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Meta Tags


Meta Description

Your homepage does not have a meta description.



Your website's title tag is 14 characters long.'s title tag is good, but you're potentially not getting the best out of your meta description (Google might even be ignoring it). Beef it up a bit to make it more descriptive and actionable to help improve CTR and dwell time.
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Crawling & Indexing


Your site doesn't have a robots.txt file.

XML Sitemap

There is no sitemap on your domain.

SSL Secure

There is an SSL certificate for your domain.'s lack of robots.txt and missing XML sitemap means search engines might not be crawling your pages as efficiently as possible. Add a robots.txt file to improve's crawlability.
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Broken links


H1 Tags

There are 0 H1 tags on your page.


Alt Text

0 out of 0 images are missing alternative text.

Duplicate Content

Your site has technical issues that cause duplicate content.

H1 tags categorize and structure your on page content, which helps both search engines and humans better interpret it. Add an H1 tag to to help users and search engines get a better idea of what the content on the page is about.
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Inpage Keywords


Google Analytics is not installed on your website.

Mobile Framework

You are not using a mobile framework for your site.


You are not managing your content with a CMS.

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Mobile Friendliness


We don't have enough data to see if you're mobile friendly or not. Not to worry. Check out our guide to mobile SEO to improve your mobile friendliness.



We don't have enough data to check the usability of your site. But we've got some great tips on how to improve website usability and conversions!

Social Media

Facebook Page

Your Facebook page is not linked to your domain.

Twitter Page

Your Twitter profile is linking back to your website.

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