page and cut short if they go over the character limit. So it’s important to be clear, concise and within the suggested character limit.


<H1> <H2> <H3> <H4> <H5>
0 4 209 0 0
<H2> Recherche
<H2> En promotion
<H2> »04/03/2017 B447- Terrain Zone Villa vers Route el Gharb.
<H2> »04/03/2017 B77- Terrain Zone Villa a Hay el Qods
<H3> B483- Terrain de 2 Façades a Hay Lazaret Agdal
<H3> B430- 5 Terrains a Koulouch Lotissement Miri
<H3> B542- Maison R+1 a Hay Lazaret Lamhala
<H3> B360- Maison R+2 Commercial a hay el Wahda Route el Gharb
<H3> B87- Maison de 2 Façades a les Iris
<H3> B20- Magnifique Maison a Hay Tenis.
<H3> B507- Un RDC d' une Villa Meublée a Louer
<H3> B2- Petite Villa Hay el Wahda CGI
<H3> B3- Terrain Commercial a Hay Lazaret
<H3> B6- Appartement Plateau Bureau au Centre Ville.
<H3> B7- Terrain R+3 Commercial derrière Café Salazar.
<H3> B140- Location d'un Appartement Meublé au Centre Ville
<H3> Réf : B13 - Terrain Titré de 114m² a lot Koulali rue Sidi Yahya
<H3> B41-Appartement a hay darak I a saidia
<H3> B44 - Villa style Riyad en face Policlinique.
<H3> B133- Maison R+1a Lotissement Benkhiran
<H3> B209- Ferme Titrée Vers Route de Jerada
<H3> B546- Terrain d'un Hectare pour Lotissement a Saidia
<H3> B403- Appartement a coté Mosquée Bab Rayan
<H3> B184 - Appartement (F3) en plein Centre Ville
<H3> B11 - Local commercial avec mezzanine et cave a hay el Qods
<H3> B55 - Maison Commercial a Lahbous Bouknadel
<H3> B53-Terrain zone petite villa avec 2 façades
<H3> B19-Terrain a lot douhi hay lazaret
<H3> B238- Maison Commercial a coté Cinema Rif
<H3> B135- grande villa de 2 façades a hay zangout
<H3> B138-Terrain R+4 au Bd brahim roudani
<H3> B124- Villa avec Jardin avant et arrière a lot Bellaoui
<H3> B96- Maison R+2 de 2 Façades a Hay Lazaret
<H3> B236- Terrain Zone Villa a Hay Najd II
<H3> B50- Petite villa a hay el Andalous
<H3> B16- Appartement hay Qods Bd Nakhil
<H3> Réf : B205 - Terrain Commercial a Lot Koulali Vers Sidi Maafa
<H3> B52- Appartement F4 a Hay el Qods.
<H3> B113- Appartement a Village Touba
<H3> B349- Maison Style Riyad vers el Jawhara
<H3> B211- Appartement au 1er étage a Hay el Qods
<H3> B110- Terrain zone villa de 2 façades.
<H3> B488- Appartement F4 a Louer a coté CHU
<H3> B438- Maison Commercial a Bensahli hay Lazaret
<H3> B428- 2 Hectares vers la Frontière pour salle des Fêtes
<H3> B28 - Terrain Zone Petite Villa
<H3> B29-Appartement en cours de finition avec 2 façades.
<H3> B475- Appartement juste a côté de Tribunal Ibtidaiya
<H3> B51-Maison titrée a lot kada Hossine
<H3> B503- Villa de 3 Façades vers l’Université
<H3> B25- Local commercial en face stade municipale.
<H3> B139- Ferme titrée a côté du Complexe OASIS
<H3> B255-locaux commerciaux pour banque, la poste, Inwi...
<H3> B65- Terrain Titré Autorisé pour un Lotissement à Ahfir
<H3> B57 - Maison commercial vue sur Espace Vert.
<H3> B557- Maison de 2 Façades a Hay el Wahda Route Taza
<H3> B81- Petite Villa avec Cave a Hay Zitoun
<H3> B21 - Villa sur la grande voie de Brahim Roudani Lazaret
<H3> B260- Terrain Zone Villa a lot CGI hay el Wahda
<H3> B481- Terrain sur la grand voie National de Route el Gharb
<H3> B502- Appartement au Boulevard Zerktouni Centre Ville.
<H3> B63 - Maison jamais habité vers Sidi Maafa
<H3> B78- Magnifique Villa de 297m² au Grand Boulevard Hassan II
<H3> B538- Magnifique Maison derrière Mosquée Bab Rayan.
<H3> B71-Appartement de Standing a coté de Cristal
<H3> B31- Terrain sur la grand voie National de Route el Gharb
<H3> B93- Appartement d'une Grande Surface au Centre Ville
<H3> B210- Terrain Zone Immeuble a la Rue de Tindouf.
<H3> Réf : B104- Villa Zone Immeuble en plein Centre Ville
<H3> B155- Terrain Titré Zone Urbaine a Saidia
<H3> Réf - B396 - Villa a loué a coté parc lala aicha
<H3> B70 - Des Appartements bien fini a Saidia.
<H3> B574- Grande Maison a Hay Rjaf Lah
<H3> B35 - Petite Villa a Hay Tennis
<H3> B353- Magnifique Villa (cave+R+1) a Lot Benkhiran
<H3> B12- Terrain Agricole a Bni Oukil
<H3> B17- Petite Villa a Hay Zitoun
<H3> B516- Local Commercial a Route el Gharb
<H3> B212- Maison Commercial de 2 façades a hay Lazaret el Fath
<H3> B356- Grand Terrain Vers Route Tayrat
<H3> B166- Terrain zone immeuble R+4 avec 2 façades.
<H3> B460- Villa a Hay el Qods Tranche 5
<H3> B466- Terrain Commercial au Grand BD Yaakoub el Mansour
<H3> B284- Magnifique Villa Meublée a Route el Aounia
<H3> B288- Ancienne Villa Zone Immeuble juste a coté de la Gare
<H3> B453- Terrain Zone Urbaine de 2 Hectares a Oujda
<H3> B562- Ancienne Maison Zone Commercial a Rase Osfour
<H3> B476- Villa a Hay el Qods Tranche 5
<H3> B190- Maison Cave +R+1 a hay Lazaret Agdal
<H3> B373- Appartement Meublé vers Route Sidi Yahya
<H3> B499- Villa bien fini a Hay el Irfane.
<H3> B526- Local Commercial a coté Café Dabani.
<H3> B170- Terrain Commercial R+4 a Hay Najd
<H3> B472- Terrain Zone Villa en face Parc Lalla Aicha
<H3> B32- Appartement Juste a Côté de Rhat Tboul
<H3> B37- Terrain commercial a hay najd II.
<H3> B494- Petite Villa a Hay Zitoun
<H3> B14 - Maison bien fini a hay Zitoun lot Benmimoun.
<H3> B328- Appartement à Saidia Juste a Coté de La Piscine
<H3> B40 - Villa bien fini a lot Salima Saidia
<H3> B187- Grande Villa a Hay Zangout
<H3> B386- Maison Commerciel a Louer a hay Lazaret.
<H3> B444- Villa a Hay Salam Larmoud
<H3> B129- Maison de 2 Façades a hay Zitoun Belhossine
<H3> B337- Maison Zone R+4 au Centre Ville
<H3> B108- Maison Toute Neuf a Bouknadel
<H3> B109- Maison a Lot Laalaj Hay Salam
<H3> B524- Maison de 5 Appartements, Mezzanine et Garages Commerciales.
<H3> B548- Magnifique Villa a Hay el Hikma II
<H3> B532- Appartements trés bien Fini vers Route Gharb
<H3> B388 - Terrain Zone Villa a côté du Parc Lalla Aicha
<H3> B9- 2 Appartements l’un a côté de l’autre a Hay el Qods
<H3> B417- Villa Zone Immeuble au Grand Bd Hassan II
<H3> B15 - Terrain zone petite villa a hay lazaret agdal
<H3> B47 - Terrain R+2 derrière zone industrielle.
<H3> B48 - Petite Villa de 2 Façades a hay Rabie (Hikma II)
<H3> B56 - Terrain zone villa a hay el boustane
<H3> B258- Appartement Meublé à côté d’ATAKADAO (métro)
<H3> B263- Appartement bien Fini avec Parking sous-sol
<H3> B270- Terrain en Compromis a côté de Hay el Irfane.
<H3> B128- Location d’une grande Villa vers Route Jerada
<H3> B101- Magnifique Villa a Hay el Andalous
<H3> B103- Terrain R+3 Commercial a Hay el Andalous
<H3> B106- Grand Appartement au Centre Ville.
<H3> B273- Magnifique Villa a lot CGI Hay el Wahda
<H3> B380- Villa titrée a Hay el Hikma II
<H3> B534- Terrain Agricole Vers Route el Gharb
<H3> B314- Terrain Commercial R+3 lot Talhaoui Nasr
<H3> B506- Terrain Zone Immeuble R+8 au Bd Med V
<H3> B291- Maison R+2 Commercial a Hay Najd 1
<H3> B100- Terrain Commercial a Lot Hims Lazaret
<H3> B399- Appartement en pleine Centre Ville
<H3> B568- Maison R+1 à hay el Andalous
<H3> B412- Maison Semi Fini Commercial a Hay Nahar
<H3> B477- Maison Commercial Hay el Moustakbal Sidi Yahya
<H3> B452- Petite Villa Meublée a Hay Zitoun
<H3> B474- Appartement meublé à hay El Jawhara
<H3> B249- Maison R+1 a Hay Touba Dakhlani
<H3> B447- Terrain Zone Villa vers Route el Gharb.
<H3> B541- Maison a côté de Hay Takadom
<H3> B467- Maison R+1 a Hay el Moustakbal
<H3> B441- Terrain 2 Façades au Grand BD Mohamed 6
<H3> B424-Location d'un Studio Meublée a Hay Salam Larmod
<H3> B251- Terrain Commercial a Lot el Wahda CGI
<H3> B496- Maison a Lot Bensahli Lazaret
<H3> B345- Terrain Zone Villa a Hay el Qods
<H3> B225- Terrain Zone Immeuble au Grand Bd Jaych Tahrir
<H3> B505- Villa Meublée Haut Standing a Hay el Hikma II
<H3> B454- Appartement a Hay el Qods
<H3> B567- Maison R+1 a Route Sidi Yahya
<H3> B431- Terrain Agricole de 34 Héctares à Mestfarki
<H3> B208- Terrain Zone Villa a la Colline
<H3> B162- Villa de 2 Façades a Hay el Hikma I
<H3> B34- Maison R+1 a hay el Qods.
<H3> B439- Grande Villa vers Route Jerada
<H3> B111- Petite Villa a Hay Zangout
<H3> B160- Terrain Zone Immeuble au Centre Ville
<H3> B121- Maison avec 2Façades a Hay Benkhiran
<H3> B442- Terrains Commercials R+3 entre Route el Gharb et Route de Jerada
<H3> B504- Terrain de 20 Hectares pour Lotissement a Saidia
<H3> B202- Grande Villa dérrière Clinique Ibno Sina
<H3> B531- Maison Commercial de 2 Façades a Hay Lazaret Agdal
<H3> B468- Grande Villa de 2 Façades a Hay el Qods
<H3> B301- Maison Commercial a Hay Zitoun
<H3> B480- Maison Commercial vers la Frontière
<H3> B371- Ferme Avec une Grande Villa
<H3> B115- Une Grande Villa juste a coté du Parc Lalla Aicha
<H3> B517- Magnifique Maison a Hay Zitoun
<H3> B385- Grande Villa a hay el Qods Tranche 5
<H3> B456- Terrain Périmètre Urbaine a Saidia
<H3> B398- Des Terrains a hay Najd lot Azizi el Morouj
<H3> B169- Très belle maison a Hay el Boustane
<H3> B5- Local Commercial de 2 Façades a hay Qods
<H3> B600- Appartement Meublé a Saidia Marina
<H3> B91- Terrain a Hay Rabie Lot Bellaoui
<H3> B60 - Grand appartement au centre ville
<H3> B464- Maison de 2 façades a Hay el Qods
<H3> B61- Terrain Zone Immeuble au BD Mohamed V
<H3> B62- Villa de 2 Façades a coté du Parc Lalla Aicha
<H3> B64 - Grande Maison Commercial vers Sidi Maafa
<H3> B67- Location d'un1er étage d'une Villa a coté lycée Maghreb el arabi
<H3> B68- Maison commercial avec un projet d'un café
<H3> B73- Appartement 1er étage au Centre Ville
<H3> B94- Appartement au Boulevard Zerktouni
<H3> B92- Magnifique Maison de 2 Façades a Hay el Fath
<H3> B75- Maison toute neuf a Lot el Farah
<H3> B508- Terrain Zone Villa a Hay el Wahda CGI
<H3> B79- Des affaires a ne pas ratez chez votre agence immobilière Benhamza-IMMO
<H3> B80-Terrain R+2 Vers Route Sidi Yahya
<H3> B84- Location d’un Appartement Plateau Bureau au Centre Ville
<H3> B85- Appartement a côté du Stade Municipale
<H3> B95- Appartement Meublé au Centre Ville.
<H3> B250- Terrain de 2 Façades et demi a Côté d' Asswak Salam
<H3> B97- Grande Villa au Quartier el Qods
<H3> B76- Terrain Zone Immeuble au Centre Ville
<H3> B77- Terrain Zone Villa a Hay el Qods
<H3> B112- Appartement a Hay el Qods
<H3> B119- Terrain Commercial sur voie de 20m
<H3> B549- Terrain Commercial a côté Asswak Salam
<H3> B141- Appartement de 2 Façades a Saidia.
<H3> B167- Maison bien fini a côté Asswak Salam.
<H3> B492- Maison a vendre a Route el Gharb
<H3> B501- Terrain Zone Immeuble au Centre Ville.
<H3> B510- Ancienne Maison à démolir à Route Tayrat
<H3> B515- Appartement pour Location a Hay el Qods
<H3> B519- Terrain Zone Villa a Hay Rabie
<H3> B550- Terrain Zone Immeuble a Hay el Qods
<H3> B533- Maison Commercial Hay el Farah
<H3> B551- Appartement 2 eme étage avec Ascenseur.
<H3> B553- Local Commercial avec 2 Garages.
<H3> B558- Local Commercial Titré avec Cave et Mezzanine.
<H3> B559- Maison Commercial avec 2 Façades.
<H3> B561- Terrain pour Petite Villa a Hay el Wahda CGI.
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Structured Data Markup is used to generate Rich Snippets in search engine results. It is a way for website owners to send structured data to search engine robots; helping them to understand your content and create well-presented search results.

Get the most out of Google's rich snippets for content types such as: Reviews, People, Products, Businesses and Organizations, Recipes, Events, Videos and Music. If your website covers one of these topics, then we suggest that you annotate it with Schema.org using microdata.

Domain Availability

Domains Status
benhamza-immo.net Available. Register it now!
benhamza-immo.org Available. Register it now!
benhamza-immo.info Available. Register it now!
benhamza-immo.biz Available. Register it now!
benhamza-immo.eu Available. Register it now!

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Typo Availability

Domains Status
nenhamza-immo.com Available. Register it now!
benhamzai-mmo.com Available. Register it now!
benhamza-imm0.com Available. Register it now!
bnhamza-immo.com Available. Register it now!
benhamza-ommo.com Available. Register it now!
brnhamza-immo.com Available. Register it now!
benhamza-imm.com Available. Register it now!
and 1 more.

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Email Privacy

Warning! At least one email address has been found in plain text.

We don’t recommend adding plain text/linked email addresses to your webpages, as malicious bots scrape the web in search of email addresses to spam. Instead, consider using a contact form.

Hide email addresses to avoid being spammed


Server Uptime

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Server IP

Your server's IP address has little impact on your SEO. Nevertheless, try to host your website on a server which is geographically close to your visitors. Search engines take the geolocation of a server into account as well as the server speed.

Use DNSstuff for comprehensive reports on your server.


Get to know the technologies used for your website. Some codes might slow down your website. Ask your webmaster to take a look at this.

Speed Tips

Warning: your website’s speed could be slightly improved.

Perfect, your website doesn't use nested tables.

Too bad, your website is using inline styles.

Perfect, your website has few CSS files.

Perfect, your website has few JavaScript files.

Website speed has a huge impact on performance, affecting user experience, conversion rates and even rankings. ‪‬‬By reducing page load-times, users are less likely to get distracted and the search engines are more likely to reward you by ranking your pages higher in the SERPs.

Conversion rates are far higher for websites that load faster than their slower competitors.

See Google's PageSpeed Insights Rules for more information on how to improve each of the elements in this section.


Web analytics let you measure visitor activity on your website. You should have at least one analytics tool installed, but It can also be good to install a second in order to cross-check the data.

Popular Analytics Tools Include: Google Analytics, Quantcast™, AdobeAnalytics™, Piwik™, chartbeat™, Clicky™, ClickTale™, etc.


XHTML 1.0 Transitional

The Doctype is used to instruct web browsers about the document type being used. For example, what version of HTML the page is written in.

Declaring a doctype helps web browsers to render content correctly.


Great, language/character encoding is specified: iso-8859-1

Specifying language/character encoding can prevent problems with the rendering of special characters.

SSL Secure

Your website is SSL secured (HTTPS), but the Common Name is set to *.secure-secure.co.uk.

Your website's URLs do not redirect to HTTPS pages.

Your headers are not properly set up to use HSTS.

The SSL certificate expires 11 days ago.

The certificate issuer is GlobalSign nv-sa.

Using an SSL certificate creates an encrypted connection between your visitor's browser and your website's server adding an extra layer of security. In 2014, Google announced that HTTPS would become part of their ranking algorithm and since your website is not HTTPS, it will likely rank below your HTTPS competitors. When moving to HTTPS, follow these best practices for a smooth transition:
  • Use a serious issuer to purchase your SSL certificate
  • Redirect all of your HTTP pages to the HTTPS version of your website
  • Use HTTP Strict Transport Security in your headers
  • Renew your SSL certificate every year, before it expires
  • Make sure that all of your content (CSS, etc.) is linked to HTTPS
  • Update your XML sitemap to ensure the URLs include HTTPS and update the robots.txt file to reference this version
  • Register the HTTPS website in Google & Bing Search Console/Webmaster Tools

Crawl Errors

URL Errors

The Crawl Errors report for websites provides details about the site URLs that Google could not successfully crawl or that returned an HTTP error code.
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Social Media Engagement

Your homepage has not been widely shared on social networks.

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The impact of social media is huge for certain industries, take advantage of this digital version of word-of-mouth marketing. However, it looks like benhamza-immo.com has not been widely shared on social media.

Create‬‬ social media profiles associated with benhamza-immo.com on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and other sites that are of interest to your customers.

Learn how to engage your social media audiences and create a consistent fan base. You can also use your website to increase your popularity on social platforms.

Check these helpful tools for managing your social media campaign.

Note: This data is based on engagements from like and share buttons on your site, or people copying and pasting your URLs directly into Facebook. It does not include people who like or share your branded social media pages.

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Facebook Page

We were unable to find a Facebook page for benhamza-immo.com.

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Use Facebook Insights to measure and track your audience's engagement with your posts to get the most out of your social media efforts. Link your Facebook profile with benhamza-immo.com and add a CTA to really maximize your social media marketing efforts.

Twitter™ Account

The Twitter™ Account @benhamza_immo is available. Register it now!

We couldn't find a Twitter account for benhamza-immo.com. Twitter, simply put, is huge: 67 million monthly American users and 310 million people worldwide. Even better, there's a positive correlation between social media use and education and household income. By not having a Twitter account, you're potentially missing out on a huge audience.

Create a Twitter account for your brand and link it with your website to prevent brandjacking and help make your social media marketing more effective. Here are a few tips to help create a Twitter promotion plan. Plus, learn from today's top brands on Twitter. Use Twitter Dashboard and Analytics to track and optimize your Twitter feed for the engagements that are most valuable to your marketing plan.
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Google+ Page

This is the Google+ page for benhamza-immo.com. Being active in this social network is important for claiming your brand, influencing your search engine rankings and interacting with your network. You might also consider managing your profile with Google My Business (formerly Google