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Website intelligence for Sales Professionals and Market Analysts

Accurate website data designed to power your sales teams and deliver market intelligence to industry analysts.

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Discover more than you thought possible about the websites you’re scoping, including technologies used, security implemented and overall website performance

Identify Opportunities

Harvest valuable lead data for your sales teams to identify, quality and close more deals, easily.

Analyze Trends

Manipulate a broad dataset to discover and focus on trends relevant to specific industries.

Broad data set

An extensive range of metrics provides crystal-clear insights for specific use cases.

"I've been using WooRank's data to evaluate the anatomy of Brand SERPs. The data is accurate, incredibly well organized and has provided me with some stunning insights."

Jason Barnard

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Discover powerful data from millions of websites

Choose your dataset


Incisive data from more than 50 million websites worldwide

Save Time

Let WooRank comb through millions of website for you so you can budget your valuable time elsewhere.

Personalize Your Data

Decide what metrics you need and let us harvest only what makes sense for your business.

Data How You Want It

Choose to receive the data in CSV, JSON or both – whatever makes the most sense for your sales team.

API Integration

Incorporate WooRank’s complex data into your own website for automated website reviews.

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Straightforward data delivered how you want it

Data Feeds

Access and control the data your receive with a custom API integration.

Bulk Reports

Receive your data at scale, pre-filtered depending on your specific needs.

Queryable Metrics

WooRank’s dataset is sensibly structured so that it can be easily interrogated.

Customer Stories

“With just a day or two of tinkering and about two weeks of soak time, I brought two of my best keywords from a position of 100+ to the top 3 Google results. I feel like everything I do on WooRank makes a noticeable difference in my ranking and traffic.”
Scott Swaaley
“With WooRank, I can offer my high-quality leads a free website analysis. Once they show interest, I can schedule a meeting to discuss the issues we found and provide solutions.” 
Javier Lopez

An intelligent approach to data collection

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