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Home | Daily Mail Online


MailOnline - all the latest US news, showbiz, science, sport and health stories from the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday newspapers.

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<H1> Home
<H2> Las Vegas gunman booked hotel rooms overlooking Chicago's Lollapalooza two months ago where Malia Obama watched The Killers, Charli XCX and Muse - and scouted locations in Boston too
<H2> San Juan mayor wears t-shirt emblazoned with the word 'nasty' as she attacks Trump over his visit to Puerto Rico
<H2> 'I ain’t apologizing for s**t': Nick Cannon refuses to say sorry to a New Jersey Catholic school for 'offensive' comedy show staff felt 'crossed the line'
<H2> EXCLUSIVE: OJ accuses Ron Goldman's family of being 'fame w****s' after they launched a legal bid to BLOCK him from profiting from any post-prison interviews
<H2> Two dead after 'hothead' worker shoots foreman then turns gun on himself at Manhattan construction site two days after being fired
<H2> Colorado man, 44, paid a 15-year-old girl's father to have her sent over from Mexico before he raped her and fathered her child
<H2> Screen icon Grace Kelly's 19-year-old granddaughter stuns her Instagram followers with her resemblance to the princess (but that cigarette isn’t very regal)
<H2> 'We didn't serve to support racism': Veterans in Sacramento take a knee as Boy Scouts recite the National Anthem at city council meeting
<H2> Regrets? She's had a few: One woman's VERY honest account of the blunders that ruined her holiday in Rome (and how to avoid them)
<H2> Geniuses in our midst! People share the VERY clever life hacks that you wish you'd known about sooner
<H2> Do YOU look like a politician, porn star or golfer? Algorithm reveals the 'average face' of people in different professions
<H2> Woman shuts down creepy online scammer in hilarious Facebook exchange after he offers to 'love and sex' her (but only if she pays for his flight to the UK)
<H2> Hillary Clinton calls for gun control on The Tonight Show days after the Vegas shooting as Miley Cyrus praises her as a 'beacon of hope' and asks: 'Can I give you a hug?'
<H2> Estranged brother of Las Vegas gunman is wanted by police after he skipped court over a vandalism charge
<H2> 'Never shall Sandy Hook forget': Activists in Newtown call for tougher gun laws as they hold a vigil for those killed in the Las Vegas massacre
<H2> 'He had to have help at some point': Las Vegas gunman's level of planning, firearms and ammo point to an ACCOMPLICE, police say - as they search for mystery woman he was seen with in his last days
<H2> Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock gambled $1MILLION a year and paid for his $369,000 house in cash, real estate agent claims
<H2> Las Vegas mass murderer 'was like a ghost' and barely talked to staff when he visited a Texas gunshop last year, owner says - but he was 'upbeat' just days before his massacre, according to a Nevada gunsmith
<H2> Canadian man who was celebrating his 30th birthday when he was shot in the head at Las Vegas massacre begins mammoth 22-hour drive home from hospital because he cannot fly
<H2> EXCLUSIVE: Las Vegas shooter gambled $100,000 an hour in video poker with 'constant stream of booze' and was VIP guest at tournaments with free rooms and shopping sprees
<H2> 'We never sold one before, now we're out of stock': High capacity magazines and bump stocks used by Las Vegas shooter sell out online and retailers tell customers to 'stock up while you can' as gun control talk intensifies
<H2> Mandalay Bay comped gambling gunman the $500-a-night suite where he carried out massacre and he exploited hotel worker shifts to slowly smuggle in his thirteen suitcases of weapons
<H2> Tennis legend Andre Agassi voices new Vegas Strong ad in the wake of Mandalay Bay massacre
<H2> White House IS on to a ban on 'bump stocks' which let Stephen Paddock turn his rifles automatic says Kellyanne as she blames Obama for them being legal
<H2> New timeline of Mandalay massacre shows police were outside the gunman's room 12 minutes after the shooting started but waited more than an hour to break in
<H2> Couple's tragic last selfie: Wife posted final photo with her husband of 32 years just moments before she died in his arms at Vegas massacre after he mistakenly reassured her noises were not gunfire
<H2> The 'hero in the red hat' revealed: Mystery man who risked his life saving a group of women from Mandalay massacre by lifting them over a fence is named
<H2> Revealed: Las Vegas gunman shot at aviation fuel tanks almost sparking a potentially massive and deadly explosion on top of festival carnage
<H2> 'I consider him my brother': Las Vegas hero who rescued 30 people before being shot breaks down as he speaks with the off-duty cop who saved him
<H2> Mandalay Bay hotel employee took a bullet to his back as he bravely shielded his wife from gunfire in Las Vegas massacre
<H2> 'It was their love that saved her': Hero boyfriend saved his girlfriend's life after she was she was left with FOUR bullet holes in her heart in Vegas massacre
<H2> 'If it wasn't for him I would not be here' Tearful hospital bed reunion of Mandalay Bay massacre survivor and the heroic bartender who saved her
<H2> 'I'm fine. I was just doing my job': Hero security guard who saved hotel guests despite being shot by Las Vegas gunman is named as it's revealed he had 200 rounds fired at him through a door
<H2> The show must go on: Tourism begins to slowly get back to normal on the Las Vegas Strip as cheery visitors preen and snap pictures in front of famed sign despite makeshift memorial
<H2> Top CBS lawyer fired for saying she had 'no sympathy' for Las Vegas victims because they were 'gun-toting Republicans' complains to NYPD that SHE'S being harassed online
<H2> What happened to Marsha P Johnson? New documentary probes death of the 'Rosa Parks of the LGBT movement' who was found dead in the Hudson in ‘suicide’ – but friends insist she was murdered
<H2> Ivana says President Trump offered her the ambassadorship to the Czech Republic but she turned it down because she doesn't want to say 'bye-bye' to her 'perfect life'
<H2> Don Jr. expected to testify about Russia probe in PUBLIC as top Republican on Senate Judiciary Committee says there's 'no way of avoiding' it
<H2> Oops: Energy Secretary Rick Perry flew on a private jet the day before HHS chief Tom Price resigned over chartered jet-setting at taxpayer expense
<H2> Secret Service says there are no records of who visited Trump at Mar-a-Lago while the club was his 'Winter White House'
<H2> Investigate Fake News Networks in OUR country Trump tells Senate Intel committee as it refuses to give up Russia probe - and he is hit by revelation Tillerson called him a moron
<H2> Trump keeps the 'moron' story going by saying Tillerson never threatened to resign and NBC got 'no verification' from him
<H2> FBI deputy director admits US 'sort of should have seen' the Russia hack coming at Cyber Summit in Boston
<H2> Trump's social media manager could be the one behind the President's rants: Aide accidentally posts the same tweet from his account and that of the president
<H2> Rare photos of Marilyn Monroe swimming NAKED and celebrating her birthday with sparklers are expected to fetch $35,000 at auction
<H2> Have you been ZOMBIED? As 'cuffing season' gets under way, here are the new dating terms ALL singletons need to know
<H2> Woman who said Spanish police sexually assaulted her and broke her fingers 'one by one' during Catalan referendum violence admits she 'exaggerated' her injuries
<H2> Pranks a lot! The cheeky trolls who can't help but annoy people with their VERY mischievous jokes
<H2> ‘By the time they found out, I'd been promoted twice’: People reveal what happened when they lied on a job application (and it turns out honesty ISN’T always the best policy)
<H2> Harvey Weinstein hires two big-name lawyers ahead of the publication of interviews with women who make ‘sexual allegations’ about him in two 'bombshell' articles
<H2> From venomous animal populations to asteroid strikes: The fascinating maps that visualise the world as never before
<H2> Female teacher arrested over claims she had sex with a 16-year-old girl just 10 days after her California high school colleague was accused of sex with an underage boy
<H2> He is the Sultan of BLING: Brunei’s ruler marks 50 years on the throne in spectacular style as he travels through the streets in gilded chariot before ceremony at his golden palace
<H2> Love at first swipe? Tinder users reveal the funniest (and most cringeworthy) chat-up lines used on the dating app
<H2> 'It's like society has turned a blind eye': Boston struggles to clean up 'Methadone Mile' as cities across the US fight to contain the opioid crisis
<H2> ANOTHER married female worker at maximum-security prison where two murderers escaped is charged with having sex with an inmate
<H2> Megyn Kelly backtracks on cooking segment ban eight episodes in and moans about 'gross' chicken skin after saying she's 'covered in flab' - as ratings drop below NBC show she replaced
<H2> South Dakota high school football team escorts nursing home residents to homecoming parade so they can be part of the small town's big celebration
<H2> Look up! Stunning Draconid meteor shower will light up the skies this weekend: Here's how to see it
<H2> WWII veteran, 92, dies from cancer two months after singing at his own living wake with dozens of his friends
<H2> 'Don’t ask me to drive it like I stole it': Uber driver hangs hilarious 10-point guide to receiving a five-star rider review on the back of her seat
<H2> Volunteer firefighter and father-of-four, 28, shot himself dead when he dropped his gun while calming his infant son
<H2> Very fetching! Adorable moment a cheeky German Shepherd winks at his owner's camera
<H2> 'I'd like to take a minute just sit right there, I'll tell you how we ended up at the wedding of the year': Maid-of-honor raps revised Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song at sister's nuptials
<H2> Rock and Roll legend Bob Seger postpones his Runway Tour due to a 'pinched vertebrae in his neck'
<H2> Redskins star says he was 'called a N***** several times' by Chiefs fan, prompting the wide receiver to respond with profanities and a middle finger
<H2> Chelsea Manning meets off campus with Harvard students weeks after university reversed decision to name her as a visiting fellow
<H2> Carrie Fisher’s hand annotated Star Wars scripts reveal how she worked with Harrison Ford to change the words and create more steamy dialogue
<H2> Man injured when a train derails and crashes through his bedroom, knocking his Atlanta house off its foundation
<H2> OJ Simpson photographed signing autographs in a Las Vegas hotel - but if he takes cash and does not declare it, he could end up back in jail for violating his parole
<H2> 'It's funny to hear a female talk about routes': Panthers star quarterback Cam Newton sparks sexism row by dismissing football question by woman reporter
<H2> SMU fraternity shut down amid accusations they forced pledges to eat hot peppers and milk until they were sick and wear vomit-covered clothes
<H2> Dream big, don't let naysayers throw you and don't be afraid to do something DIFFERENT: Fashionista, 24, who counts Kylie Jenner as a fan shares her secrets to growing a multi-million dollar empire
<H2> Shocking video offers sex and drug holiday on remote Colombian island - complete with 'PROSTITUTES'
<H2> Russia and Saudi Arabia join forces to develop space exploration and nuclear energy: New ties forged as Putin seeks to expand influence in Middle East
<H2> Earthquake swarm of almost 2,500 tremors at Yellowstone supervolcano since June is one of the longest on record
<H2> Pictured: Pennsylvania parents on the run who are accused of waterboarding their 12-year-old daughter in moves they 'copied from a movie'
<H2> Taking comfort to a whole new level! The VERY inventive ways people kick back and relax at home, in the office and even on public transport
<H2> Man, 18, is charged with manslaughter almost exactly a year after crash which killed ex-NFL player Dennis Byrd in Oklahoma
<H2> Netflix under fire as it raises US prices by 10% to $11 per month
<H2> What do YOUR Instagram snaps say about you? Harvard psychologists reveal what your pictures say about your mental state (and it's good news if you like the Valencia filter)
<H2> Never judge a book by its cover! Woman presents her grandchild, six, with a tome featuring a coke-addict polar bear and a swearing kangaroo after failing to check inside
<H2> Fake New York nurse is indicted after being accused of helping to inject a woman with silicone during a botched butt job which led to patient's death
<H2> Just ONE extra banana or avocado a day could prevent heart attacks and stroke - and it's all down to one key nutrient, reveals study
<H2> Student, 24, whose legs were sliced off by a train after her drink was spiked with a date rape drug refuses to let it ruin her 'beautiful life'
<H2> Man, 45, pleads not guilty to the brutal rape and murder of the 12-year-old girl who lived next door found beaten and strangled to death
<H2> Toddlers burned alive in nursery arson attack: Security guard kills four children and six adults by setting Brazilian school on fire
<H2> Florida elementary schools remove toilet paper from restrooms and have teachers hand out wads of tissues instead each time children need to go
<H2> Hot pot brawl! Shocking moment restaurant diner deliberately pours a large pot of BOILING SOUP over another customer
<H2> Knifeman who stabbed two cousins to death in Marseille while screaming 'Allahu Akbar' was a 'bon vivant' who liked booze and drugs and never prayed, says longtime friend in Tunisia
<H2> 'As the bomb hit, we fell in love': WWII veteran reveals he fell for his Belgian wife when he 'human shielded' her from German shelling the couple celebrate their 70th anniversary
<H2> Gimme some (very impressive) shelter! Keith Richards lists luxury NYC penthouse complete with three private terraces, two walk-in closets and a leather staircase for $12 MILLION
<H2> Chicago judge throws out a satanist's lawsuit disputing the motto 'In God We Trust' written on American money
<H2> 'We need Simone Biles!' Gymnastics fans panic as Team USA's new athletes visibly struggle and suffer several falls during the World Champs in the absence of seasoned Olympic stars
<H2> Michigan State University student reports a 'noose' outside her dorm room which was actually a SHOELACE
<H2> Former Equifax CEO mocked by a protester dressed as the Monopoly Man who appeared behind him while he testified to Congress
<H2> Split of Antarctic iceberg the size of Delaware has revealed an underwater ecosystem that has been hidden for 120,000 years (but scientists warn it could soon die out)
<H2> South Carolina woman shocked to receive package filled with 20,000 oxycodone pills worth $400,000 after ordering a yoga mat
<H2> Dashcam captures the terrifying moment a semi truck tips over and crashes on a Pennsylvania interstate
<H2> Saudi woman is killed when she crashes into a concrete block while learning to drive before the country lifts its ban on female drivers
<H2> Bronze arm and a mystery disk are found at Greece's Antikythera shipwreck, and divers say up to NINE 2,000-year-old statues could be hidden nearby
<H2> To catch a killer: Detectives reveal chilling interrogations with convicted murderers - and the secrets to unravelling their terrifying webs of deceit
<H2> A sweetener in ice cream and soda is crippling our children's livers: Study shows fructose is as dangerous for young organs as alcohol
<H2> ‘Be more respectful to women!’ Giggling father scolds his heavily sedated son for making a lewd remark to a nurse during a comedy ramble in his hospital bed
<H2> Is this the most diverse catwalk EVER? Boston bombing survivor, size 22 star and albino model strut their stuff in 'boundary pushing' Toronto fashion show
<H2> The alpine resort where Hitler relaxed with his evil henchmen: Photographs reveal Nazi leader’s private Eagle’s Nest retreat and homes belonging to cohorts including Goering
<H2> 'I loathe these people. I'm sick of them': Bob Geldof condemns Myanmar's Suu Kyi for 'becoming one of the great ethnic cleansers' and tears into Putin and Trump at world summit
<H2> Shocking moment a father beats up two boys aged NINE who he thought were bullying his son at Russian playground
<H2> Migrant, 23, is jailed for three years for killing her newborn baby and dumping it in a rubbish bin after she said it was conceived when she was raped on her way to Germany
<H2> 'Looking different doesn't stop me from doing anything': Professor, 37, reveals why she has REFUSED life-changing surgery to remove a large tumour on her face
<H2> The incredible power of nature: Mesmerising video shows the world's largest tidal bore surging up a river before crashing into the shore of eastern China
<H2> The new influencers! Twitter reveals its most successful animal stars (and some of them have more followers than their OWNERS)
<H2> Wipeout! Moment man in tiny shorts attempts to take a selfie on slippery rocks at Australia's Bondi Beach before he is knocked off his feet by a huge wave - but manages to hold onto his phone
<H2> Will a robot take YOUR job? More than 70% of US fears that their role will soon become automated
<H2> Resting place of Hitler's first naval victims is discovered: Passenger liner torpedoed off of Ireland after German submarine captain mistook it for a warship is found by shipwreck-hunter
<H2> Mary Tyler Moore's home from her days playing Mary Richards finally sells for $1.45million five years after it hit the market - and at half the original listing price
<H2> IT’s behind you! Terrified little girl ATTACKS her mom after she crept out from a wardrobe dressed as a murderous clown to scare her daughter in prank
<H2> Furious wife repeatedly rams her BMW into her cheating husband's car after she finds him with another woman
<H2> Sailing into the future: Stunning 253-foot $120million state-of-the-art superyacht features an augmented reality screen dome (so if you don't like sea views you can escape elsewhere)
<H2> Could Switzerland be hit by a TSUNAMI? Scientists say there is an 'underestimated natural danger' - despite the country being landlocked
<H2> Is this the most dangerous level crossing in the world? High speed train hurtles across a road in front of petrified driver with NO WARNING (but the barriers did drop after it went past)
<H2> Indian man, 62, develops a yellow dot in his eyes after sun-gazing every day, for more than three decades, for religious reasons
<H2> 'Did you want a twin room?' Tongue-in-cheek video flips the script on heterosexual holidaymakers by subjecting them to the same treatment LGBT partners put up with on trips
<H2> Which finger? Girl shows her mother where a bug bit her with unintentionally hilarious (and rude) results
<H2> Wag and 'mama'! Dog calls its owner 'mama' when it gets excited and shakes its tail in hilarious video
<H2> Security cameras capture the moment an 'intoxicated' man sneaks into a Las Vegas home and falls asleep before being woken up by police
<H2> Is it a milkSHAKE? Adorable toddler trembles with excitement after hearing he's getting dessert
<H2> All five former US presidents to headline concert to raise money for victims of Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria
<H2> Cop cleared of wrongdoing after he shot and killed a fleeing criminal who was pulled over in Salt Lake City for riding a bicycle across six lanes
<H2> Traffic cop quits his job to become Jesus Christ: Cult leader's 5,000 followers obey strict rules including giving up alcohol, cigarettes and money
<H2> From the Big Apple to a little van: Meet the 27-year-old who gave up a nine-to-five life in New York to live as a nomad in a Ford Transit
<H2> Swedish 'man-free' music festival organised in response to rising number of sex assaults reaches its funding goal
<H2> Even healthy people raise their risk of heart disease if they eat too much sugar, study finds
<H2> Is a CURE for Parkinson's disease in the pipeline? Scientists crack the secret behind the enzyme thought to be responsible for the condition
<H2> Best not to try this at home! Russian dentist, 24, extracts his OWN wisdom tooth using a mirror - and records the experience to make it 'a little more entertaining'
<H2> Wrong place to rob! Thief tries to steal from a gym but is chased out by jiu-jitsu students who heard screams for help
<H2> Three adorable rare chameleons the size of a FINGERTIP have hatched at Chester Zoo
<H2> Petrol bomb is discovered in Paris under trucks belonging to cement firm that 'funded ISIS' and is involved in constructing Trump’s Mexican wall
<H2> Could an AI reveal who betrayed Anne Frank? $5m project will use technology to solve 'the ultimate cold case'
<H2> How bees always find their way home: Scientists pinpoint a complex network of neurons in the brain that act as an in-built sat-nav
<H2> Researchers capture 'astonishing' footage of elusive sand kittens in the wild for the first time
<H2> Base jumpers make their way along 'gangway of death' before plummeting more than 500ft to the ground in stomach churning leap
<H2> Out of this world! Incredible moment a meteorite explodes and lights up the night sky over china
<H2> He's gone ape! Jealous chimp named Romeo bites off zookeeper's FINGERS and ear because he thought he was flirting with his female partner named Juliet
<H2> Drizzly bears: Mama is joined by her curious cub while taking a dip in a Canadian family's pool
<H2> Boy racer drags unconscious friend from wreckage of car crash before fleeing on foot to escape 'the feds'
<H2> Adorable one-year-old elephant slips and slides down a grassy mound trunk first in Thailand
<H2> I’ve got an I-DEER! Fawn is saved by a quick-thinking man performing mouth to mouth
<H2> Don't try this at home! Creative dad reveals how to make an EXPLODING Jack-O-Lantern in time for Halloween
<H2> Widow of man who filmed himself dying after letting a mamba bite him when his wife left him says she cannot bring herself to watch the footage
<H2> Shimmering beauty of the 'glass squid' that is so transparent you can see its organs is captured in deep sea footage
<H2> Parents insist on playing Celine Dion’s ‘My Heart Will Go On’ to make child who hates it cry… and cry… and cry
<H2> Life comes at you fast: Kid faceplants off slide in hilarious video
<H3> Femail Today
<H3> Today's hottestfashion finds
<H3> Showbiz extra
<H4> Olivia
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