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Hey WooRanker, here you can learn all about WooRank’s latest product releases and how they can benefit your projects. Detailed below are WooRank’s updates, where you can find a rundown of each, outlining what it does and how it impacts the WooRank platform. If you have any questions, visit our help page to find the answer. We are here for you.

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December 2023

December 13, 2023

Lead Generation Tool Update


We are thrilled to announce the latest update to WooRank, focusing on significant enhancements to our Lead Generation Tool and a refreshed user interface. This update is tailored to enhance your experience and maximize the effectiveness of your client acquisition efforts.

Upgraded Lead Generation Tool

While the Lead Generation Tool has been a valued feature of WooRank, we've now elevated its capabilities to new heights. Here's what's new and improved:

  1. Refreshed User Interface: A significant addition to our Lead Generation Tool is the dedicated dashboard page, where you can view and manage all potential leads captured through the widget.

  1. Visualization of Lead Generation: Now, you can easily track the success of your lead generation efforts directly within WooRank. Our new visualization feature displays the number of leads generated in a user-friendly and intuitive format. Monitor your progress and optimize your strategies effectively.

  1. Comprehensive Lead Insights: Gain deeper insights into your captured leads with our new table feature. This comprehensive list provides all necessary details about each lead, including their home page score, website URL, contact information, and date captured. This enhancement enables a more targeted follow-up strategy.

Not sure where to start? Check out this helpful article!

For Existing Users
If you've been using our Lead Generation Tool, these updates will further enhance your experience and capabilities. The new features are built upon the existing framework, ensuring a seamless transition and an immediate boost in lead management efficiency.

Not a Premium User Yet?
As a valued user of WooRank, you're already on the path to elevating your digital marketing strategy!  Elevate your digital marketing journey with WooRank Premium! Unlock advanced tools like the Lead Generation Tool and harness the full potential of your strategies to transform visitors into valuable leads. Upgrade today and take a giant leap towards unparalleled marketing success.

June 2023

June 23, 2023

Google Analytics 4 Update

New Feature

We are excited to introduce WooRank’s newly updated reporting sections, designed to provide you with more comprehensive and insightful data.

Before we delve into the details, it's important to ensure that your Google Analytics 4 (GA4) account is connected. If you are unsure about how to do this, we've got you covered with this helpful article.

Now, let's explore what's new and exciting:

Enhanced Traffic Report  

This comprehensive view is designed to give you a deeper understanding of your entire website's user interactions and overall performance for the last 30 days. Let's delve into each report and the value it brings to your SEO strategy:


  1. Acquisition Overview: This report shows trends for new users and total users, giving you a clear picture of your website's growth and the effectiveness of your user acquisition strategies.
    (To see the acquisition trend for only Users or New Users, please use the check box)
  1. Average Engagement Time: This metric shows the average engagement time per user. It provides insights into how long users are engaging with your website, helping you understand the effectiveness of your content and user experience.
  1. New User by Acquisition Channel: This report breaks down new users by the channels through which they first arrived at your site. This allows you to see which channels are most effective at attracting new users.


  1. Top 5 Pages Over Time: This report shows the page view trends for your top 5 pages over time, helping you understand which pages are most popular and how their popularity changes over time.
    (To see the page view trend for only specific pages, please use the check box)
  1. Top 10 Pages Breakdowns: This comprehensive table offers a deep dive into the performance of your top 10 pages. It shows a clear snapshot of each page's popularity and engagement as well as comparing it to other top pages.
    (Overview Rates is calculated by Views/Total views for top 10 pages)


This report shows the count for each event you have set up in GA4. This can help you understand user interactions with your website and the effectiveness of your event-driven strategies.


  1. Users by Device: This report breaks down users by device, providing insights into your users' device preferences. This can help you optimize your website's design and functionality for the devices your user prefers.
  1. Users by Browser: This report shows the distribution of users by browser, helping you understand your users' browser preferences. This can help you ensure your website is optimized for the browsers your user prefers.
    (Please be aware that only the top 5 browsers are displayed as individual categories. All other browsers are grouped together under the category labeled 'Other')

Updated Data in Assistant

The WooRank Assistant now includes GA4 data, providing detailed analysis for individual web pages. All your trusted data is still there, but now with more powerful GA4 insights and in a fresh, new design. This mix of familiar and new data allows you to create a more precise, data-driven SEO strategy for each page.

Quick Stats

  1. Page Views: Views of the current page  
  1. Avg. Engagement Time: Average Engagement time of the current page per user
  1. Bounce Rate: Percentage of sessions where users do not engage on the current page
  1. Page Views Trend: Page view trend of the current page

Desktop VS Mobile

This report breaks down users by the device they use, providing insights into your users' device preferences. This can help you optimize your page's design and functionality for the devices.

Where are People Coming from Visiting This Page

  1. Source: The source of referrals to the current page
  1. Medium: The type of referrals to the current page

A world map that shows the percentage of users visiting the current page from different countries. This visual representation allows you to quickly see your global user distribution and identify potential markets.

A list of the top 5 countries where page visitors are located. It is valuable for understanding your geographical reach and tailor your content and SEO strategy to better engage these audiences.

Where do People Come from When Visiting This Page

This table shows the URLs users visited before arriving at the current page, along with the associated user count from each URL. It is valuable for understanding your user's journey and the pathways they take to reach the current page.

GA4-Powered PDF Reports

We know it is vital to show off your success. So, we have improved our PDF reports to include the new GA4 data. This update makes it easy to see how well your website is doing, focusing on important parts like how many people are interacting with your site and where your visitors are coming from. Now, you can show off a complete picture of your success with just one click.

To enjoy this report, check out this helpful article.

Now that we've covered all the updates, it's time for the real fun to begin! We can’t wait for you to experience the enhanced capabilities of GA4 integration in WooRank. This update is designed to provide you with deeper insights and a more powerful SEO strategy. We appreciate your continued trust in WooRank and look forward to deliver more advanced SEO tools and insights to empower your websites.