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Title Tag

Medium impact Easy to solve

Hespress - هسبريس جريدة إلكترونية مغربية

Length: 40 character(s)


Great, your title tag contains between 10 and 70 characters.

Make sure your title tag is explicit and contains your most important keywords.

Be sure that each page has a unique title tag.

Check the title of your website

Meta Description

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أول جريدة إلكترونية مغربية تجدد على مدار الساعة - المغرب - - Hespress officiel - est une source centrale d’informations et de nouvelles sur le Maroc.

Length: 150 character(s)


Great, your meta description contains between 70 and 160 characters (spaces included).

Meta descriptions allow you to influence how your web pages are described and displayed in search results.

Ensure that all of your web pages have a unique meta description that is explicit and contains your most important keywords (these appear in bold when they match part or all of the user’s search query).

A good meta description acts as an organic advertisement, so use enticing messaging with a clear call to action to maximize click-through rate.

Check your Google™ Webmaster Tools account (Click 'Search Appearance', then 'HTML Improvements') to identify any issues with your meta descriptions, for example, they are too short/long, or duplicated across more than one page.

Improve the Meta Description

Google Preview

Hespress - هسبريس جريدة إلكترونية مغربية

أول جريدة إلكترونية مغربي...

This is an example of what your Title Tag and Meta Description will look like in Google™ search results.

While Title Tags & Meta Descriptions are used to build the search result listings, the search engines may create their own if they are missing, not well written, or not relevant to the content on the page.

Title Tags and Meta Descriptions are cut short if they are too long, so it's important to stay within the suggested character limits.


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<H1> <H2> <H3> <H4> <H5>
16 116
<H1> أبوزيد تصف مسودة القانون الجنائي بـ&quot;الاستعمارية&quot; و&quot;القمعية&quot;
<H1> رجال أعمال مغاربة: المملكة في طريق النمو وليست &quot;بلدا صاعدا&quot;
<H1> باحثون يناقشون &quot;الدرس التونسي&quot; بمهرجان الذاكرة المشتركة
<H1> &quot;أنا الشعب&quot; .. مَشَاهِدُ من الثورة في عمق الريف المصري
<H1> سكان جهة البيضاء يتزايدون بـ639 ألف نسمة في 10 سنوات
<H1> مدارسُ &quot;الفاتح&quot; التركية تُبرز التنوع الثقافي العالمي بالرباط
<H1> رؤوس 4 قيادات بارزة في &quot;داعش&quot; تساوي 20 مليون دولار
<H1> الزاكي يختار مدينة أكادير للاستعداد لمباراة المغرب وليبيا
<H1> استثمارات السعودية تتدفق على المغرب رغم تراجع أسعار النفط
<H1> حركة تصحيحية تحمّلُ الوزير العَنصر مسؤولية &quot;فاجعة طانطان&quot;
<H1> رصيف الصحافة: هذه قصة مشروع زواج بنخلدون والشوباني
<H1> &quot;دركيّ الاتصالات&quot;: مشتركو الأنترنت يتجاوزون 10 ملايين بالمغرب
<H1> قبل 62 سنة .. محمد الخامس مُدافعاً عن الحوار الإسلامي المسيحي
<H1> شباط: بنكيران &quot;منافق متملِّق&quot; يشتغل مع &quot;التماسيح والعفاريت&quot;
<H1> فاعلون: القوانين لا تكفي لمحاصرة الاتجار بالبشر في المغرب
<H1> ساجد: دخلت السياسة مصادفةً .. ولمْ أركض يومًا وراء المناصب
<H3> 24 ساعة
<H3> عرض لأبرز عناوين الصحف الصادرة اليوم
<H3> الخلفي يخلي مسؤوليته من ارتفاع سعر الجرائد
<H3> قافلة &quot;الشغل والمهن&quot; الرابعة تحط الرحال بالرباط
<H3> إطلاق نار على منتدب قضائي يثير احتجاجا
<H3> مساحات حرائق الغابات تنخفض بالمغرب
<H3> طلبة يمثلون المغرب في مسابقة مايكروسوفت
<H3> الوفا يقر بصعوبة تنفيذ توصيات &quot;مجلس جطو&quot;
<H3> اكتشاف أكثر المجرات بعداً عن الأرض
<H3> فرع حقوقي بمراكش يتهم جمعويا بـ&quot;تبديد أموال&quot;
<H3> أساتذة زاكورة غاضبون من اقتطاعات أجورهم
<H3> مواقيت الصلاة وأحوال الطقس
<H3> كاريكاتير اليوم
<H3> استطلاع الرأي
<H3> طالع
<H3> أحمد عبادي
<H3> نازل
<H3> هشام العسري
<H3> النشرة البريدية
<H3> كُتّاب وآراء
<H3> في ﭐلِـﭑقْتصاد ﭐللُّغوِيّ
<H3> لا شيء يتغيّر في أكادير..
<H3> رسالة اعتذار مفتوحة لمثقفي الكويت وشعبها وحكومتها
<H3> لوبيات المعارضة
<H3> الإسلاميون والحرية الجنسية: فُوبْيَا &quot;العهد الإبراهيمي&quot;
<H3> مرتكزات الذكاء الانفعالي
<H3> الإفك في &quot;غزوة الإفك&quot;
<H3> نعم لاستفتاء شعبي حول العربية الأمازيغية
<H3> الجنرال الهامل يغير على دولة الرجاء
<H3> قطار الحمام
<H3> ما هـو أول كتـاب قـرأتَـه؟
<H3> الإبيستمولوجية الجابرية
<H3> هسبريس TV
<H3> مغاربة ضد التطبيع
<H3> الصديقي .. السرحة
<H3> لشكر: نحن أو الملك
<H3> بانــورامـــا
<H3> هذه قصة معتقلي &quot;3 أبريل&quot; وسط &quot;حديقة الزاكي&quot; بسلا
<H3> مارسيل خليفة ونجوم السينما المغاربة يفتتحون مهرجان الذاكرة المشتركة
<H3> خبير مغربي: قضايا مثيرة للريبة تؤثر على علاقات الرباط ومدريد
<H3> &quot;فيدا دوك&quot; ينطلق بأكادير ويعرض 26 وثائقيًا في نسخته السابعة
<H3> &quot;رافال&quot; الفرنسية التي رفضها المغرب تتمكن من &quot;فكِّ النحس&quot;
<H3> عين على الفايسبوك
<H3> سهرة &quot;رقص جنسي&quot; بالدار البيضاء تثير جدلا على الفايسبوك
<H3> من الأمس
<H3> حين وصف الحسن الثاني الخميني بـ&quot;العجوز&quot; وكاسترو بـ&quot;الديكتاتور&quot;
<H3> عين على
<H3> &quot;شارع 12&quot;.. قصص مهاجرين مغاربة نجحوا في التجارة بأبيدجان
<H3> المعارضة: بنكيران يستعمل لغة &quot;الشماكرية&quot;
<H3> بكوري: الملك غير راض عن بنكيران .. وحكومته مرحلة عابرة
<H3> بنكيران يُرَوج لأطروحة &quot;حكومة البركة&quot; خارج المغرب
<H3> &quot;ضاية عوا&quot; .. بحيرة ساحرة تجذب السيّاح إلى الأطلس المتوسط
<H3> تقطير الأزهار والورود .. تقليد عريق بفاس يحتفي بفصل الربيع
<H3> البركاني يراسل بنكيران حول التعليم العالي
<H3> مندوبية التخطيط تعلن انخفاض معدّل البطالة في المغرب
<H3> نقابيون يحتجون ضد &quot;استغلال&quot; عاملين بمراكز نداء في المغرب
<H3> المغاربة يتصدرُون الحاصلِين على &quot;شنغن&quot;.. والجزائريُّون الأكثر رفضًا
<H3> برلمانيون يستعرضون ببروكسيل &quot;النموذج المغربي&quot; ضد التطرّف
<H3> العروِي: شباب المغرب يفقد ثقته بالأحزاب .. والعمل يكفلُ التغيير
<H3> أسيدون إلى كلينتون: حضور &quot;بيريز&quot; لمراكش إهانة للمغاربة
<H3> حزب الاستقلال يدين تعنيف الرجاء بسطيف
<H3> الرجاء ينفصل عن مدربه البرتغالي روماو
<H3> الرجاء يهنئ المغرب التطواني بعد تجاوز الأهلي
<H3> &quot;ثيربانتيس&quot; يحتفي بـ248 سنةَ من الصداقة المغربية الإسبانية
<H3> الفنان التشكيلي محمد لكزولي في ذمة الله
<H3> في رحيل عمرو الطنطاوي .. الموسيقى المغربية تفقد أحد روادِها
<H3> منظمة أمازيغية: مسودة القانون الجنائي ترمي لـ&quot;دعْشنة&quot; المغاربة
<H3> استطلاع يكشف &quot;صدمة&quot; البلجيكيين من تصريحات تسيء للأمازيغ
<H3> تسجيل &quot;إيري&quot; الأمازيغي بمقاطعةٍ بالبيضاء
<H3> &quot;ديودوني&quot; يتهم بلقاسم .. ويتوقع قبول الملك لحضوره المغرب
<H3> الملك محمد السادس يحل بالإمارات عائدا من جُزر &quot;السيشل&quot;
<H3> بوتفليقة يعارك الموت .. ويعتزم زيارة المغرب للصلح والحنين
<H3> زووم
<H3> هل تراجعت سمعة النقابات وأضحت قرارتها غير مؤثرة؟
<H3> حوارات
<H3> الصديقي: التوظيف المباشر يفتح باب الاتكالية والزبونية بالمغرب
<H3> صوت وصورة
<H3> مع مغامر مغربي بكندا
<H3> رشيد الوالي .. إصنع نجاحك
<H3> ساجد والانتقادات السياسية
<H3> الرميد والاتجار بالبشر
<H3> معطّل: هذه قصّة اعتقالي
<H3> مع سفيان النحاس
<H3> أريد أن أنتحر
<H3> مول الدلاّحة والسياسة مع الجزائر
<H3> يوميات دراج بالبيضاء
<H3> كورال مغربي كبير
<H3> فاطمة وفرحة السمع
<H3> بكوري .. الملك وبنكيران
<H3> حادث سير ببرشيد
<H3> حصاد وشغب الملاعب
<H3> بنكيران وعاصفة الحزم
<H3> كتاب عن الملك
<H3> اتلاف مخدرات بتطوان
<H3> الجنس الممنوع
<H3> حلم كريستيانو رونالدو
<H3> بنكيران ورياح الخريف العربي
<H3> خمسينيٌّ ينهي حياة شقيقة زوجته بالبيضاء
<H3> رغم الأزمة .. المغاربة رابعُ المهاجرين غير النظاميّين إلى إسبانيا
<H3> رصيف الصحافة: سيوف &quot;التشرميل&quot; و&quot;كتب تكفيرية&quot; بمزاد علني‎
<H3> مهندس مغربي يكشف تفاصيل ابتكاره &quot;حمّالة المفاتيح الذكية&quot;
<H3> الملك سلمان بن عبد العزيز يغرد شخصيا للسعوديّين على &quot;تويتر&quot;
<H3> منبر هسبريس
<H3> أُنْبُوشَاتٌ فِي المَفَاهِيمِ الْقُرْآنِيَةِ / الرَّحْمَةُ
<H3> التجارب الدبلوماسية في الجزائر.. إلى متى ؟!
<H3> نحو مجلس أعلى للرقابة والمحاسبة
<H3> احتفالية في ملعب اتحاد طنجة
<H3> حديث البوصلة
<H3> في ذكرى إمام الجهاد والفتوة خطوات على منهاج النبوة (4)
<H3> للذكرى عيون لا تنام
<H3> نحو فكر أمازيغي مبادر
<H3> لم تسفيه السياسي؟
<H3> السياسة بين السفاهة والتفاهة
<H3> صح النوم ضاعت الثورة
<H3> البحث
<H3> تواصل معنا

Great, your website is structured using HTML headings (<H1> to <H6>).

Use your keywords in the headings and make sure the first level (<H1>) includes your most important keywords. Never duplicate your title tag content in your header tag.

While it is important to ensure every page has an <H1> tag, never include more than one per page. Instead, use multiple <H2> - <H6> tags.

Add the important keywords in <H> headings

Keywords Cloud

  • التفاصيل 50
  • المغرب 24
  • إلى 16
  • الملك 13
  • بنكيران 13
  • محمد 12
  • عبد 11
  • بالمغرب 7
  • الرجاء 7

This Keyword Cloud provides an insight into the frequency of keyword usage within the page.

It's important to carry out keyword research to get an understanding of the keywords that your audience is using. There are a number of keyword research tools available online to help you choose which keywords to target.

Keyword Consistency

Medium impact Easy to solve
Keywords Freq Title Desc <H>
التفاصيل 50
المغرب 24
إلى 16
الملك 13
بنكيران 13
Keywords (2 words) Freq Title Desc <H>
بكوري الملك 4
عبد الإله 4
حكومة البركة 4
الإله بنكيران، 4
لأول مرة 3
Keywords (3 words) Freq Title Desc <H>
عبد الإله بنكيران، 4
حكومة البركة خارج 3
وحكومته مرحلة عابرة 3
البركة خارج المغرب 3
تراجع أسعار النفط 3

This table highlights the importance of being consistent with your use of keywords. To improve the chance of ranking well in search results for a specific keyword, make sure you include it in some or all of the following: page URL, page content, title tag, meta description, header tags, image alt attributes, internal link anchor text and backlink anchor text.

Be more consistent with your keywords

Alt Attribute

Medium impact Easy to solve

We found 111 images on this web page.

11 ALT attributes are empty or missing.


Good, most or all of your images have alternative text (the alt attribute).

‬‬Alternative text is used to describe images to give the search engine crawlers (and the visually impaired) more information to help them understand images, which can help them to appear in Google™ Images search results.

Set a name for all your images

Text/HTML Ratio

Medium impact Hard to solve



This page's ratio of text to HTML code is below 15 percent. This means that your website probably needs more text content.

A ratio between 25 and 70 percent is ideal. When it goes beyond that, the page might run the risk of being considered as spam.

As long as the ‪‬‬content is relevant and gives essential information, it is a plus to have more of it.

Write additional content with more keywords

Indexed Pages

Medium impact Hard to solve
817,330    817,330

This is the number of pages on your website that are indexed by search engines. It's important to aim to have all of your web pages crawled and indexed by the search engines, as this gives you more opportunity for your website to be found.

A low number (relative to the total number of pages/URLs on your website) indicates that there is an issue, whether it's due to a bad internal linking structure, or you're unknowingly preventing search engines from crawling your pages.

Make sure your website's XML sitemap is present and you have submitted it to the major search engines. Building backlinks to your website's internal pages will also help bots to discover, crawl and index them, while building authority to help them rank in the search engines.

Check Google™ Webmaster Tools under 'Google Index' and 'Crawl' to keep track of the status of your site's indexed/crawled pages.

Write more content

WWW Resolve

Medium impact Easy to solve

Great, a redirect is in place to redirect traffic from your non-preferred domain.


Great, your website directs and to the same URL.

Redirecting requests from a non-preferred domain is important because search engines consider URLs with and without "www" as two different websites.

Redirect non-www to www

IP Canonicalization

Low impact Easy to solve



Good, your website's IP address is forwarding to your website's domain name.

To check this for your website, enter your IP address in the browser and see if your site loads with the IP address. Ideally, the IP should redirect to your website's URL or to a page from your website hosting provider.

If it does not redirect, you should do an htaccess 301 redirect to make sure the IP does not get indexed.


Medium impact Easy to solve

Great, your website has a robots.txt file.

A robots.txt file allows you to restrict the access of search engine robots that crawl the web and it can prevent these robots from accessing specific directories and pages. It also specifies where the XML sitemap file is located.

You can check for errors in your robots.txt file using Google Webmaster tools by selecting 'Robots.txt Tester' under 'Crawl'. This also allows you to test individual pages to make sure that Googlebot has the appropriate access.

Add a robots.txt file

XML Sitemap

Low impact Easy to solve

Great, your website has an XML sitemap.

A sitemap lists URLs that are available for crawling and can include additional information like your site's latest updates, frequency of changes and importance of the URLs. This allows search engines to crawl the site more intelligently.

It is also good practice to specify your sitemap's location in your robots.txt file.

It's important to only include pages that you want the search engines to crawl, so avoid any that have been blocked via your robots.txt file. Check the URLs to ensure that none of them cause redirects or return error codes. This includes being consistent with your URLs, for example, including your preferred URLs (with or without www.), including the correct protocol (http or https) and making sure URLs all end with or without a trailing slash.

Add and Optimize your XML sitemap

URL Rewrite

Low impact Hard to solve

Perfect, your URLs look clean.


Great! You have clean (user-friendly) URLs which do not contain query strings.

Clean URLs are not only SEO-friendly but are also important for usability.

Rewrite your URLs and clean them up.

Underscores in the URLs

Low impact Hard to solve

Great, you are not using ‪underscores (these_are_underscores) in your URLs.

Great, you are not using ‪underscores (these_are_underscores) in your URLs.

While Google™ treats hyphens as word separators, it does not for underscores.

Blocking Factors

Low impact Easy to solve

Flash: No

Frames: No

Flash should only be used for specific enhancements. Although Flash content often looks nicer, it cannot be properly indexed by search engines. Avoid full Flash websites to maximize SEO. This advice also applies to AJAX.

Frames can cause problems on your web page because search engines will not crawl or index the content within them. Avoid frames whenever possible and use a NoFrames tag if you must use them.

Domain Registration

Medium impact

Created 7 years ago

Expires in 4 years

Domain age matters to a certain extent and newer domains generally struggle to get indexed and rank high in search results for their first few months (depending on other associated ranking factors). Consider buying a second-hand domain name.

Do you know that you can register your domain for up to 10 years? By doing so, you will show the world that you are serious about your business.


Medium impact Hard to solve

We found a Blog on this website.


Starting a blog is a great way to engage with your audience and increase your online visibility by attracting qualified traffic from new sources.

Use our tips to optimize your blog and improve performance.

If you don't feel that a blog is right for your business, consider other ways to build useful evergreen content, such as online guides and whitepapers.

Consider starting a blog


Mobile Friendliness

High impact Very hard to solve
Very Good    Very Good

This web page is super optimized for Mobile Visitors

Mobile CSS

Mobile Redirection

Great, your site is well-configured for visitors from mobile devices. Mobile Friendliness refers to the usability aspects of your mobile website, which Google™ uses as a ranking signal in mobile search results.

Mobile Rendering

Your website on an iPhone
Your website on an iPad

The number of people using the Mobile Web is huge; over 75 percent of consumers have access to smartphones. ‪‬Your website should look nice on the most popular mobile devices.

Tip: Use an analytics tool to track mobile usage of your website.

Touchscreen Readiness

High impact Hard to solve

Make the most important buttons/links large enough to be tapped easily.

Ensure that your tap targets are large enough (at least 48 pixels in height and width) so that your visitors can press them easily. It’s also important to provide extra spacing both horizontally and vertically around your tap targets (at least 32 pixels) to prevent users from accidentally pressing on the wrong target.

Mobile Compatibility

High impact Hard to solve

Perfect, no embedded objects detected.

Great, your website does not embed any special types of web content, such as Flash, Silverlight or Java, so your content can be accessed on all devices.

Font Size Legibility

High impact Hard to solve

Perfect, this web page’s text is legible on mobile devices.

You can find additional font recommendations for mobile devices in Google™’s typography guidelines for Android.

Mobile Viewport

Medium impact Hard to solve

Great, a configured viewport is present.

The content does not fit within the specified viewport size.

Without a viewport, mobile devices will render the page for a typical desktop screen width and scale it to fit. Pages optimized to display well on mobile devices should include a meta viewport in the head of the document specifying width=device-width, initial-scale=1.

Mobile Speed

Medium impact Hard to solve
Slow    Slow

Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

Leverage browser caching

Minify JavaScript

Avoid landing page redirects

Enable compression

Your mobile/responsive website must deliver and render the “above the fold” content in under one second. This allows the user to begin interacting with the page as soon as possible. Since mobile device CPUs are less powerful than desktop CPUs, speed tips that reduce CPU consumption (for instance JavaScript Parse time) need to be addressed first.

See Google's PageSpeed Insights Rules for more information on how to improve each of the elements in this section.

Mobile Frameworks

No mobile frameworks have been detected.

Mobile or responsive frameworks are an important part of website optimization as they assist developers in creating applications which are applicable to multiple devices.



Length: 8 character(s)


Keep your URLs short and avoid long domain names when possible.

A descriptive URL is better recognized by search engines. A user should be able to look at the address bar and make an accurate guess about the content of the page before reaching it (e.g.,

Keep in mind that URLs are also an important part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. Use clean URLs to make your site more "crawlable" by Google™.

Resource: Search for a good domain name. If no good names are available, consider a second hand domain. To prevent brand theft, you might consider trademarking your domain name.


Medium impact Easy to solve

Great, your website has a favicon.


Great, your website has a favicon. Make sure this favicon is consistent with your brand.

Resource: Check out this amazing idea for improving the user experience with a special favicon.

Add a Favicon

Custom 404 Page

Low impact Easy to solve

Great, your website has a custom 404 error page.


Take advantage of the opportunity to provide a beautiful 404 Error Page for your visitors.

Customize the 404 error page

Conversion Forms

Low impact Easy to solve

Great, we found a Conversion Form on this page.


There are different types of conversions, such as: getting the email address of your visitors, requesting your visitors to fill in a form or closing an online sale. ‪‬‬Converting visitors into prospects/clients is probably the most important target for your website. So, it is important that you optimize your website to boost conversions.

Add a conversion form

Above the Fold Content

Place the most important content above the fold line.

Fold line

When designing your homepage, make sure that your most important content is placed above the fold (the top section, which is visible without scrolling).

Google's 'Page layout algorithm' was built around feedback from users after many complained that they were having difficulty finding the content that was relevant to their search queries when arriving on webpages.

This means that Google pays attention to your 'above the fold' content, so try to add useful content and avoid including too many ads.

Tip: Check Google Analytics to find out what the most common screen resolutions are among your site visitors.

Page Size

217.8 KB (World Wide Web average is 320 Kb)


Two of the main reasons for an increase in page size are images and JavaScript files.

Page size affects the speed of your website; try to keep your page size below 300 Kb.

Tip: Use images with a small size and optimize their download with gzip.

Load Time

High impact Hard to solve

0.08 second(s) (2792.94 kB/s)


Your website is fast. Well done.

Site speed is becoming an important factor for ranking high in Google™ search results and enriching the user experience.

Resources: Check out Google™'s developer tutorials for tips on how to to make your website run faster.

Monitor your server and receive SMS alerts when your website is down with a web monitoring service.

Speed-up your website


Low impact Easy to solve

Declared: Arabic

Detected: Arabic


Great, you have declared the language.

Make sure your declared language is the same as the language detected by Google™.

Tips for multilingual websites:

  • Define the language of the content in each page's HTML code.
  • Specify the language code in the URL as well (e.g., "").

Declare the language used


We could not find a Print-Friendly CSS


This is a special CSS style sheet which ensures that unnecessary interface designs and images are left out when printing pages from your site, saving the user a lot of ink.

It is just another way to provide a rich user-experience.

Structured Data Markup

Medium impact Easy to solve

No Structured Data Markup has been detected

Structured Data Markup is used to generate Rich Snippets in search engine results. It is a way for website owners to send structured data to search engine robots; helping them to understand your content and create well-presented search results.

Google™ supports a number of rich snippets for content types, including: Reviews, People, Products, Businesses and Organizations, Recipes, Events , Videos, and Music. If your website covers one of these topics, then we suggest that you annotate it with using microdata.

Domain Availability

Domains (TLD) Status Expires in 5 months This domain is booked This domain is booked This domain is booked This domain is booked

Register the various extensions of your domain to protect your brand from cybersquatters.

Typo Availability

Domains (TLD) Status This domain is booked Available. Book it now! This domain is booked This domain is booked Available. Book it now! Available. Book it now! This domain is booked

Register the various typos of your domain to protect your brand from cybersquatters.

Email Privacy

Good, no email address has been found in plain text.


Malicious bots scrape the web in search of email addresses and plain text email addresses are more likely to be spammed.

Hide email addresses to avoid being spammed

Trust Indicators

Medium impact Very hard to solve


86%    86%

Vendor reliability

86%    86%


86%    86%

Child safety

85%    85%

This ‪‬‬data is provided by WOT™.

Safe Browsing

Medium impact Very hard to solve

Great, your website is safe.


No evidence of phishing and/or malware has been detected.

Are you a spammer?


Server IP

Server location: Singapore


Your server's IP address has little impact on your SEO. Nevertheless, try to host your website on a server which is geographically close to your visitors. Search engines take the geolocation of a server into account as well as the server speed.

Use DNSstuff for comprehensive reports on your server.



Get to know the technologies used for your website. Some codes might slow down your website. Ask your webmaster to take a look at this.

Speed Tips

Medium impact Hard to solve

Congratulations! Your website's speed is fully optimized.

Perfect, your server is using a caching method to speed up page display. 

Perfect, your website doesn't use nested tables.

Too bad, your website is using inline styles.

Perfect, your website has few CSS files.

Perfect, your website has few JavaScript files.

Perfect, your website takes advantage of gzip.


Website speed has a huge impact on performance, affecting user experience, conversion rates and even rankings. ‪‬‬By reducing page load-times, users are less likely to get distracted and the search engines are more likely to reward you by ranking your pages higher in the SERPs.

Conversion rates are far higher for websites that load faster than their slower competitors.

See Google's PageSpeed Insights Rules for more information on how to improve each of the elements in this section.


Low impact Easy to solve

Web analytics let you measure visitor activity on your website. You should have at least one analytics tool installed, but It can also be good to install a second in order to cross-check the data.

Popular Analytics Tools Include: Google™ Analytics, Quantcast™, AdobeAnalytics™, Piwik™, chartbeat™, Clicky™, ClickTale™, etc.

W3C Validity

Low impact Hard to solve

Invalid: 36 Errors, 1 Warning(s)


Use valid markup that contains no errors. Syntax errors can make your page difficult for search engines to index.

To find the detected errors, run the W3C validation service, or check to make sure you don't miss an error.

W3C is a consortium that sets web standards.

Fix the errors in the code syntax


XHTML 1.0 Transitional


The Doctype is used to instruct web browsers about the document type being used. For example, what version of HTML the page is written in.

Declaring a doctype helps web browsers to render content correctly.


Low impact Easy to solve

Great, language/character encoding is specified: UTF-8


Specifying language/character encoding can prevent problems with the rendering of special characters.

Directory Browsing

Low impact Easy to solve



Great! Your server prevents visitors from browsing your directory by accessing it directly, this is excellent from a security standpoint.

Server Signature

Low impact Easy to solve



Good, your server signature is off. This is excellent from a security standpoint.

SSL Secure

Low impact Very hard to solve

Great, your website is SSL secured (HTTPS).

Your website's URLs do not redirect to HTTPS pages.

Your headers are not properly set up to use STS.

The SSL certificate expires in 5 months.

The certificate issuer is GlobalSign nv-sa.

Modern websites tend to be SSL secured (HTTPS) as it provides an extra security layer while logging in to your Web Service. In 2014, Google™ announced that an HTTPS (vs HTTP) website would receive an extra boost in their ranking.

While switching to HTTPS, make sure your site remains optimized and see to it that your website will still run quickly. Follow these best practices for a smooth transition:
  • Use a serious issuer to purchase your SSL certificate
  • Redirect all of your HTTP pages to the HTTPS version of your website
  • Use a Security Token Service (STS) in your headers
  • Renew your SSL certificate every year, before it expires
  • Make sure that all of your content (CSS, etc.) is linked to HTTPS
  • Update your XML sitemap to ensure the URLs include HTTPS and update the robots.txt file to reference this version
  • Register the HTTPS website in Google & Bing Webmaster Tools


Social shareability

High impact Hard to solve

This website is very popular on Social Networks.

Facebook Likes2999

Facebook Shares11167

Facebook Comments1770


Google™ +545


The impact of social media is huge for certain industries.

Learn how to ‪‬‬further engage your social media audiences and create a consistent fan base. Check these helpful tools for managing your social media campaign.

Note: This data represents ‪‬social media influences from your website's URL, it does not represent data from specific brand pages.

Promote your website on Social Media

Facebook Page

Low impact Easy to solve
Cover picture of the HESPRESS Facebook Page

Talking About467,184

أول جريدة إلكترونية في المغرب
الصفحة الرسمية لـ هسبريس
Company overview
أول جريدة إلكترونية في المغرب
Meta Description
Le site web Hespress est une source centrale d’informations et de nouvelles sur le Maroc. Notre objectif est de fournir des informations précises, mesurées et tournées vers l’avenir sur l’évolution du Maroc.

Chaque jour ouvrable, ce site reprend les principales informations de la région telles qu’elles sont rapportées par les médias locaux et internationaux. Il propose également des analyses, interviews et commentaires réalisés par les correspondants de Hespress.

Le traitement des informations par Hespress se distingue par une connaissance approfondie des problèmes locaux – les acteurs essentiels, les événements et les diverses sensibilités susceptibles d’entraîner des évolutions importantes – tempérés par une perspective transrégionale.

Il identifie les tendances, les solutions et les succès pouvant servir de modèles aux progrès dans toute la région.

Pour Nous Contacter :
The data relating to the Facebook Page is publicly available.

Twitter™ Account

Low impact

The Twitter™ Account @hespress is booked but it is not linked to your website!
Tip: Include your URL in your Twitter profile's website field.

Account Age
6 years ago

Twitter is a fast-growing social network.

If possible, register a Twitter account in your brand's name now to prevent brandjacking.

Here are a few tips to help create a Twitter promotion plan. Plus, learn from today's top Twitter-using brands.

Book your brand on Twitter

Google+ Page

Low impact Easy to solve

Not found

This page is your business listing in Google+. Being active in this social network is important for claiming your brand, influencing your search engine rankings and interacting with your network. You might also consider managing your profile with Google My Business (formerly Google Places).


Local Directories

Missing profile on Foursquare™

Missing profile on Yelp™

This is a list of the local directories where your business has been found. Take care of your listings in local directories; since maps are now an integral part of search results, your G+ Local page may have more visitors than your website!

It is important to make sure that your business details are correct in each directory where you are listed. Find the directories in your country (USA, UK, Spain, France, Canada, Australia, Brazil, and India) and enhance your listings with pictures, video, schedules and as many customer reviews as possible.


Traffic Estimations

Medium impact
Very High    Very High

We use multiple tools to estimate web traffic, including Google™ Trends and Alexa™.

Nevertheless, your analytics will provide the most accurate traffic data.

Traffic Rank

725th most visited website in the World

4th most visited website in  Morocco


A low rank means that your website gets a lot of visitors.

Your Alexa Rank is a good estimate of the worldwide traffic to your website, although it is not 100 percent accurate.

Reviewing the most visited websites by country can give you valuable insights.

Quantcast provides similar services.

Adwords Traffic

0%    0%

This is an estimation of the traffic that is being bought through AdWords™ vs. unpaid Organic Traffic.

This data is provided by SEMRush™.

Visitors Localization

United States
Popular Countries ccTLD Status
Morocco This domain is booked
France This domain is booked
United States Available. Book it now!
Spain This domain is booked
Canada Available. Book it now!

‬We recommend that you book the domain names for the countries where your ‪‬website is popular. This will prevent potential competitors from registering these domains and taking advantage of your reputation in such countries.