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Integrating Workflow Management and Automation for Digital Success

Today’s workplace couldn’t be more different than one from only a decade ago. The workplace now is fast-paced and digitally focused. Business leaders that are unable to quickly adopt the latest technologies are almost certain to struggle to keep up with the competition and may fall behind everyone else.

Process automation is perhaps one of the most important strategies for companies to stay abreast of the ever-changing digital business landscape. Automation can play a substantial role in helping to manage workflows and design successful digital marketing strategies. Incorporating automation and workflow management into the fibers of how the business operates can make a real positive impact on overall company effectiveness and enhance sustainable growth over the years. Fortunately, it can be integrated relatively easily into nearly every aspect of a company’s digital marketing strategy such as SEO, content development, and social media or email marketing campaigns.

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Automations to Boost Business

Incorporating automation is a powerful strategy that more and more innovative companies are taking advantage of to manage some of the more tedious marketing tasks. Nobody wants to spend a full day developing and sending out an email for link building or a fresh mention. In this instance, automation can help by taking a template and creating a pitch that can be easily tweaked to provide a personal touch and sent to numerous different target audiences. It can save a lot of time - and monotony - for employees.

These types of efficiency overhauls can also apply to customer relations management. The software can do a number of repetitive tasks such as generating leads for marketers to take forward or analyzing demographic information that can help with targeted marketing strategies. The software can manage the nuts and bolts of collecting and analyzing customer information and optimize targeted ads based on previous usage. Ultimately, this can help marketing and SEO strategy teams build a more efficient workflow that helps generate more conversions.

Pulling the majority of your teams off of menial tasks and completing them instead with automated processes can allow for more time to focus on processes that take more of a human touch. In theory, this means that employees will be able to focus more of their energy on developing creative strategies or connecting with target audiences in a more meaningful way. More time to focus on these types of tasks can lead to a more personalized marketing strategy, which is nearly essential for high customer satisfaction today.

Digital Strategies for Better Marketing and SEO

There are numerous digital strategies out there that can be employed to enhance the company’s digital marketing platform and SEO performance. Perhaps one of the most significant ones today is content development. This way, your content will not only track new audiences, but it will help ensure higher visibility in search engine results, establish your brand as an industry authority, and ultimately drive more organic traffic and conversions to your website. In fact, content is the way that most customers expect to interact with and learn about businesses.

Content is valuable in more ways than one. For example, it can be used as a means to build trust and authority on a topic for the brand. Over half of consumers have been noted to have better reviews and more trust in a brand after reading a piece of their educational content on their website. Likewise, content creation can be a great way to showcase the different qualities of a brand that SEO strategists and marketing managers want to highlight. Perhaps there is a need to position the brand as empathetic or fierce — content can help with either of those strategies.

However, marketers and SEO strategists can’t just push content out for the sake of having a lot of content. What makes it most valuable is developing something useful to the target audience and related to the topics they are looking for. Automation can come into play here by analyzing content already being used to determine if it has much value to those viewing it. It can also help in ideating reader-friendly topics that may help boost your keyword rankings. That being said, you must balance out automation with the human touch when optimizing content. This way, you’ll build the highest quality content which will look favorable in the eyes of potential customers and search engines.

Workflow Management Improves Employee Well-Being

Similar strategies associated with workflow management can also have a profound positive impact on employees. At its core, workflow management is a tool that managers use to create a process of simple steps that are easy to follow when building a marketing campaign. Automation can be part of this process, such as by identifying content that can be optimized. The second step of the process can be having an employee go in and actually develop and complete the content improvements.

The right type of workflow can improve employee well-being in the workplace. The key is striking the balance between creativity and pre-planning. A marketing environment that is too freeform can create a great deal of work place stress and the lack of structure can have a negative impact on productivity. Likewise, a workplace environment that is too rigid can feel too micro managed, create employee frustrations, and greatly limit valuable creative output.

It is well documented that happy employees are not only much more productive but more likely to speak positively about the company and stay within their positions for a longer period of time. Happy employees are also more likely to work well with others to come up with creative ideas that propel the company forward. It can be a win, win, win for businesses.

Digital success comes in many forms in the marketing and SEO world. However, finding great workflows that incorporate some level of automation can help boost the company in a very impactful way.

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