Since Twitter began they have continued to develop the platform, by making changes and adding key features, benefiting users and businesses alike. As well as the increase in character limit, they have also added the ability to poll your community, react quickly with GIFs and share Periscope broadcasts in Tweets. One of the most significant changes a few years ago, was a complete redesign of Twitter profiles and pages layout, bringing with it new features to help you understand the performance of your tweets – viewed on the homepage. It's as if Twitter knew how important such statistics were to its users, right? Of course! Twitter understands that this information allows users to determining how successful their efforts are across their platform. And, it gives them a chance to compete with the many free Twitter tools available for analyzing Twitter activities.

And there really are many! It is not surprising that some of the most commonly used Twitter Tools are the free tools, but how do you know which ones to use and which will best suit your needs?

Well, we are on hand to give you an overview of our favorite tools; providing key features/functions of each as well as identifying who the tools are best suited to. Hopefully, with the aid of this blog you can utilize these tools to become social media experts with awesome Twitter strategies.

Let’s begin…

Tool #1 – HootSuite

HootSuite Free Twitter Tool

Tool Highlights:

  • You can use the Scheduling feature to schedule tweets. With the same feature you can also use the Auto Scheduler which will automatically post your composed tweet at an optimum time, for maximum reach. You can add attachments, set the location and set targeting options.

Schedule Tweets Option On HootSuite Free Twitter Tool

  • The message templates feature (like canned responses on email) are a great way of instantly responding to certain types of tweets to make your customer service faster and more efficient.

You can add additional streams to your free Hootsuite account for Twitter (as well as other social networks). You can even enter a target keyword and create a stream that gives you tweets containing that keyword.

Option To Track Keywords In Tweets On HootSuite Free Tool

  • It has mobile app versions for Android and iOS.
  • Other than Twitter, you can manage your Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, FourSquare, WordPress blog and Wixi website – but to manage several at once you will have to pay a subscription.

Best For:

  • Content Marketers: Filtering tweets containing certain keywords or hashtags help you research content that is popularly being shared on social networks.
  • Businesses That Do Not Have Dedicated Social Media Managers: When you lack manpower to manage your Twitter account, you can autoschedule tweets on your own and Hootsuite will post it at the times you have set.
  • Competitor Spy: You can track what your customers are saying about your competitor brands, using the custom streams and tracking search queries, for example, you enter the search query @zappos. You will get a custom stream of Twitter interactions that mention Zappos (your competitor).
  • Businesses That Have A Social Media Team: You can give access to your brand page on Hootsuite to five user accounts.

Free Twitter Tools With Similar Functions:

TweetDeck Free Twitter Tool

Tweetdeck is similar to Hootsuite. It has a web version, desktop app version, Chrome browser app version and Mac app version. You can view columned Twitter-interaction categories apart from the default – Home, Notifications, Messages, Activity. You can also schedule your tweets and add multiple Twitter accounts. You can manage multiple social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Tool #2 – Tweroid

Tweroid Free Twitter Tool

Tool Highlights:

  • A simple tool that allows you to establish the best time to tweet. It provides an hourly graph of when your followers are online the most during a 24 hour cycle. It also gives you separate graphs for weekends, and individual days.

Best For:

  • Social Media Marketers/Businesses That Post Regular Updates: All those who post updates on their Twitter brand pages must use this tool to understand when they would get maximum exposure during the day.
  • Social Media Marketers/Businesses That Schedule Updates: If you simply cannot post in real-time and you use tools such as Hootsuite to schedule updates, this is a great supporting tool that will give you an idea of the optimum time or day to schedule your posts for optimum reach.

Tool #3 – Klout

Klout Free Twitter Tool

Tool Highlights:

  • Apart from creating and scheduling tweets, you can measure your twitter profile performance with a special Klout score over a period of time. Shown below is a sample Klout score graph.

Sample Klout Score Graph To Measure Twitter Profile Impact On Fellow Tweeters

  • Connect to and manage other networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and FourSquare.
  • Trending content suggestions for new tweets.

Best For:

  • Social Media Marketers/Businesses That Post Regular Updates: All those who post updates on their Twitter brand pages must use this tool to understand when they would get maximum exposure during the day.
  • Social Media Marketers/Businesses That Schedule Updates: Choose from content suggestions under the create tab and schedule updates for over a week and keep your account current, active and interesting.
  • Track Twitter Influence: A Klout score is a good tracker of your Twitter performance.

Free Twitter Tool With Similar Functions:

Buffer Free Twitter Tool

Buffer lets you schedule updates at multiple times in a day. There is no limit to the time variations of posting scheduled updates, you can select. It has a browser app for Chrome making it easier to share articles as you read them. You get individual tweet analytics but not profile analytics like in Klout though. You can manage multiple social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and

And a relatively new feature is the ability to pull in RSS feeds.

Tool #4 – Twilert

Twilert Free Twitter Tool

Tool Highlights:

  • Twitter's version of Google alerts, it sends email alerts every time someone mentions the "exact phrase", @mentions, #hashtag, tweets that are near a certain location or in a certain language, tweets that includes retweets, emoticons and tweets that filter links and many more, that you have set for your profile.

The Twilert email alert looks like the sample screenshot shown below:

Twilert Email Alert Sample

  • You can also check through Twitter history that includes the keywords you have set, right on the dashboard.
  • There is a 15-day free trial of a pro account with unlimited email alerts, but if you choose to stick to the free plan, the number of alerts per day is downgraded to once a day, past the trial period.

Best For:

  • Reputation Management: If you have launched a new product or have released a new campaign, or simply want to keep tabs on what people are saying about you or your business then this is a great way to track all of those real time conversations on Twitter.
  • Customer Support: Be ultra alert by keeping an eye on mentions etc. This will enable you to respond promptly to customers, which is especially important if people are publicly complaining about you or a service.
  • Content Marketing: Need ideas for your content creations? Get email alerts of what is in trend in your niche or topics that people are popularly sharing or are inquisitive about.

Free Tool With Similar Functions:

TweetBeep Free Twitter Tool

Tweetbeep is similar to Twilert. You can set up alerts and get notified every hour - for free. You can also track your website or blog even if the tweets contain shortened URLs created using or This tool is best for reputation management.

Tool #5 – TweetReach

TweetReach Free Twitter Tool

Tool Highlights:

  • Track tweets containing your Twitter handle, keyword or hashtag.
  • Get an extensive TweetReach report of how far your Twitter handle, keyword or hashtag has reached (as shown in the screenshot above).

Best For:

  • Businesses That Use Hashtags For Events/Campaigns: You may have used a unique hashtag for your event or a marketing campaign. You can track its reach using TweetReach reports that give you the number of accounts reached, number of impressions, top contributors, most retweeted tweets, list of contributors and a tweets timeline.

    Free Tools With Similar Functions:

Keyhole Free Twitter Tool

Keyhole is similar to TweetReach, it can track any hashtag on Twitter for you. It gives you an extensive report about the reach of your hashtag. You can also track your hashtags on Instagram and Facebook.

Tool #6 – FollowerWonk

FollowerWonk Free Twitter Tool

FollowerWonk Free Twitter Tool (image credit –

Tool Highlights:

  • Research Twitter influencers in any niche.
  • It can also be used to dig deeper into Twitter analytics, more specifically, looking at who is following you, where they are located and when they tweet.
  • Easy to export and share results.

Best For:

  • Businesses That Use An Outreach Program For Marketing: You will find influencers in your industry with links to their Twitter profiles. You can follow them, reach out to them online or offline, comment on their tweets and build a relationship. If you create content, they will be more likely to share it, whether your content is share-worthy or on request.

Free Twitter Tools With Similar Functions:

ManageFlitter Free Twitter Tool

With ManageFlitter you can search for influencers for a particular keyword on Twitter. You can also get information about people that you follow but are not following you back. The PowerPost function lets you decide the best time to post your updates on Twitter and helps you schedule posts accordingly from the ManageFlitter dashboard.

Tool #7 – SimplyMeasured

SimplyMeasured Twitter Follower Report

SimplyMeasured Twitter Follower Report (image credit –

Tool Highlights:

  • Get extensive analysis of your followers on aspects such as top keywords in follower profiles, follower distribution by date of last tweet, follower distribution by time zone and more.
  • You can also dig deeper into the most effective Tweets and the impact they’ve had on your account and your audience.
  • Cross channel analysis lets you compare audience size and growth as well as post engagement across all major networks.

Best For:

  • Businesses That Own Twitter Brand Pages: This tool gives you a free analytic report of your followers so that you know them more, understand the topics they like and create a Twitter marketing strategy accordingly.

Free Twitter Tools With Similar Functions:

Twitter Analytics Free Twitter Tools

Twitter's very own analytics tool is similar to simply measured wherein it gives you more information about your followers. It gives you a graph of the growth in the number of followers with time, how many of them share unique interest, top interests of your followers and location and gender metrics.

Tool #8 – Klear

Klear report for most influential people on Twitter.

Tool Highlights:

  • Find Twitter influencers.
  • Unique and visual report allows you to establish how influential you are on Twitter. The dashboard also shows you other metrics including, how active you are and calculates your engagement level.

Best For:

  • Research: Whether you want to research top influencers in your locality or just your audience demographics, this tool gives you a neat compilation of information about those who are connected to your Twitter profile and those who are potential brand advocates or influencers.
  • Competitor Spy: All the information that you gather for your profile from this free tool is also possible for any other Twitter profile out there. This gives you plenty of opportunity to study your competitors.
  • Twitter Marketers/Web Business Owners With a Twitter Brand Page: Know everything about your followers that is required for optimizing your Twitter marketing strategies. Get a quick analysis of your brand page's activity, popularity and communicative index.

Dashboard for Klear Twitter Analysis.

Tool #9 – Sentiment140

Sentiment140 FreeTwitter Tool

Tool Highlights:

  • Let's you find out positive and negative sentiment percentage towards any brand or keyword. It also highlights the tweets that mention the brand or keyword in green and faint red, depending upon the sentiment expressed.

Best For:

  • Reputation Management: If you have a brand page on Twitter, you can test the sentiments expressed towards your brand using the tool. You can also see tweets that express negative sentiments and take necessary steps to fix it.

Tool #10 – RiteTag

RiteTag FreeTwitter Tool

Tool Highlights:

  • Hashtag grader for hashtags in your tweets. Colored hashtags give indication of how good (blue), great (green), unused (grey) or overused (red) they are.

Colored Hashtag Indicators Right Below Tweet Powered By RiteTag

  • Tweet 5 times in a day for free using it's Chrome or FireFox add on.
  • Schedule tweets.
  • Track top performing hashtags from your account dashboard.
  • Get hashtag alerts for your topic.

Best For:

  • Twitter Marketers/Businesses That Post Twitter Updates: Learn which hashtags are good for your tweets while composing the tweet. Get information about the top performing hashtags from your tweets and optimize future tweets with them.

We hope that in the noise of all the other blogs that list free Twitter tools, that you have been able to easily identify the right tools for you to improve your Twitter marketing efforts.

What free tools do you use to measure your performance on Twitter? Are you using a free tool that we haven’t included in this list?