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WooRank ‘No-Brainer’ For Agencies to Win Clients

Tim Roberts was able to significantly reduce the time he spent on prospecting, and his entire business transformed.

Tim Roberts, President of TikaPac Marketing and Consulting, was spending far too much time researching potential clients only to find out they didn’t need his services. As a marketing company that specializes in the printing industry, TikaPac’s target audience is pricing companies that have little to no digital footprint.

Tim was spending hours gathering data on a prospect’s website, social media presence and backlink profile to see if they were “marketing savvy”. Needless to say, it was very time consuming. Then Tim found WooRank.

“In the same work day, I can be more productive with existing clients and get the same prospecting results in half the time.” 
Tim Roberts

Weeding out the bad leads

Tim’s data collection was time consuming and would often result in dead-end conversations with his prospects. After hours of investigating a potential client, Tim would find that they already have a solid digital presence and not necessarily need his services. After he found WooRank, he eliminated that problem entirely.

 “With WooRank, I enter their website into the Review generator and within seconds I know if they are a prospect I should continue to pursue or just move on.” 

Determining how marketing proficient a company is became the easiest part of Tim’s daily routine. He uses a lead generating system and email marketing campaign to drive leads to his website. Using WooRank’s Lead Generation Tool, prospects can run their own website report right there on TikaPak’s landing page. Once they run their Review, Tim gets a notification from WooRank and can decide if this is a prospect worth pursuing.

 “If the prospect has a WooRank score of less than 60, I actively pursue them with a separate, more aggressive campaign.”

How WooRank works for us

Time saved pitching leads
Keywords tracked for clients
New Reviews each month

Improving workflow and saving time

 Because Tim was able to significantly reduce the time he spent on prospecting, his entire business transformed. Now, he can better service existing customers. 

“In the same work day, I can be more productive with existing clients and get the same prospecting results in half the time.” 

Most of TikaPac’s customers don’t have a thorough understanding of what SEO is and just hope that Tim and his team can take care of it for them. His clients rely on him to take control and manage their digital marketing to drive traffic and create opportunities. 

“Working with the WooRank checklist, it makes my job much easier and keeps me organized.” 

To keep things simpler for his clients, Tim focuses on marketing and SEO metrics that are easy to understand, such as keyword and competitor analysis, mobile friendliness, technologies being used on their websites, backlink profiles and social media presence.

Building confidence and trust

Tim notes that one of the biggest challenges is getting prospective clients to understand the SEO reports that he uses for his pitches. Luckily, WooRank allows for white-label PDFs that enable Tim to deliver customized reports and easy-to-understand advice. 

“Most of the SEO and Marketing terms are foreign to my clients and I tend to focus on areas that are easy to understand. I typically only show prospects the Content Analysis (keywords) with two of their competitors, Mobile Friendliness, Technologies, Backlinks and Social Media.”  

Tim is adamant that the message to his clients and prospects would not be as powerful without the ability to customize the PDFs and brand TikaPac as the expert. The reports build confidence and a strong rapport with everyone that does business with his agency. 

The time WooRank has saved Tim on wasted efforts going after clients that were not his target audience has allowed TikaPac to be more productive and a better service provider to existing clients. 

 “The payback, if used properly, is well worth the ongoing investment in WooRank.”

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