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Pitching Cold Leads with WooRank's White-Label Reports

Javier Lopez was spending too much time trying to engage new prospects for his digital agency, until he found WooRank Reports.

Javier Lopez, owner of digital agency New Standard Solutions, LLC, founded his business with the goal of providing small businesses a chance to compete with larger businesses on Google. Unfortunately, Javier was having difficulty engaging new customers. That’s when he started searching for a way to entice the businesses he was after.

Searching For New Businesses

New Standard Solutions works with small businesses, and Javier likes to pitch his SEO and digital services directly to the owners of these businesses.

“Small businesses tend to move faster with decisions, so it makes sense for us to specialize in their needs and deliver quick results.”

Specifically, Javier works with several local attorneys to improve their online presence and attract more website visitors. Still, Javier was searching for more small businesses to work with.

“I was cold calling and purchasing leads,” Javier said, “but they just did not convert as well as I hoped.”

Javier was spending so much of his time with the sales process that it left little time for anything else in the business.

“When I first started, I would spend 8 hours prospecting and doing demonstrations for new leads,” Javier mentioned. “I needed a way to automate prospecting so I could focus on other elements of my business.”

“With WooRank, I can offer my high-quality leads a free website analysis. Once they show interest, I can schedule a meeting to discuss the issues we found and provide solutions.” 
Javier Lopez

Automating Reporting and Gaining Confidence

Javier was searching for a way to convert his new prospects without spending so much time with the website analysis and initial sales pitch. That’s when he found WooRank.

“With WooRank, I can offer my high-quality leads a free website analysis. Once they show interest, I can schedule a meeting to discuss the issues we found and provide solutions.”

 The instant Review was a wonderful addition to Javier’s sales process, because it gave him an immediate opportunity to address their website’s weaknesses and sell his own marketing packages to fix them.

 Javier has found tremendous success and value in the ability to white-label his PDF reports so that he can present a client with a website analysis that has “a more professional look and feel.”

How WooRank works for us

Time saved pitching new clients
Comprehensive reports per week
Amount of clients' keywords that improve in month 1

Helping Clients Understand Value

 One of the hurdles of providing SEO services is helping clients to understand the issues that need to be addressed and explaining why these elements are important for their website visitors. With WooRank, Javier has been able to translate some difficult concepts into manageable metrics. 

 “Most people only know the knowledge they have gained through sitting through various SEO pitches,” Javier noted. “I actually use the empty promises and guarantees made by competitors to gain the confidence of the prospect. By setting proper expectations, it makes the process and results better.” 

 By walking his prospects through live references and showing some of the work he’s done on other accounts, Javier’s prospects feel more confident to entrust their online strategy to New Standard Solutions. 

“This is a quick and accurate tool that works very well to find website issues that could be hurting your rankings. It also works well for competitor analysis!”

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